Benevolent At Heart? Charity Begins At Home!

Charity Begins At HomeThis saying, “Charity begins at home” is probably one of the most discussed topics among Christians. And not only with Christians but with other religious groups, too. So, today I decided to write what I think about this.

But before we proceed, here’s a disclaimer, again: I’m not a pastor or a minister, I’m just an ordinary guy with a passion for discussing religious topics that are interwoven with business. Being a Christian entrepreneur, I feel this responsibility to share Christ in the market place.

The topics I’m discussing are practical topics, meaning, they are not as deep as those philosophical topics of bloggers with theological background. As much as possible, I want the words to be simple and easy-to-understand by the common people.

So, here we go…

The Way of The World

Observing our surroundings, you will notice that most people are preoccupied with material gains…

I think it’s normal to our sinful human nature to be tuned-in to this radio station called WIIFM. This is the acronym for “What’s In It For Me?” If a person found out that there’s nothing he can gain, he usually stays away from it. Money motivated

One literal example of that is, the recent mid-term election that has happened here in our place. Vote buying was so rampant, that even if the candidate for a local government position is highly qualified, if he has no money to bribe the people, the chance of winning was so slim.

And it did happen, the candidate who bought big-time won.

It is saddening to see people trade their future to corrupt candidates who offered instant cash, sometimes amounting to $100 each. And one thing that I have observed, it seems most people here are high in a certain drug called MONEY.

They no longer care about the community’s future as a whole. What’s more important to them is, they got the money so they can immediately buy the needs of their families.

Become Wealthy, Sell Everything And Give To Charity?

In the midst of these, there’s a man I know who’s somewhat motivated by money-making but got a different goal than any other person I know.

He’s my uncle.

In one of our discussions, my uncle shared to me his goal in life which is to become wealthy. But what surprised me was, his declaration that once he gets there, we will sell all the things that he has acquired, and give to charity.

“But what about your kids, will you not give them inheritance?”, I asked.

“I will teach them how to acquire what I’ve acquired so they will become rich, too. In that way, they won’t need any inheritance from me.”

Weird as it may seem, but that sounds great. I think he’s looking forward to teaching his kids “self-reliance and independence” which is good. But the problem is, as we discussed those things, his family was living in poverty. Instead of taking a job, he got into an endless cycle of hunting for business opportunities that can make him rich.

In search of wealthy

I don’t know but any normal person would suspect something is wrong with the mindset.

A Reminder From The Bible

In 1 Timothy 5:8 it says…

“But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

Using my uncle’s story as the object lesson, irresponsibility among fathers that are supposed to be bread-winners can breed other ills in the family. It is sad to say, he and his wife broke up.

I guess, being a former pastor, my uncle knows about this verse from the Bible. Maybe due to being busy with the daily grind, with his hunting for opportunities that can make him wealthy, he forgot about the verse.

And as a man who don’t have my own family yet (I’m still single), this serves as a reminder for me. That when the time comes that I already a family of my own, I should be responsible. I should provide for the needs of my family.

What is the use of feeling benevolent to others when behind the curtain, your family is suffering?

Some might say he’s mentally sick. But I guess, he’s not. He just got the wrong focus, or maybe a wrong interpretation of things.


In this blog post, I have used two examples. Extreme examples.

I am greatly influenced by my uncle, and I will admit that. We both have started in business with benevolence as a big part of our goal. So, you guys should wish us success because, there will be a lot of people who will benefit from us if we succeed in business.

But I’ve got to this point that I also questioned the way my uncle handles his family’s needs. Maybe he forgot about this saying, “Charity begins at home.”

To my fellow online entrepreneurs, to it for your family because God wants you to love your family. You will be blessed by the Lord, and from there, you will be able to bless others.

