My story

About me

My story

Late to bed, early to rise. This is the routine I hated most since college days. So, I dreamed to be my own boss. Today, I enjoy freedom lifestyle with my own home-based business, and I’m helping others live the same through my home business coaching. Be your own boss, work anywhere and at your own pace, write your own paycheck, and spend more time with your loved ones. Do you want these in your life? I can help you.

My mission

To help myself and others have more options in life. My mission is to empower people with ideas and lessons I learned from running my own home business. I want to help as many home business entrepreneurs I can, as I find pleasure in seeing people enjoy more freedom. If they succeed, they can join me in higher projects if they want, like investing, to truly live what we call a “freedom lifestyle”.  

My vision

I can’t change the world, so I’ll just settle on changing my own world. I envision my world as having a social circle composed of successful home business entrepreneurs living a life of freedom. A success where they can choose to stay home-based, or evolve into a big business like those corporations you see out there. Since I love investing, I see myself investing with other successful entrepreneurs in companies or projects that aim to make this world a better place to live. 

Let’s work together

Launch a money-making venture from the comfort of your own home. Turn your skills, hobby or big idea into money.

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