Benevolent At Heart? Charity Begins At Home!

Charity Begins At Home

This saying, “Charity begins at home” is probably one of the most discussed topics among Christians. And not only with Christians but with other religious groups, too. So, today I decided to write what I think about this. But before we proceed, here’s a disclaimer, again: I’m not a pastor or a minister, I’m just … [Read more…]

Christian Entrepreneurs With A Mission

Christian Entrepreneurs

In one of my blog posts here, I mentioned about Jesus reminding His mother about His Father’s business. It demonstrated how we should keep our minds to our mission, as Christian entrepreneurs, while doing Earthly vocations. Today, in this blog post, I’m going to expound a bit on that. Don’t worry as this might be … [Read more…]

Create A Free WordPress Blog

Create A Free Wordpress Blog

You like what I’m doing and thinking of starting your own blog? Okay, let me show you how to create a free wordpress blog in a minute or less. You’ll be blogging your thoughts online in no time! But wait, the process requires a basic understanding of these two important words… What is a Blog? … [Read more…]

My Purpose of Blogging: Light A Fire

Purpose of Blogging

What’s my purpose of blogging? What’s the purpose of this blog you’re reading right now? It’s been a week since I started sharing about my financial struggles as a businessman. In these trying times, if you’re with God, you will see how caring He is for his children. I’ve seen several miracles happened to me, … [Read more…]

When Going Uphill, Downshift!

When going uphill

Have you ever experienced tailing a heavy-loaded truck in an uphill climb? Worse, the climb is in a curve you can’t overtake the truck? That’s so nasty not only for you, but also to the truck driver. There were even stories of truck drivers losing their control or their machines giving up because of the … [Read more…]

My Father’s Business

My Father's Business

Whether you’re experiencing success or struggling with your business, reflecting on Jesus’ life will find you comfort as well as inspiration. From His childhood, to His death, we will never run out of lessons to use. His stories were recorded in a book, the greatest book ever written. And as a Christian entrepreneur, it is … [Read more…]

The Bulls / Bills Got Me!

Bulls Have Overtaken

Whenever I publish a new blog post, I first check what should be my focus keyword, and then check with my keyword tool if that keyword has a potential. Today, I am writing outside my “standard operating procedure”, just writing random thoughts that come out of my tired mind. I have spent the whole day … [Read more…]

Online Network Marketing Without Guilt

Online Network Marketing Without Guilt

In my previous blog post, I mentioned about online network marketing. I said, “If it weren’t for the Internet, I would have quit doing network marketing”. That mention of the word “network marketing” drew flak from my circle in WA. “Why are you persisting with network marketing when you already have a good business with … [Read more…]