Til next,

Gomer Magtibay

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  1. Jenny

    Actually, I’m a little bit of both. I do want to start giving to charity, once I have enough money to cover my family’s needs, but I don’t think that giving everything is a solution. I believe that you should keep enough to be able to make more. Money makes money. It’s not fair, but it’s true. When you have money, you can invest so you can make more faster. This way, you can give even more. 🙂

    • Gomer

      Oh, I forgot to mention, what he said was, he’s going to sell everything that he has gained once he starts dying he will give to charity. For his kids to survive, he plans teach them skills, the same skills that generated him wealth (if he succeeded). A thought-provoking declaration, right? 

      In my opinion, I think you’re right for saying to not totally give away everything. If you have taught your kids very well on how to handle money, then they can be good stewards too like you did and can further the goal of growing the wealth and giving to the needy. 

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Jenny. May God bless you more! 

  2. Henry

    This is an interesting topic. How important is to have the correct balance. I’m learning about this balance too. A person that wants to please God and not himself knows he has a responsibility of helping others. It should be a volunteer act in gratitude for having received such a wonderful Savior. But I understand that everything should be done orderly, according to our set of responsibilities. I’d like to continue learning about this topic.

    • Gomer

      With this, I remember what the late Stephen Covey has said…

      “Your life is complete if you have done these four: To live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy”. 

      …and taking care of your family while aiming for financial success hits two of them. Or, maybe three of them. To live, to love, and to leave a legacy to your loved ones!

  3. Alblue

    Making money and doing charity is something that will be always a hot debate topic in my environment. It’s not easy to find the balance between how many to spend for business or personal matter versus how to spend for charity. I think this will be varied depending on how much you make money and how much you spend on what you need. Do you maybe have some guidance to determine how much we can reserve for charity? Thanks

    • Gomer

      Thanks for asking. In my opinion, there’s no specific guide except by using your heart. Use your heart as your guide as to how much you can reserve for charity.

  4. Hollie Rose

    In Judaism it also applies, they revolve a lot around helping those closest to them. I think any person who is spiritual will have these values because when really they make sense. We live in a shallow world where many don’t think deeply about life and its purpose.

    I think there’s a middle way in life, I have good friends who are Jewish and in Judaism, they have to give 10% of their earnings to charity. As for supporting children, well no one wants to see their kids suffer, its a fine balance of not over spoiling and not being stingy! Finding the middle way can be tricky but looking for it is already a step.

    • Gomer

      Good perspective, and I admire you for that. 

      Stephen Covey, the author that shared the line, “To live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy” is inclined to Judeo-Christian beliefs. 

      In our church, The Seventh-Day Adventists, we also give 10% to the church as Tithe. If someone wants to give to charity, he can do it separately outside the 10%. Because, Tithe is for God. Charity is for your fellow human beings. You give to them separately. Some might say it’s too much, but have you computed how much you are giving or spending on things like shopping, dining out, and of course, to the government via out taxes?

  5. Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Gomer. 

    This is a thought-provoking article. You correctly said that Charity begins at home. 

    There is one more aspect of it. In our mythology, God gave us this body to settle the past Karma and increase positive Karmas so we do not need to take birth again and again. We are here to use our mind for good and avoid bad – so we can create strong positive Karma. 

    We need to enjoy everything, share our wealth, happiness and kindness with everybody and thus the charity begins. But if we have proud of our charity, showcase to everyone it converts into negative Karma. It’s the same as offering money to God after doing the crime. 

    Though little confusing, but you will understand as the TRUTH is one – be it any religion. 

    Thanks once again for a great article. 

    Warm Regards, 

    Gaurav Gaur

    • Gomer

      Yes, it’s a universal principle. Giving to charity is a universal principle. And correct me if I am wrong, maybe what you mean with not showcasing to everyone your charitable deeds is, just do it without sincerely out of your heart’s desire and not for the purpose of showing others you are giving to charity?

  6. Stacii

    Religion has always been a very sensitive topic, and for many, they would prefer not to discuss it as so may end up getting into arguments and disagreements rather than trying to understand each other’s opinions or point of views. I do agree that money is what rules many of our lives. The reality of it, in my opinion, is that we have realized that without money there is so much one will never experience or get to know.

