In this blog post, I am going to share with you an easy way to love a website to a new domain name. The website that I’m going to use as an example, is my recently created website for fitness in Site Rubix.

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and the tools that I will be sharing to here are specific to WA’s. There are other tools out there, from other companies, but I can’t speak for them. I can only show what we’re using in WA.

If you’re not a member of WA, or you’re from another company, you will be amazed to how easy we’re doing things inside Wealthy Affiliate. I used to be in other companies, I am quite familiar of how their tools work, but due to overwork maybe, I can’t exactly recall what specific tools or features our competitors have. (Memory loss maybe)

So, instead of comparing different companies, I will just share to you how good our tools are.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Domains

Grab Your Domain Name ASAP

In my previous blog post, I shared to my readers how I created a free website using Site Rubix.

It was created using our free tools for Starter Members (those joining WA for free), the Site Rubix free website builder, with the URL address looking like this—

As you can notice in the URL, it is attached to the Site Rubix domain. So, my website’s address is considered a “sub domain name”, and not a full domain name.

For beginners, or for Starter Members, this should be okay. If you don’t have money yet to invest in a full domain name, then having a Site Rubix sub domain will do, at least temporarily.

But since I am aware that the niche that I’m targeting is quite competitive, and someone might already be studying or doing research on how to attack this niche, I decided to register my target URL as soon as possible, before anyone grabs it.

The blog post about my fitness niche website was being shared and it’s being commented by others. So, there’s a risk of somebody going ahead of me taking my target domain name.

Being Commented

It happened to me before, in GoDaddy domain name registration company.

I was checking if a domain name is available, used their search tool, and found it is available. Unfortunately, after procrastinating in registering that domain, someone took it and made it available for buying at a severely high price.

I don’t know if a person did it to me, or GoDaddy fooled me. I’m not sure, but I was mad.

That taught me a lesson. You should be quick in grabbing a potential domain name!

See if domain is available

Domain is available

Registering My Domain With WA SiteDomains

The good thing about being a member of Wealthy Affiliate is that, everything that you need are provided for you.

For researching your niche, to actual building of your website, everything that you need are withing your reach. They’re just a click away. This is the very reason that you, my reader, if you’re not yet a member of WA, I encourage you to join us and build your online business with us.

Registering my domain, the first step that I took was, I checked if it still available. In WA Site Domains, before you can register a domain name (just like in other domain name registration companies), you have to search for it first and see if it is still available.

Luckily, it was available. So, I grabbed it before anyone does.

Remember, I blogged about this plan earlier, so some people are already aware of the plan. If a cyber squatter take notice of my plan, he may go ahead of me and register the domain name for himself. Then, he’s going to sell to me the domain name at a higher price. Sucks, right?

So, I registered it, and paid for it, immediately.

Registering A Domain Step 1
Domain Registration Complete

Move A Website To A New Domain – 2 Easy Steps

After registering my domain name, the next step that I took is… move the existing website to the new domain name.

Since the free website is created in Wealthy Affiliate (WA owns Site Rubix website builder), and the domain registration is also done within Wealthy Affiliate, so they’re under the same umbrella. That makes it easier to move the website to the new domain name.

I was able to move it in a few minutes, in 2 easy steps.

Here are the screen shots:

Moving Website To New Domain
Click Move Button


Choose This Option
Moving The Website


Website Moved

I have done this in the past, with a domain name that was registered in NameCheap (outside of Wealthy Affiliate). I remember, although it took a little bit longer, it was easy too.

What I did then was, I logged in to my account in NameCheap, went to my domain settings and have the domain pointing to the servers of Wealthy Affiliate.

Once the domain is already pointed to WA’s servers, moving a Site Rubix free website to that domain name becomes easy. Just like moving a WA site to a domain that’s registered in WA Site Domains.

WA Cares For Your Readers And The Search Engines

I am not sure of what will be the situation if you do this in other platforms, I can only speak for what’s happening in Wealthy Affiliate. Here, once you decided to move your existing website in a free Site Rubix sub domain to a new domain name, traffic to the old site gets redirected to the new domain.

Website Moved To New Domain
And that includes, human readers, and the search engines like Google.

This tells them that the website has moved, so you won’t lose traffic and of course, Google bots would be aware too.

I like this feature so much, and as you can see, what we’re up to in Wealthy Affiliate, is to have an online business that’s winning in search engine optimization.

To me, this strategy that’s so low in cost (actually, SEO is free), and it’s what the beginners who are building a business in a tight budget need to master.


Registering a domain name, and moving an existing website to that new domain name, are steps that are super easy with Wealthy Affiliate. With our Site Manager and our Site Domains platforms, doing all these are a breeze.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find this post valuable. See you in my coming posts!

P.S. Do you have a website that’s hosted somewhere else? Why not join us in Wealthy Affiliate and transfer your site to WA? We have tools that make website building super easy, and WA is good at helping site owners get their sites found in the search engines!

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