1. Neil

    I too LOVED the cashflow quadrant. It’s even better than the original. One of the complaints about Rich Dad, Poor Dad was that there were no “instructions.” It’s true, but what Robert Kiyosaki’s books do best as does your post here, it provides perspective and context. Kiyosaki and his advisors are notorious for the saying, “there are 3 sides to a coin.” I can truly appreciate your mission to help us see the need to build pipelineS. I capitalized the S because most of us go through life so happy with just 1. Wouldn’t you agree that’s riskier than learning to start a business?

    • Gomer Magtibay

      I agree. And whenever I see the letter S when discussing about Kiyosaki, I am reminded of something starting with S too. Not the Self-employed Quadrant on the lower left, but the “System”. S for the System. Business System. It’s a personal challenge that I took to distance myself from the system as a technical person, but rather “an owner”, and up to now still working for that dream of becoming an “Investor for a System”.

  2. Fadi

    I absolutely agree with you regarding the importance of having other resources of income other than a day job. I Most people think that have a job is secure and they go deeper in debt as their salaries increase. I know first hand that you can lose your job without expecting it, and then you have to deal with your debts.

    Thank you for your post, I am also a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki’s philosophy.

    • Gomer Magtibay

      It feels good meeting people who are also fans of Robert Kiyosaki, especially of his idea of “building pipelines vs hauling buckets of water”. Thanks for reading, and I hope you consider the idea of starting your own online business, as one method of building pipelines for cash flow.

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