    Religion speaks volumes to our hearts and it will take time for many to understand what it takes to be self less and giving. But, until then, this was a very enlightening piece and it was very much appreciated.

    • Gomer

      I understand your point of view and in fact I was very cautious when writing this blog post as I don’t want to annoy people who do not share the same religious beliefs as mine. But then, I realized that although this is a personal blog, this is also a niche blog. A niche blog is highly target to a certain group of people, and in here, this is for Christian enterepreneurs.

      With regard to the issue of giving to charity, in my opinion, the best way to do it is by following what your heart dictates. Someone asked me if how much percentage of his income should be given to charity, I replied that he should obey what his heart dictates. And as I have said in this blog post, there should be balance between giving to charity and providing for the welfare of your own family. Thus, charity begins at home.

  7. Fahim Shahriar

    Thanks for the article, you showed a great example of your uncle. It is very uncommon these days. People only get busy with earning money. But I do also believe if you help others by earning money it will give you mental peace which you cant buy. Nothing can be compared to this. I will do actually both. I have plans to help the deprived street children and also look after my family by the money which I will earn in the future. 

    • Gomer

      I got your point. I’m also into that kind of business where I help my fellows learn how to make money specifically with blogging and Internet marketing. There’s a saying that goes like this, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

  8. David

    I really enjoyed reading your article and the wisdom of your uncle is what stands out for me. Its a variation on the old saying about teaching a man to fish of course. But its such a powerful message too!

    I think you can also extend the lesson to the charities themselves and its something I do with a charity close to my own heart. Of course its nice to be able to donate money but I also like to show them some simple and ethical ways they can increase their income themselves and raise awareness of what they do.

    • Gomer

      For those “able bodied persons”, that’s the right way to give them. Give, and teach at the same time like hosting a livelihood training program. But for “disabled persons”, you just give to them and not think of making them fend for themselves. One example of that is, in a hospital ward for poor people where funds are needed. They can’t fend for themselves of course, so there’s no sense in telling them to fish.

  9. supportcme

    Sounds interesting, I really love this article because giving is the best thing that anyone can do in their life and I really appreciate your uncle and you because giving everything to the charity is really a great thing and people with a good heart can only do it. I really love this post and definitely, it is more worthy to read.

    Thank you for sharing such a great article.

  10. Faheem

    It’s interesting that they are putting their families in front of the communities. In reality they’re not. There’s a saying that goes as: the family is the heart of the community. If the families all have unlawful and corrupt wealth, then it’s not going to be blessed or suffice them, no matter how much it is.  There are going to be problems and it’s going to be an unhappy family.
    The example of the uncle is also related to this. People think that there is no relation between the family and the community. There is. What community do your children grow up in? How can people form a strong community if they’re all from broken homes of abuse? If one is messed up the other is going to be affected as well. 

    • Gomer

      I agree with you in pointing out that the nucleus of the community is the family. To have an orderly community, families must raised orderly people, because, if children grow up neglected, they might become juvenile delinquents. 

  11. Jill

    Many people would want to help others, it is usually instilled in them at an early age. The reality is that it is not always good to give without teaching the person to cope.

    Rather teach skills and then they will have the satisfaction of earning and not having to accept charity.

    It is a wonderful feeling to become self-sufficient and not rely on the goodwill of others.

    • Gomer

      I think it’s one of the best legacies you can leave to your children, of being able to teach them survival skills, not only the basic survival skills but also the ones required in surviving or succeeding in the business world. Once they’re equipped, you will have the peace of mind that no matter what happens, they will be okay.

  12. Todd Matthews

    You know, I like your uncle, because his goal is very similar to my own. Become wealthy, yes, but not just in a money sense. And also to give it all away and not allow any child of mine receive an inheritance.  Sure, we all need money to live and to make our way in the world, but there’s so much more to wealth than just money. To be able to make things happen (hopefully good things) is wealth. Spiritual wealth can be especially empowering, which I think people forget. Yes, money is important, but money isn’t going to buy anyone happiness, because while material is nice, you can’t take it with you beyond this life. 

