Am I Involved in New Age Spirituality?

It’s been a while since my last post here and I realized it’s time to update you guys about what’s happening in me. This will be a very short read, just to update you guys about the latest in me.

I got so busy building another niche website that I got no extra time left for blogging here in my personal blog. But since I value our relationship—our blogger-reader relationship—I think it’s not time to publish a quick post here.

Today, I’m gonna share about my recent post on Facebook and the reaction/s it received. You know, I have this passion of sharing motivational quotes on Facebook to inspire my almost 5,000 friends.

Here’s a screenshot of the quote that I posted that sparked the interesting conversation…

New Age Spirituality

An Interesting Comment From A Young Man

Comment on the quote

I don’t know him personally, maybe I have added or sent him a friend request back when I was active in network marketing business. You know, those Facebook groups about online marketing where sometimes you are tempted to send a fellow member a friend request.

Now, it happened that this fellow’s mind is inclined to spiritual or religious topics.

In one of my posts about being fair with business dealings, he actively commented and even shared some texts in the Bible about God’s hate over oppression of the poor.

I checked on his profile and was amazed that at young age, he’s different from other young people out there who are just preoccupied with mobile phone games like Mobile Legends.

“This young man looks bright, and reads the Bible!”, that was my impression of him.

But sometimes, bright people have that propensity of becoming sarcastic. Maybe a show of wit.

What is New Age Spirituality?

Back to the comment, it was my first time to encounter the term “New Age Spirituality“.

To make sure that I understand correctly what the term means, and what the guy’s comment means, I checked on Google immediately and searched for the term.

Through some research, I learned that during the late 90’s there was a religious movement that swept across the United States which people referred to as “New Age Spirituality”.

People of same belief often gather in large numbers, either through seminars or conventions with a teacher promoting the concept, but without a central organization. And they don’t have a holy text like the Bible.

My mind was getting tired of the jargon used, the only thing that I remember is that, these are religious people who believe in God but also believe in theories like The Secret or Law of Attraction.

I don’t have time or energy for complicated explanations, I just wanted to get a picture of it, what does it mean.

Was It A Sarcastic Joke?

In the comments that followed, I explained that I just wanted to be positive as this world is saturated with negativity.

Comment on New Age Spirituality

He did apologize.

I know that it is common among well-read individuals particularly those who read the Bible earnestly that they sometimes find it weird the principles laid out in videos like The Secret.

I, too, is only half-convinced of the video, maybe because I have not finished watching the video myself. I have watched only half of the video! Bored, I stopped watching and looked for other worthwhile things to do.

But don’t fanatically shut yourself off of the good things you can pick up from them. Just pick up the good things, and don’t believe the whole thing. That’s what I did.

I have nothing against the principles taught in The Secret, but the way they substitute the word “The Universe” to “God”, that doesn’t make sense to me. I feel like people are being swayed away from God.


In the principles taught in training or lessons inspired by New Age Spirituality, I’m sure you can find some good from them. And because of that, sometimes you cannot avoid using some of their lines as quotes especially in social media postings.

Sometimes, followers are easy to pick up. They can instantly get an impression that you are a believer of this or that. If you are like me, my advice is that, after posting something on Facebook, don’t go away offline. Come back and check the comments, and if there are things that need to be corrected, correct them ASAP.

Am I involved in New Age Spirituality? No. And I want to clarify that to avoid any wrong impression.

I believe in the Bible, and I belong to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. I just want to inspire others, and influence you guys to become more of a positive thinker. Just like what this text says…

“Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report … think on these things.” – Philippians 4:8


  1. Jordan Smith

    I’m glad you took time to write on this topic. Either that person is trying to joke about it or not doesn’t really. That phrase “New age spirituality” is a subject of debate on the internet. Someone once told me that it makes people weak, I don’t think it’s made me weaker, but it has made me think about things a lot more. When I first came across that concept 8+ years ago I just could not wrap my head around it. But as the years have gone by I was able to make sense of it more and more through personal experience, and I feel like ultimately that’s the way to do it.

    Awesome post Gomer.


    • Gomer

      I’m glad that I finally found someone who is actually involved in applying the principles taught by New Age thinkers. 

      I have no problem with The Secret, actually, I’m impressed and learned a lot of techniques from them that are applicable in my business. The only thing that I do not like is, their constant reference to the Universe, which sounds to me like they’re substituting it for God. 

      God is my business partner, He’s my Boss. And I am proud to say that, to blog about that, and to mention Him to my readers and to my friends over social media. He’s the provider of all these things that I enjoy, including my talent in blogging. If it weren’t for Him, maybe I’m gone by now. 

      Back to the topic, you’re right. Maybe he’s just kidding and there’s no need to react so much. Or, maybe he’s serious and reacted out of surprise because he thought I’m so sold out with the Bible and he didn’t expect I will post something that sound like New Age Spirituality.

      To avoid misconceptions or misinterpretation, I think I did the right thing of clarifying.

  2. Jay

    This is my first time coming across that word new age spirituality. I would be honest with you when I say that this is the ploy of Satan or should I say evil beings to sway us from believing in the Bible and what the Bible has to say. Slowly they are gradually corrupting the minds of people to the fact that they don’t need God when they can get what they want by thinking or acting in a particular way. 

    Of course not a lot of people would realize this and that is just unfortunate. That is why we need to read the Bible to open our eyes to the tricks being played by those trying to poison the mind of people.

    • Gomer

      Thanks for the reminder. 

      Fortunately, I am still aware of that. But there was an attempt of the enemy, to be honest. You’re right, that sometimes, Satan uses personal development. When you start relying too much to yourself and you start losing in your mind God’s role in your progress, beware.

  3. Stuart

    Interesting Post, remember hearing about New Age Spirituality many years ago, but think that I just thought at the time another group who want to do their own thing, so reading your comments was refreshing.

    Loved the text which you quoted, it is so very true, we could in fact use it to relate to so many things that we do not just in Wealthy Affiliate, but in business in general.


    • Gomer

      The term New Age Thinking or New Age Spirituality first sounded like a cult to me. Good thing it was mentioned and I was encouraged to search for it. Now, I know about them. And, also aware that some online gurus are part of this movement. With this discovery, we can put limits on the way we follow them. As Christians, we can follow them but to some degree only.

  4. Xaric

    It’s true that nowadays, gratitude is very much tied with the Law of Attraction which many people call “New Age Spirituality”. People who talk about the Law of Attraction and manifesting are claiming the if you are grateful about what you have then you’ll receive more to be grateful for just like your quote stated.

    • Gomer

      But our Bible also teaches gratitude! 

      Gratitude is a universal principle, it can’t be owned by a group of people or be associated only with a certain principle. We ought to be thankful for the things that we receive, for the blessings that we receive. I haven’t talked personally with God but in my opinion, He’s delighted with a thankful receiver.

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