Before You Get Started In Online BusinessWelcome to the world of online entrepreneurs! But before you get started in online business, wouldn’t it be great if we do some checking first?

A lot of people get excited with making money online they dive without first checking if it is safe, if they they are equipped, or if they have the skills…

Seeing a hyped opportunity, they exclaim, “Okay, I’m convinced! Where do I register?”

Also, I have seen people claim they’re in online business, but in reality, they’re just peddlers. Like in the offline world, peddlers don’t usually receive good treatment, from the government and from buyers.

It would be good if peddlers “level-up” in the way they do business, like getting a fixed business space. In the online world, getting a fixed business space is equivalent to getting a hosting for a professional website.

I hate going around the bush, so let’s go straight to the point. Watch this video…



I’m sure Coach So and So (not their real names) will advise you to get a good hosting from company A or company B, there are so many coaches out there!

Uncle Sam PointingWell, under my wings, I command you start a website with Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m sorry for being assertive here, I just want to put you in a very good advantage, as far as hosting a website is concern.

Okay, others might argue “yours is quite expensive, I can get a hosting from Company A or Company B much less than what Wealthy Affiliate is asking”.. If you’re price-conscious, then go. But I tell you, price must be good but you’re trading off some very important aspects of effective site hosting.

Just recently, we have seen the worst of DDoS attack on websites. Those who are weak, they suffered the brunt.

But did you know that members of Wealthy Affiliate didn’t even bother to worry about those attacks? There must be a reason why, and I’d like you to take a glimpse through this screenshot of what we have in store…

Site Features



You now probably understand why I am so assertive in commanding you to join Wealthy Affiliate.

There are plenty of alternative routes out there in starting an online business. I would not go in detail discussing what they have, what they don’t have, what we have and what we don’t have.

Like I said, I love going straight with these and hate going around the bush.

With trusting Wealthy Affiliate, you will get not only good hosting for your website or blog, but also good training. And not just a one-time training, but an ongoing training that keeps you ahead of the curve in Internet marketing.

Are these things found in your alternatives?

Maybe some, maybe just parts of it, but you can’t find something like this that provides an “all-in-one” approach in helping newbies get started in online business.


This is where most of the alternatives out there get ugly.

Community support.

What I am saying here is, not only the “technical support” from the website hosting company whenever your website bump into a problem. When I say “support”, it refers to a “family-like environment” wherein you can have shoulders to cry, and companions to cheer with.

Starting an online business, or starting your own website is a thing. But, succeeding in what you’ve started is another thing. It can be easy if you have a supportive community to depend on, but it’s quite depressing when there’s no one to talk to with regard to your online business.

Two kinds of support you will get if you join Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. SiteSupport if you encounter problems with your site.
  2. Supportive members community wherein you can ask questions and seek encouragement.

WA Members Forum



Disclaimer: I don’t have any prejudice against peddlers. Just for illustration purposes only.

Now, why am I doing this? Why am I convincing you to join us in Wealthy Affiliate? Why am I encouraging you to get a website and not just promote like a peddler online?


If Coach So and So (not their real names) tells you that you can make money online even if you don’t have a website, think carefully.

Yes, affiliate marketing ought to be simple.

Affiliate marketing is making money promoting other people’s sfuff online.

Or, network marketing business online is easy because, you are buying into a proven system, like you’re buying a proven franchise with all the systems already in place for you, all you do is market your business out there.

But I wish things were just that simple.

Things change. Competition change.

Come, try it. Register with a company, it doesn’t matter if it is an affiliate marketing company or a network marketing company. Grab a referral link provided for you, go out there online and promote and let’s see if you can make money.

Then, come back here and leave a comment below, “Coach Gom, I made money as a peddler!”


Before you get started in online business, position yourself first.

Have your own web site.

business cardIf getting an office space for an offline insurance agent is of vital importance, it’s the same online.

Like having an address printed in your business card and impressing your prospects “Oh, he’s legit. He has an office address”.

Unless you’re just planning to make money online as a freelancer in sites like Fiverr, or a freelance writer in sites like, having your own place online is a must.

All legit online entrepreneurs have their own websites!

If you plan to make money online with affiliate marketing, affiliate networks usually ask if you have your own website before they accept you as an affiliate.

For network marketers, having your own personal website can help you establish your personal brand as a “go-to expert” in your company. It can be a good “home base” on the Internet for you as well.

Think personal branding. Build a “YOU, Inc.” business model.

So, again, before you get started in online business, get your own website first!

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