About Me

Hello and welcome to my web site. 🙂

If there’s one creative outlet where you can find your voice without compromising your privacy, that is blogging. Writing short text articles online letting people know what you’re thinking.

creating websiteI love blogging and I’m encouraging others to blog.

But how do you do it when you don’t have any knowledge or experience? Is there a way you can learn blogging without spending a fortune?

Yes, there is.

Read my blog posts (reading blog posts is free), and subscribe to my recommended video lessons though the opt-in form on the left.

Learn about how to express your thoughts online in a blog, how to set up your own blog, and how to monetize it (if making money online interests you).

If you’re an existing blogger, you’re welcome here, too.

You will discover techniques and winning strategies in blogging—from content creation, to optimizing your blog for the search engines (search engine optimization or SEO).

I generously share helpful information here.

My Values, Goals, and Mission

A lot of people are trapped in a work they do not like, and that’s sad.

We are all created equal in the eyes of God, each of us has worth, dignity and unique potential.

If there’s a way wherein people who are trapped in a work they do not like can find an exit on to something they enjoy, will you share that option to them?

That is the reason why I am here. Why this website exist.

Starting part time, I wanna help you start your own blog. Help you pick the topic that you want, write about that topic even if you’re not a “born writer”, and grow the number of your followers. From there, the next steps like monetizing (making money) will be easier.

I am a member of a supportive online community that backs me up when I need help. We’re going to coach you until you succeed!

More Options in LifeVisualize your future.

Envision yourself as a successful person, no longer a slave to a work or business you do not like, but someone who writes about something you love.

If you like fishing, then go fishing and write about fishing. If you like hunting, then go hunt and at the end of the day, sit down with your blog and write about hunting for your followers to read.

And making money doing it. Making money blogging about your passion!

How do you like that?

Let’s Work Together!

You can remain incognito to me by just reading my blog posts picking information that you can use. Or, you can sign-up for the free video lessons and get in touch with me through email.

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That’s all about me, about my website, and my online busy-ness. Thanks for reading!

See you in the comments section of my blog posts.

To your success,