searching online looking for a quick way to make moneyAre you searching online looking for a quick way to make money from home? Let’s have a “quick check” if you have the right mindset needed in growing a home business!

I’ve been observing people for quite long now, and what I have noticed with those that fail in home business, they usually have the wrong expectation of the business they pursued.

Some expect to get quick results with a business that’s supposed to give them results only after several years, while others try to work on a “quick results business” without the necessary skills for them to make money.

There is usually a mismatch of things, and of course, wrong view of things.

With my background in farming (my father owns a huge farm here in my place), I’d like to give you a comparison of operating a home based business with growing crops.

Here we go…

2 Crops To Compare Growing A Home Business

Monggo Bean PodsImagine you’re a farmer…

  1. You sow Monggo seeds (internationally known as Mung beans), and in a few days, you see little plants growing. Then about 100 days from sowing, you see long dark pods ready for harvesting.
  2. On the other side of the farm, you planted Mango seeds, and expect to make a harvest only after 3 to 5 years of waiting. It can take a longer wait, but once the tree starts bearing fruits, it can bear fruits for as long as the tree is standing there.

I love using these two crops, or these two seeds, as here in the Philippines, the words sound almost identical.

2 Crops To Compare Growing A Home BusinessMonggo.


Both crops can give you rich rewards if you’re good in growing them, but they differ in how they give you rewards. One is quicker, while the other can take a very long wait before you can realize rewards for your efforts.

Same with home business.

When you decided to work from home, make money with “get paid to” sites or make some gigs in Fiverr, it’s like you have decided to just plant Monggo seeds instead of Mango. You can get paid for your efforts same day, or by the next day.

On the other hand, it can take you years before you can make profits in a home-made furniture manufacturing business.

But mind you, this type of home business, although it really takes a long time of wait before it gets profitable, once it reaches profit mode, it can pay you like a Mango tree bearing fruits almost forever!

Mango Tree Type of Home Business

Skills Are Needed For You To Make Money

It is a fact that not all home business entrepreneurs are the same.

I am a “mango tree farmer” type, and I try to understand “Monggo seeds farmers” as much as I can. Although it is quite hard, but continuous immersion with them, I am starting to understand them easier.

Some guys just want to make quick money to supplement their income. They do not want the huge commitment of operating a big potential home business like producing home-made furniture.

If you are one of them, please do take note that those you have seen making money online and have inspired you to take this path if “working from home”, most of them are skilled.

Work From Home Online JobSome skills you need to develop:

  • Article writing skills
  • English speaking skills (for English tutorials)
  • Designing skills (as a graphic artist or related jobs)
  • Office management skills (for Virtual Assistant jobs)
  • Medical related skills (for medical transcriptionists)

If you are interested in making money from home but is not as determined as me to wait for years until you see results, then being a “Monggo farmer” is an ideal way to go.

Good for you if you have existing skills like I have mentioned above, but if you don’t have any skill to market right now, don’t worry about that.

I’ve been to the website called and I have seen online courses one can take for as low as $9.99 one-time investment. A good place to learn new online money-making skills!

Click here to browse Udemy

Patience And Persistence

You will notice that even if you decide to go for the Monggo, you still have to put in efforts, and wait for at least 100 days. Now, what does it mean?

With “make money fast work from home opportunities”, things don’t happen like magic.

You have to exert efforts, and sometimes, you have to wait. You have to be patient and persistent. If you see claims they have made money in a few hours, consider the skills of the person claiming that. Or, chances are, they just want to attract people they can scam out.

In most work from home jobs, online jobs, whatever… There’s usually a waiting period before you can cash out your earnings. The shortest that I know is weekly, and in most cases, cash out can take 30 to 60 days.

Now, how’s that with being impatient?

In Wrapping Up…

Summit of Home Business SuccessWorking from home can be rewarding but, what you usually see in people doing this thing, is just superficial.

There’s usually something that’s happening behind the seen, something hidden to most onlookers. Like for example, in home workers claiming they are making $100 a day, perhaps they’re highly skilled or maybe there’s so much work being done that’s why they’re making that amount.

As an aspiring home business entrepreneur, it would be good if you have a proper perspective of these things. Have a proper expectation so you won’t be disappointed, but rather get motivated to push through and succeed.

Choose what type of home business you want to pursue based on my illustration, give your best shots in terms of efforts and dedication, and soon we’ll see each other up in the summit of success.