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Does this blog look more like a travel blog?

Well, I intended it to look this way.

The reason is, I joined network marketing business to have more options in life—enjoy freedom lifestyle. And I’m gonna share with you here my progress, and what I’m doing to get there.

Time Freedom With Network Marketing

In my previous post, we discussed about financial freedom. Today, we'll cover time freedom with network marketing. The freedom to spend your time the way you want it. Financial freedom and time freedom are tied to each other. Financial freedom is being able to spend...

Financial Freedom in Network Marketing?

How's that possible? To have financial freedom in network marketing. Well, in this short blog post, I'm going to show you that's possible. And it's possible for you as well. Some negative thinkers might say, "It's impossible!". Just a while ago, I read on Facebook a...

Financial Freedom And Time Freedom

Obviously, network marketing isn't the best home-based business. But, there's something in it that will allow you to experience both financial freedom and time freedom in no time. In this blog post, let me share you what I know about this. But before we proceed, if...


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