Save Money So You Can Invest

Save money so you can invest

In my previous blog post, I shared about my debt restructuring. It was momentous as it helped me get rid of bad debts. And now that I am good, I’d like to share to others how I am moving to the next step of saving money. Save money so you can invest. I believe that … [Read more…]

The Promise For Diligent Workers

Promise For Diligent Workers

Welcome [back] to, a personal blog of a Christian entrepreneur. Today’s topic is about The Promise For Diligent Workers written in the Holy Bible. After you finish reading this short blog post, it is expected that you will work harder in your endeavors. If you are an employee, that will impress your boss. And … [Read more…]

Is Jesus Christ Real?

Is Jesus Christ Real?

How many times have you heard these questions asked, “How do you know Jesus ever existed? Is Jesus Christ real?” Suppose a friend was to raise the question today, what will be your answer? In this short blog post, I’m going to share with you a few thoughts that might be of help. Some information … [Read more…]

Be Fair in Your Business Deals

Be Fair in Your Business Deals

People hate to be reminded, especially smart people. But I will take this chance of reminding entrepreneurs to be fair in your business deals. This is needed today more than ever. But like I said in my other blog posts, I’m neither a priest nor a pastor. Just see me as an ordinary entrepreneur just … [Read more…]

Put Your Faith Into Action

Put your faith into action

Have you ever prayed to God about your goals and yet it seems your prayer isn’t being answered? Did it affect your faith in Him like you no longer want to talk to Him next time you have a goal to achieve? Entrepreneurs are known for their being independent-minded. We don’t wait for a boss … [Read more…]

Change Your Perception, Change Your Life!

Today’s short blog post is about perception, “Change Your Perception, Change Your Life”, a technique I learned from daily ups and downs of living in the business world. I’ve been blogging about topics like this for almost a month now, and the results are astounding! Dozens of readers are benefiting from the ideas discussed. And … [Read more…]

Parable of the Ten Talents – My Thoughts

Parable of the Ten Talents

Hello and welcome [back] to, a personal blog of a Christian entrepreneur. Today’s topic is The Parable of Ten Talents, its application to our faith, and to our business. This is just a short, quick blog post, so please take your time to read through the end. If you’re in business or in investing, … [Read more…]