    • Gomer

      Yes, Todd. There’s so much more to wealth than just money. In fact, it’s just a tool for doing what you love doing. If you love doing good, then you’ll have more means to do good things. That’s the reason why wealthy should go into the hands of good people, not to bad people. If that happens, then bad people will be equipped to do what they want. So, there’s really more to wealth than just money. It’s just a tool.

  13. Oana


    Gomer, thank you for this very thoughtful post. I agree that giving to the poor is what the Bible is telling us. In the past, I have worked with street children, and sometimes only giving them some food and clothes would brighten their day.  I believe that people don’t realize exactly how much the poorest people need help, but thanks to the information you provided people should have a better understanding and helping more those who need. 

    You mention that to give away everything. Sometimes, when you have a family it is hard to that. As Christians, this is what Jesus is teaching us, to give everything to the poor and to follow him. But, in my opinion, to do that you must have a strong faith. Do you know anybody who has given all away?

    • Gomer

      Hahaha I don’t know of a person who has given away all this possession to do exactly what Jesus did, at least in this time, in our time. It’s hard to do it especially in our time, when everything revolves on money. Even just a piece of thing you need for your hygiene, you will need money to buy. So, that’s really hard to do actually.

      But then, those are just examples, or maybe a guide for us to be reminded that, it is not good to be self-centered. He’s just reminding us to be kind to others, and to respond when needed especially when there’s a legit call for help.

  14. RoDarrick

    Interesting piece from you again, Gomer. 

    Firstly, I pray that you and your uncle succeed well with your business. I am also developing my “charity mindset” but not as deep as your uncle. I do work well and earn in bits so rather than selling everything I own to give to charity, I can always organize various opportunities for the needy so I can reduce the number of poor people considerably well without suffering my family. I have a great obligation to make them happy and provide for them too.

    • Gomer

      Nice perspective, bro. 

      Reduction of poverty by sharing good income opportunities to the needy. 

      Like I mentioned in my reply to one of the comments here, if the recipients are disabled person, it is impractical to help them the way the Chinese proverb has described, “Teach him how to fish”. Rather, “give him a fish”.

      But for able-bodies individuals, best approach for them is, “Teach him how to fish”. Share good income opportunities and teach them how to work. That’s also helping, and perhaps equivalent to “giving to charity”.

  15. Letha Kitchens

    Hey, I agree with the Bible about taking care of the family and helping others. but I don’t think that you have to give it all away because you want to have something left over to continue providing for the family. I also believe you can give to charity out of what you already have as well as having enough left over to give to others.

    How would you feel if you gave everything away and nothing for yourself and family living in poverty?

    • Gomer

      It will be a very disheartening scenario. That may be the reason why the Bible said, you are worst than an infidel if you do that.

  16. RoDarrick

    Hello Gomer, I read your piece. Permit me to say that your uncle is taking it to the extreme concerning charity. Its noble to know that he cares for the needy but then, obligation towards the family is of greater cause and should not be taken with levity. Its commendable that he wants his kids to be independent but not by denying them of partaking in his wealth. I really do wish that you people become successful in your endeavors because its for a very noble cause.

    • Gomer

      I appreciate the analysis. It’s a big contrast to what wealthy families do, where they’ll do anything just to gain wealth and keep the wealth for generations. My concern is, we both want to generate wealth for noble purpose, and in gaining wealth, we have to do what the wealthy do. If we are to get the same results, then we have to adapt to what the wealthy families are doing. So, how is that with deviation from the traditional way of acquiring wealth and distributing wealth among your children who later on will be tasked on continuing your legacy?

      Thanks for wishing us success. I also wish others like you become successful too with your business!

  17. David

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog and I love the way you bring these topics to our attention. There are many who like to point an accusing finger at people who are religious and accuse them of acting contrary to their faith.

