1. Michael

    Thanks for this very motivational post. 

    The best thing about making money online, is anyone can do it regardless of age or where they come from.

    I really liked the real live example you shared with us of an actual teenager making money online, and how he did it.

    I think if people follow the training he did, they too can start making money online.

    • Gomer Magtibay


      There ain’t no secret actually. He just followed the lessons taught by Kyle in Wealthy Affiliate, and BOOM! He’s now reaping the rewards.

      As simple as that. Any teenager with good learning attitude can do that.

  2. james

    Hi Gomer
    Thanks for sharing this post. I really like the way that you show teenagers that they don’t have take a crummy local job and earn next to nothing. There really are other ways. I’m an affiliate marketer myself and have to say that the creating your own site, helping people and getting paid for it is a massive reward. Keep up the good work!


    • Gomer Magtibay

      You’re welcome, and thanks for reading!

      Can a teenager make money online? Yes, and he or she doesn’t have to sell self short. One good way is by working with affiliate programs, making money with a website, and generating business income online. Earn like a boss!

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