1. Karen

    Hi there, great suggestions and I’m so glad that you’re not promoting ideas like doing surveys for cash etc, as these may earn a few bucks but don’t create a sustainable income like affiliate marketing and freelance writing can. I have been doing affiliate marketing seriously for about a year now and am seeing some really good results with my income doubling month on month now that I’m starting to generate some decent traffic to my site. 

    Thanks for sharing. 



    • Gomer Magtibay

      Previously, I have doubts on affiliate marketing as a sustainable income generation method online. But having experienced it myself, and have witnessed others making not only a living but fortune as well, I realized how big and sustainable it is. For people chasing small quick bucks, they may argue that those GPT sites (get paid to), is the way to go… But after I have tried it myself, earn almost a hundred dollars in a site called Neobux only to witness my account deactivated after I slowed down working with them, that sealed the conclusion that affiliate marketing is still the best option I ever have.

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