1. Gary

    One tip I found essential for my online business was to keep focus. It’s far too easy to be distracted by offers for shiny objects that drop into your Inbox. It’s far too easy to be pulled into social media, especially Facebook and end up wasting a lot of time on non-productive trivia.

    So when I sit down to do some work, I turn off the phone and turn off social media and close down Gmail so I can focus on getting the day’s tasks done.

    It’s surprising how quickly you can get things done without all the online noise that otherwise sucks up your time!

    • Gomer Magtibay

      That’s admirable of you, Gary. Only few people are able to deal with distraction successfully like you did, and that’s admirable. It actually surprised me to see you mentioned Gmail. But you’re right, Gmail oftentimes contribute to distraction, as there’s always an email about shiny objects.

      It actually takes a lot of self-control.

  2. Dr. Doug

    I like that you start your list with involving the family. The disruption to family life that an at home business creates is real, most especially concerning phone calls. Because the business is right there all the time do you recommend setting business hours when you will answer the phone? Or should a growing business just bite the bullet and maximise the work time so you can make that start-up income?

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Good question.

      Although it is ideal to set business hours when people can call you, I think it would be better to just bite the bullet and maximize the work time like you said. The reason is, a growing business need sales and cash. Maybe when the business has grown significantly that’s the time when you have to dictate when clients or customers can call you.

  3. Mike

    Hello Coach Gom:

    I just finished reading your post 10 Step To Home Business Success. I am relatively new to the affiliate marketing business and this list was very helpful to me personally. I have bookmarked your website and I will use it as a reminder and a checklist for my future potential success. You definitely checked all the boxes. Thanks and best to you.


    • Gomer Magtibay

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for reading my 10 Steps To Home Business Success!

      It’s good to hear you’re also in a home-based business. And you’ve chosen affiliate marketing as your field of expertise. You said you’re relatively new to that field, it’s okay, as every expert we now see were once a beginner. Keep it up, and I hope this short article guides you in the way you should go. The steps here are applicable in almost all kinds of home businesses.

      Thanks again, and if you need help, don’t forget there’s a home business coach here ready to help you.


  4. TheTourist

    Hey Gom,

    I’ve checked the 10 steps you listed in our article and I have to be honest, I can’t come up with a thing you forgot to put in the list.

    Simply a great summary with most of the information you need to start your home-based business. Just great!



    • Gomer Magtibay

      Thanks for reading this article, 10 Steps to Home Business Success.

      And yes, this is exactly what new home business entrepreneurs need, not only for starting, but also for growing a home business to success. Actually, it’s not really hard, with no complicated formula to use. Just these 10 steps, and your home business is off to a great start.

      Thanks for your comment, and I wish you success with your endeavors! 🙂

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