Building Pipeline of CashToday, I am sharing to you something that’s coming directly from my heart. This is without keyword research, without checking the headline with my favorite analyzer, but rather just a plain motivational post.

After reading this article, I expect you to fully understand what we’re doing here.

Why am I in Wealthy Affiliate? Why am I so passionate in convincing, and helping others start their own business? And why I chose online business rather than conventional businesses out there?

So, read on…

Hauling Buckets of Water

Back in early 2000, I happen to read a book written by Robert Kiyosaki, entitled “Cash Flow Quadrant“.

The book changed the course of my life, from a young boy wanting to be a doctor someday, to someone of a business owner. I owe that experience to my mentor uncle, who is also a fan of Robert Kiyosaki.

That book was a Part II of an earlier book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad“.

Through these two books, I was convinced that the idea of working for “earned income”, isn’t for me. According to Robert Kiyosaki, there are three (3) types of income…

  1. Earned income – income you earn from actively working a job
  2. Passive income – income you earn from passive investments like rental real estate
  3. Portfolio income – the income you receive from investing in stocks and other paper assets

The first type of income is like hauling buckets of water, and most people are earning their income this way. The problem is, you can only work as hard as you can but you can’t work 24 hours a day.

Also, if you stop working, if you stop hauling water from that well with your bucket, you also stop getting paid. Hence, work stop, income stop.

Building Pipelines of Cash

Business owners on the other hand, build pipelines for cash.

This can be compared to my father who recently installed a water system to our house.

Instead of installing jetmatic type of pumps where you do some kind of exercise every morning whenever you need water, my father has assembled a system of electric motor, pipelines, pressure tank, and faucets.

So, instead of manually getting water, we just open the faucet, water flows out.

Conventional business owners who succeed in growing their companies, to the point of converting the small business into a team of workers (corporation), are on the same path of building pipelines for cash flow.

Imagine if you are an owner of several businesses that run with or without your presence, and continue to pump out cash for you regardless if you stop working or not… how does it sound to you?

Yes, it not easy, but highly possible for you!

Our Aging Money-making Machines

Perhaps, the young ones are more stubborn than their older counterparts…

Once I was a network marketer in the offline, me and my teammates would sometimes go to the streets and do some stranger prospecting.

With flyers or leaflets in hand, we would approach just anyone who come across us… asking if they are open to starting their own business… either part-time or full-time.

Based on our observation with our survey-like approach, the older workers are more open to listening to our pitch. In contrast, the young ones in their corporate attire would usually avoid us… some even spit to us like we’re outcasts.

In one of the interviews, it was found out that such response and behavior from the younger workers are stemming from their over-confidence. That, they are looking forward to a bright career working in a big corporation.

To these young people, it is too early for them to think about starting a business… and that starting a business is something for the old and can no longer be employed.

Now, even though I have a firsthand experience interviewing former mall attendants, I’d like to hear from you readers… especially the young ones, how true is that.

Can you answer through the comment below?

What if Suddenly You Find Yourself Out of Work?

This is the reason why I am encouraging people, young and old, to start their own businesses.

What if you suddenly find yourself unable to work? Like for example, disability from an accident, or suddenly laid off by your beloved company?

If you are a smart person, you should be ready for anything that can happen.

God forbid you get into an accident, but things like that happen. Also, the economy is very unpredictable, once a robust economy can suddenly crash down leaving a lot of people unemployed.

There’s not much problem if you are single and no family to feed. But what if you are the bread winner of the family? What will you do if something unexpected happen to you?

Also, take note that the job that makes you cocky, that job that close your ears from listening to business opportunities, is not yours. You don’t own that corporate ladder you are climbing, so how does it sound to you?

What if one of these days, the real owner of that ladder you are climbing decides…

“Okay guys, game is over. It’s time to close the company.”


Nothing is permanent on this Earth… even this very platform that I am pushing out!

But what is more unstable are the jobs. You may not like it especially if you’ve been trained since childhood to “study hard, get good grades, so you can find a safe and secure job.”

If you are a student who is just fresh out of college, I’m sorry for troubling you. You may not be open yet to the realities of life, that you think after graduation everything will come like a paradise to you. The reality is, it’s not. Sometimes, it’s the opposite.

Now, here’s my point:

In today’s environment where almost everything can be “multi-tasked”, it is really possible for someone to mind a job and the same time build own business.

Gone are the days when the only way to build a pipeline of cash is for you to resign from your job, to focus on building a brick and mortar business that takes 3 to 5 years to get an ROI.

Today, with laptop and WiFi internet, anyone can build an online business from anywhere!