3 Reasons Why I Started A Home Based BusinessFriends and family members were wondering why I don’t want to move my businesses to a downtown area of a city. The sales and income potential in those areas are far bigger than here in my home place.

By the way, I live here in a rural province in the main island of Luzon of the Philippines.

It’s a bit hard explaining ideas to people who are not tuned in to the same thinking as you have. But I understand their concerns, as obviously, I’m not making the amount of money I am supposed to make as a business owner.

But that’s just for now. Who knows, someday, this gonna pick up. And by that time, they will understand why I prefer to stay home based for now, and not rent a business space in a city’s downtown area.

For others who are contemplating of starting a home business like mine (I have a pharmacy business situated at the first floor of our house), my 3 reasons here would help you understand why would a person like me prefer to just stay here and not move to a business location in the city.

Reason #1: I Want To Serve My Community

I was born here, and I grew up here. Obviously, I love this place—my hometown.

My place here is located in a mountainous area of the Bicol region of the Philippines, where most people are living on the poverty line. And with the economic situation here, people are struggling, not only financially but also with their health.

As a person who studied pharmacy in Manila Central University, I realized that it is my calling to serve this community. I started my small pharmacy business not just for plain profit-taking, but with the reason of serving this community.

On the sides, I also started a computer rental business here (Internet cafe), to serve students doing projects and homework. If I leave this place, then these students would travel miles from here just to rent a computer for a simple homework.

They need me here.

Reason #2: Starting With Low Overhead

The biggest among business expenses is overhead.

I still can remember the pain my former bosses have on overhead expenses. It was six figures monthly, and maybe one of the reasons why the company closed down some years ago.

Interviewing other business owners interviewing in the cities, I can see the pain they have with regard to overhead. The rent alone on the business space they occupy is killing them! That is except for a few who are doing great and are making profits with their businesses.

In a home business like mine, since it’s just a small business, manpower is just limited to just one or two. Also, since this is being operated in my home, there’s no rent to pay.

The money that should be paid for such expenses, is now being saved or reinvested for further growth. It really helps in winning the numbers game! (Profitability)

Reason #3: Open Options

With a bigger business that’s operating in a downtown location where you pay for rent, you are tied for a specific length of time. You probably signed a contract, binding you for a year or two.

What if, suddenly, something in your life changed?

Like for example, if you’re a single person like me, you suddenly got married and your spouse wants you to go with her to a far away place?

With a traditional business, you either have to decline your spouse wishes or forfeit your occupancy of the building and still pay for the rent even if you’re not there. Remember, you got a signed contract to abide on.

Now, compare it with a home based business. You have absolute freedom of what you want to do with your life! You can fold the business anytime you like, and then re-open it when you want.

What About An Online Home Business?

Aside from operating two offline businesses—-a pharmacy and an Internet cafe business, I also do online marketing.

Make Money Fast Online

Isn’t online marketing a home based business?

For those of you who do not have this opportunity of having a house situated in a community center, who do not have a first floor of a house you can easily convert into a business, then starting an online home business may be a good option for you.

There are many ways to make money from home online, and in my future posts here, I’ll discuss some of them one by one. Some allows you to work like you are a freelancer ready to take tasks from clients, or a marketing business ready to take orders from customers.

The former is a self-employed type of work, while the latter puts you into a “business owner” position. Whichever way you go, you can get started for a minimal capital, and without the headaches of a brick and mortar business renting a space in the city.


In wrapping up, I have found a way wherein I can both serve my community, and at the same time have the freedom of making profits and enjoying life.

Freedom With A Home Business

What is the use of having a lot of money but you’re not feeling fulfilled and can’t even take a vacation with a spouse?

Life is meant to be enjoyed. It is not to be spent working and working, making lots of money you can’t even bring to your grave. If you are like me, and you see the beauty of “my kind of life” here, then consider starting a home based business too.