Can A Teenager Make Money Online?

It’s been a while since I started discussing about several ways of making money online. From affiliate marketing to blogging, and from investing in cryptocurrencies to freelance writing online.

With the Internet being an open field, these opportunities sometimes get noticed not only by the “grown up” adults, but by teenagers as well.

These motivated teens, if not guided properly, might end up joining programs that can hurt them financially rather than help them make money.

As an online money making coach, I feel the need to participate in educating these young people and offer them better alternatives.

Oftentimes, I find myself replying to questions, in forums, in social media, and other social sites.

Now, due to the limits imposed by these sites both in the number of characters in a post, I decided to just do the explanation here in a blog.

So, let’s begin answering the question…

Can A Teenager Make Money Online?

ThinkingThe answer to this question is, YES.

“Gomer, do you have some proof of this?”

I know, skeptics have that question in mind, and that’s normal. When you make a claim, you have to back it up with proof or else, you’ll belong to those bunch of liars and scammers out there.

In the story that I am going to share with you, I won’t show you numbers. Numbers can be edited.

What I am going to share with you, is a story you have to read. I want you to spend some time reading and understanding how it works, instead of just dumping into your face screenshots of numbers earned.

This is the opposite of what people in the PTC or “get paid to click ads” programs usually do. To them, a screenshot is a good proof and won’t lie. To see is to believe, right? But what if I told you, screenshots can’t be trusted?

Like for example, this one. Paypal has recently banned PTC, and yet this site is claiming they’re paying their members via Paypal…

Dishonest Proof of Payment

See? You don’t have to trust screenshots of earnings all the time.

Beware of Paid To Click Programs

There are many ways for a teen to make money online, and among them are get “Paid To Click” ads programs or PTC.

Just by searching Google, you will land to hundreds or even thousands of websites promoting this type of online money making. While I am not totally against this type of opportunity, I do not highly recommend joining PTC.

Paid To Click

I have this gut feeling that PTCs and other “get paid to” programs are getting in the way of finding real good opportunities, like the one I recommend.

Instead of landing to good opportunities, the youth oftentimes get diverted to these opportunities thinking they can easily make money. Imagine, just by clicking ads, you can earn money? Wow, isn’t it?

While it is true that there are people earning good income with these programs, there’s a secret behind how they’re doing that. And that secret, if you will just know them, you gonna hate them.

As a concerned online money making coach, let me reveal to you this:

Those who are showing income proof with PTC, they either have invested big money in membership upgrades, and those proof of income they’re showing, are money they have earned from recruited members whom they lured into paying upgrades like they did.

Sounds like an honest program?


What About Other “Get Paid To” Opportunities?

Income opportunities online are not limited to just PTC. There are also programs like “get paid to watch videos” or “get paid to participate in surveys”. Some, get paid to play computer games.

For skilled teens, you can also participate in writing articles, creating banners, and other “finishing tasks” gigs via websites like Fiverr.

Prior to my focusing on affiliate marketing, I tried several of them.

While they’re also good in making you the extra money that you want, most of them if not all, consume a lot of time which I do not like.

clicking adsSince I am a boss, I’d prefer building pipelines for the water to flow than haul buckets of water tongue out.

And even if you’re just a teenager, you can be a boss and work like a boss!

And above all, the reason I don’t recommend teenager to spend time and money on such time-consuming opportunities is that.. it can hamper your studies!

What teenagers need is something you can do whenever you have free time only. Something not obligating you to be there at workplace at a specific time or else, you’ll lose a project, whatsoever.

Now, here’s a better option…

A Real Wealthy Affiliate Teen In The Making

Jerry Huang is a member of our community, Wealthy Affiliate. By the name itself, Wealthy Affiliate trains people how to become wealthy affiliates.

Jerry Huang Wealthy Affiliate Member

In case you don’t know it yet, affiliate marketing is making money promoting other people’s stuff online.

It doesn’t matter how you promote, whether through social media posts or though your own website, the deal is—when your promotions result into “sales”, you earn commissions.

And when we say commissions, is the type of money which can be sometimes “small”, but there are many times, “big money”… bigger than $0.001 cent you can get clicking ads in PTC.

That’s what WA is teaching us, and Jerry is one of the teenagers doing great with the training.

In his recent post in our community, he claimed he just referred 10 premium referrals to Wealthy Affiliate!

Jerry Huang Making 10 Referrals

Guess, how much money he made with those 10 premium referrals?

Just multiply $23.50 by 10 and you can learn how much commission he made.

And he’s just starting out! He can earn more than that, as you can make as much as you want.

Wealthy Affiliate Commission Rate

He joined Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member, he followed the lessons, and now on his way to generating commissions way bigger than other teens are making.

Wanna follow his path?

Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate


Can a teenager make money online? It’s definitely yes.

There are many income opportunities available online that a teenager can try. But like I said, if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself like hauling buckets of water instead of building pipelines.

Why not try Jerry Huang’s way? Building a business online instead of taking tasks, clicking ads, and other sort of “work stop, income stop” type of opportunities.

Join Wealthy Affiliate and let us show you how to build your own website, how to build your own online business, and make money online.

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