1. Mirza

    Hi Gomer,

    I like the way you used the 2 crops comparison to explain about the fruits of labor for home business. It’s a great example to educate peeps about building an online business for long term goals instead of the get rich quick scheme. I’ve already in the home biz for about few months and I can see the fruits growing.

    Good Work!

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Good to hear that. 

      It’s quite sad to see a lot of individuals out there professed they’re home business entrepreneurs when the truth is, they just behave as online mercenaries wandering around looking for get rich quick schemes. Good for them if they find such opportunity, but sadly, most complained they’ve been scammed.

  2. Jordan

    I agree with my fellow commenters, your metaphor works VERY well!

    I am fairly new to the business of trying to make money online, but I’m quickly learning that this is a slow burn. The nature of residual income is often this way, that it takes a lot of time, patience, and continuous, consistent effort, to truly succeed.

    Thank you for your advice! This reshaping of expectation that you describe is something everyone will likely benefit from.

    • Gomer Magtibay

      You’re welcome. 

      Some of us here have been in this business for almost a decade now. Although our websites may reveal they’re just months or few years old, but we’re involved in home based business way beyond our sites’ age. As home business entrepreneurs, big part of our businesses is ourselves. Me, you, them, we are our own brands, and for as long as we are alive, our business will exist.

      Thanks for reading and I wish you success with what you’ve started.

  3. Wilson

    Hey Gom,
    Great mindset article, my friend.
    I have made quite a few Filipino friends in my life, and every one of them have such great work ethic. It’s an amazing part of the culture, for sure.
    I think your Mango tree analogy is spot-on.
    I noticed that you have a SEMrush banner in your side-bar. I wasn’t aware that they offered an affiliate program.
    I was actually thinking of getting a subscription for their program. It seems pretty advanced.
    If you can give me more info about that, that would be great.

    All to the best,

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Thanks for reading, and for that warm compliment about Filipinos’ work ethic. 

      With regard to that banner that you saw, that banner you said promoting SEMrush, it may be from Google AdSense. Ads via that network are served randomly. 

      I’m sorry about that, as my affiliation is with AdSense and not with SEMrush’ affiliate program. But I heard good things about SEMrush, and it may be worth a try.

      Thanks too, as you have aroused my curiosity about SEMrush. I will try check with them to learn more about their products and their affiliate program.

  4. Silvano


    I’ve been searching for a good niche to start a home business. Lately, I been frustrated trying to come up with new ideas and here I am now. I will try your suggestion of learning new skill, and then apply for home-based jobs that pay quick, and see how it goes. Hopefully this can become a great source of income for me. 

    Thank you for sharing I will update on how it goes. 

    Wish me luck !

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Okay, good luck to you!

      When people need to make money quick, let’s recognize the need. Some gurus out there, they scold people saying they should not think for the short term but rather think for the long term. While that advice is good, let’s all remember that they too have heads that need a roof, and stomachs that need to be filled with food. Okay, some might say that they should go back to working a corporate job, but then, sometimes it’s not the solution. Most people who went back to doing corporate jobs never make it back to home based business.

      If there’s a way you can make money quick from home, then why not?

  5. joshkay00

    What a great analogy – mango vs monggo. I grew up on a small farm in South Carolina, but I have never thought about the comparison between crops and online business opportunities.

    You offer some very accurate comparisons, and I would add that while both opportunities can generate some level of income, those that plant the seeds and put in the work over the long term will see greater fruits! In other words, those that are building a business and putting in the time to develop great content and generating active followers will be able to see a greater “passive” income source.

    Thanks for the post and for the comparison.

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Thanks for your inputs (that additional). Yes, especially with online business, those who put in the work over the long term, will see greater returns. Whether it is a Monggo type, or Mango type, things usually don’t happen fast. You have to consistently work on your home business, growing it like a diligent farmer.

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