1. Silvano

    Thank you for sharing great article . 

    Working from home has to be one of the accomplishments ever. The freedom from working from home is amazing “I have all the time to do what I want when I want” in the comfort of my home. 

    I’m still looking for new ways to expand so I will checking this further

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Yes, please. 

      Please tune in for my future posts, as I am going to share tips and of course, legit money making ideas we can do from home.

      Also, I will be including ideas not necessarily “for online”, but rather small business ideas that can be scaled up into business business, like for example, manufacturing home-made furniture and the like.

  2. Marques Pizarro

    I can tell you put a lot of thought into this article because there are so much content and detail about why you started a home business! 

    I a Filipino too, but I live in America, and I have family back in Manila that is struggling with their health and finance. For me, this inspired me to keep my website; I have been struggling for awhile trying to gain more traffic. 

    How do you gain traffic? 

    I agree, with a home-based business, there is no renting a building, and people have freedom! Life is meant to be enjoyable, and also a journey to giving and adding value! 

    I will keep up with you, thank you so much!

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Oh, nice to meet fellow Filipino online!

      I understand your struggle, as I also struggled during the first months of this online home business. With regard to traffic, honestly, this site’s biggest source of traffic is WA community. Fellow members are visiting this site via my profile in there, and they’re giving in comments and buying stuff from me.

      My next source of traffic is social media, particularly Twitter, and then next is Facebook. What is encouraging about this business is, some of my posts are gaining rankings and I am starting to see traffic coming from Google.

      Just be persistent and be willing to put in more efforts and of course, a substantial amount of money. Most successful businesses have required their owners financial investments in an ongoing basis, like hosting and tools. Be comfortable with that thought, and move yourself up to the point that you reach break-even, and then profit mode.

      It’s all worth it, once you succeed. Enjoying uncommon freedom is one of the reasons why I started a home business!

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