1. Jojo

    Blogging is indeed an interesting way to share your thoughts and interests and also to make money. Why not use both video and text in a blog post? I often do that, what I write is sort of explaining what they will see in the video.
    You are soo right about the importance of a blog. I run a traditional style website where there are several pages under different categories but I also have a blog on it. Every time I create a new page I tell people about it on the blog section of my site. That way people will find it more easily at the same time as I add more content to my site.
    Thanks for a great post.

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Yeah, great idea to have both in a blog post or a page. To have both video and text explanations. In that way, you can serve both audiences—those who love watching videos, and those who can’t watch videos because of slow internet. Thanks for pointing out.

      And great, about that idea, of mentioning a new page in the blog section, making readers/followers aware there’s a new page in your site. Great idea, and thanks for sharing.

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