    At the same time we should encourage those of faith to also be of an entrepreneurial spirit and not be afraid of being successful in business. As you say in your conclusion – others will benefit from your success. Good luck!

    • Gomer

      You can compare two congregations: One that’s dependent on donations, and the other one composed of financially independent members who know how to grow money through business and investing. 

      Simple comparison, yet profound in meaning.

  18. Peter hanley

    Hi Gomer,

    Your site will attract a big following of believers and those wishing for something more. The goals are clearly explained and provide a pathway for anyone wanting to travel the same road. We are left wanting more of the same however you can travel to the Social pages. ( not all work)

    Peter H

    • Gomer

      I wish your words come true. It will be a pleasure if your words come true. Of course, it will benefit me as I am pointing to a page where I monetize the site through recommending Wealthy Affiliate as this blog is hosted in their platform and I am also an affiliate of the platform. 

      But the truth is, a bigger part of this project is in inspiring others and making them strong. Nothing feels better when you have inspired others especially if it happens during their darkest moment, just like what had happened to me when I was relaunching this blog. 

      This used to be my main money site promoting online money making opportunities, but something happened. And during that time of personal crisis, I was introduced back to God the reason I relaunched this blog with the target niche different from the previous one which is sharing the gospel to others. 

      In the future, I may become successful, but the goal will remain the same. To be a good custodian of God’s wealth, to share legit opportunities to the sons of God and fight scams by educating people, and last but not the least, if I become a successful investor, finance projects that are socially responsible.

  19. Sandikazi Scwebu

    Great article.  I believe that if you want to change the world you must begin with your family.  I am familiar with the manner in which the elections campaign was done.  People all over the world seems not to understand the mandate and what it means to be a Public Representative, for many this is an opportunity to get rich quick – driven by greed.  I’m sure you have learned from you uncle’s mistake, and you will avoid doing the same as your business continues to grow.  I wish you great success.

    Be blessed.


    • Gomer

      What’s odd with happening today is, it looks like people are now worshiping money, they have succumb to greed and are disregarding principles in exchange for money. And on the other side, there’s my uncle who’s an extreme opposite of these people. I think he inherited the trait from my grandfather (his father) who founded a school for the less fortunate youth here in our place, he even sacrificed his pension to cover the expenses of the school.

      When it comes to money, I see it as a tool. We can use it as a tool for implementing good plans. And not only as a tool, it can also be regarded as a seed. We eat seeds, right? In the form of grains. But we do not consume all of the grains. We set aside a volume for replanting, and it works the same with money. That’s how I see money now.

  20. Fahim Shahriar

    Thanks for sharing your thought from the Christian perspective. Yeah, its true these days people are more concentrate on material gain. Well, I must admit that your uncle is a kind-hearted person. I do also have plans to help others. There is nothing like helping others, where you will find mental peace. But I will do both actually,  after earning money I will spend for my family needs as well as will help others. That’s my plan. Thanks for the article. 

    • Gomer

      Providing for your family needs should always be your top priority. Like the article said, charity begins at home. If you can’t provide for your family, how can your conscience bear you’re helping others while neglecting your loved ones?

      May God bless you my friend, regardless of what you believe in. Maybe you’re a Muslim, so may Allah bless you well so you can give not only to your family but for others as well.

  21. Khobayer Khan

    Hello Gomer,

    Actually, I am a little bit of a heart. I will do want to start giving to charity. You correctly said that Charity begins at home. I believe that you should keep enough to be able to make more. Money makes money. When I have more money than I have invested so you can make more faster. so we do not need to take birth again and again. It is not fair, but it is true.

    Thanks for such a wonderful and helpful article.

    • Gomer

      Money is like a seed or grain. You got two choices: To eat all the grains and have nothing for tomorrow, or to just eat a portion of the grains and set aside some portions for planting. The wiser you handle the grains, the more people you are going to help if the grains multiply. 

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