I’ve got this very intellectual friend who love to discuss with me ideas on entrepreneurship through messenger. Several times he encouraged me to start a business on consulting, or in coaching, but I declined.

Business consulting and coaching are now billion-dollar industries, with gurus getting richer and richer. So, why would I decline the offer to start a partnership in this field?

In this blog post, I’m gonna share with you some of my thoughts with regard to this. But let me caution you that, these are my thoughts and opinions, and should not be taken as a supplement to professional advice.

But even though I am not an acclaimed professionals, I didn’t even have a degree in business management, if you are a person who loves learning, maybe you should give this the benefit of a doubt and give in to your curiosity.

Postpone Hiring Consultants

I suppose you are here planning to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Maybe you are an employed person, and you’re thinking of starting your own business.

Experienced business owners seldom stop by blogs like this, I know. The reason is, maybe they’re busy now minding their own businesses. They have gone through that stage of thinking what to start, and are now busy “doing”.

Now, let me talk to you, aspiring to become an entrepreneur…

If you see ads in Facebook, or any place online where ads hang alongside other content, hold your wallets or credit cards and do not buy into those ads.

Most consultants advertising their services on Facebook are just like you!

Hiring Consultants

That is unless you see an ad run by the founder of Panasonic. Did you know that this company used to be a small business and was started home-based?

You are the most lucky guy if you see an ad by the founder wanting to mentor you how to grow a home-based business into something like the Panasonic of today.

Some Are Also Struggling

Some, if not all, are also struggling with their own businesses! They’re in need of cash, and they eye you as their source of cash.

I personally know of someone who charge $500 for a 3-hour consultation in the home business niche. That person, was in foreclosure that time, he just lost a house and a car, and he was struggling.

Maybe he managed to lure several clients, made them paid him several $500s, money that pulled him out of the rot.

If it weren’t for those consultation fees, he would still be struggling for now.

Maybe you will react to this, “It is none of your business to look at his affairs”. But my point is, I’m telling you the truth!

Just like brokers who keeps on trying to sell you something, most brokers are broker than you!

Today, I wish I would stumble online with those clients (clients of my friend). I’d like to ask them what did they learn from those 3-hour paid consultations.

How About Running With Me?

It’s not the literal run that most people think. What I mean is, walk beside me while we both build a home-based business.

In this case, there would be no fees, and you get to learn the things about starting and growing a home business from me absolutely free!

I’ve been to this industry for more than 10 years now, running both an online and an offline home-based business. With more than a decade of spinning my wheels in this business, do you think I don’t have enough to share with you in term so knowledge and experience?

I’ve got a lot to share.

Running Together

You start your own business. Then you connect with me either through the contact forms here or through social media, and we chat when we have time.

You visit this site often, read my blog posts here, and ask me questions. No fees.

Is that a good deal?

Me As Your Business Buddy

Again, here’s the deal:

I’m going to share with you ideas, lessons, experiences, and other things that can help you get started. And not only get started, you will also learn stuffs needed for growing your business.

You gonna learn for less! (It’s free)

And only condition is…

You become my business buddy. 

Visit this site often, leave questions and comments, bookmark this site, and make friends with me on social media. All these conditions are free.


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