Put Your Faith Into Action

Put your faith into action

Have you ever prayed to God about your goals and yet it seems your prayer isn’t being answered? Did it affect your faith in Him like you no longer want to talk to Him next time you have a goal to achieve? Entrepreneurs are known for their being independent-minded. We don’t wait for a boss … [Read more…]

Change Your Perception, Change Your Life!

Today’s short blog post is about perception, “Change Your Perception, Change Your Life”, a technique I learned from daily ups and downs of living in the business world. I’ve been blogging about topics like this for almost a month now, and the results are astounding! Dozens of readers are benefiting from the ideas discussed. And … [Read more…]

When Going Uphill, Downshift!

When going uphill

Have you ever experienced tailing a heavy-loaded truck in an uphill climb? Worse, the climb is in a curve you can’t overtake the truck? That’s so nasty not only for you, but also to the truck driver. There were even stories of truck drivers losing their control or their machines giving up because of the … [Read more…]