Change Your Perception, Change Your Life!

Change your perceptionToday’s short blog post is about perception, “Change Your Perception, Change Your Life”, a technique I learned from daily ups and downs of living in the business world.

I’ve been blogging about topics like this for almost a month now, and the results are astounding! Dozens of readers are benefiting from the ideas discussed. And I hope to motivate and inspire more.

But before we proceed, I’d like to give a disclaimer that I am neither a pastor nor a psychologist. I’m just an ordinary entrepreneur but with a passion about motivational stuffs. And I’m doing this to help myself and others.

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So, let’s begin with the topic.

What is Perception?

First, let’s consult the dictionary in Google…

What is Perception?

In my own words, perception is how you look at things based on your limited beliefs. I mean limited, because, your perception is largely influenced by your education and experience, maybe positive or negative.

Your perception of reality does not mean it’s the reality. Maybe part of the reality, like a slice of the big pie. If the slice you’ve bitten does not taste good, it can mean two things: Either that part of the pie isn’t good or maybe the whole pie isn’t good.

When you’re in business and you’re not getting the results that you wanted, you begin to think that the business you’re in isn’t good. But that changed when you happen to meet someone who’s in the same business but getting a different result.

So, do you see? That’s my perception of perception!

How To Change Your Perception

To change perception means to change perspective. To see something from a different vantage point.

If your perception is good, if it’s positive, then there’s no need to change it. But if not, then you will find these suggestions helpful…

The 5 easy ways to change your outlook in life:

  1. Avoid using the words “always” and “never”, for these words are called “absolutes”, and they’re rarely correct.
  2. Pay attention to your SELF TALK, especially if you’re struggling with your business or career. A negative experience can bring temporary thoughts of something, but if you keep on repeating negative words to yourself, then it will be ingrained further in your subconscious mind.
  3. Change your memory of a negative event. If you’ve got a negative experience in your life, if you can view in a positive angle, then do it. Think about what have you gained from that experience. If that action is not possible, then forget it.
  4. Keep it positive. When you have a positive attitude in life, you are positioned to changing things for the positive. And when you experience something negative, it works like there’s a shock absorber that minimizes the damage.
  5. Stop seeing yourself a victim. Like I said, think about what you have gained from the experience. Then, don’t go into blaming. Take responsibility for everything that happens to your life because taking responsibility makes someone stronger.

Got pointers now? Good.

Let’s continue…

Zoom Out The Pie

Earlier in this blog post, I mentioned about picking bad-tasting slice of the pie. And I said, if that slice of the pie tastes bad, that does not mean the whole pie tastes bad, too.

Slice of the pie

Now, imagine yourself as a detective wearing an adjustable lens in one eye. If you’re too focused on that small side of the big pie trying to enlarge microscopic objects, pull your head up. Pull your head up and see the whole pie… what do you see?

A big, nice-looking, good-tasting pie!

Often you see people look down on themselves, hate themselves, or even punish themselves by getting into wrong relationships or destructive addictions.

People are focusing on their negatives so much no wonder why they’re unhappy. No wonder why they are super sensitive and depressed. And sad to say, people get into all sorts of addiction seeing them as the anesthesia for the pain they feel inside.

They think it’s hopeless when the solution is simple. Just zoom out and see the larger picture. There’s a better, bountiful world out there!

Change Your Words, Change Your Life!

I’d like to share this technique that I’ve learned.
Let God rule in you.

I let God rule in me, and changed my words. Since then, I was healed and now feeling loved. Instead of focusing of that once slice that doesn’t taste good, I now appreciate the bigger part of the pie that was given to me, and that brought to me feelings of gratitude.

With God, I longer say “I’m worthless” but instead, “I’m wonderful”.

Instead of “I’m ashamed to be alive”, it’s now, “I’m awesome because I have an awesome God”.

Instead of “I’m unlovable”, it was replaced by, “I’m God’s beloved and my name is written on His hands”.

I no longer say, “I’m nobody” because I know, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Til next,

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  1. Wendy

    In the “game of life” it really comes down to thoughts are things. If we think about the negative, then we will attract more negative. I choose to live in gratitude. I am always grateful and blessed. We get in life what we give. I try to be loving and kind and I seem to attract those kind of people. Like you say, it really is all about perception. When we focus more on being blessed life is so much better.

    • Gomer

      That’s right. Focus more on being blessed, and you will see more blessings coming to your life. 

      The law of attraction is real, and it’s powerful. It’s not something like others say “it’s pagan in origin” because there are Biblical principles that relate well with the law of attraction.

  2. Gwendolyn J


    You always deliver such uplifting words. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    It is true that perception is reality. If I perceive myself as a bad mother, I will begin to behave that way.

    Unless I adopt a more positive, forgiving view, that is. I have been in that dark place, and found that only by finding the strength and resolution within myself -with a healthy dose of faith!- I made it through and grew as a person.

    No one can criticize us as hard as we do ourselves. There is a fine line, though. We must clearly define who we are as opposed to who we wish to be and work to be our better selves.

    Thank you again for your insight.


    Gwendolyn J

    • Gomer

      You’re welcome. 

      I agree with you, that your present self does not define your future self. Praise God that you have come out of the dark, and thank Him for helping you out. Congratulations, and God bless!

  3. Ropata

    Hey Gomer, 

    I really love what you done here, I think your are a good testament to Gods Word bro. 

    I have been struggling with a few things with my perception, and I think you have given me something to discuss with God:) You have also given me determination to work on my own blog based around change. 

    I really think its important to use the internet to reach people just like what your doing here.

    Many Blessings! 


    • Gomer

      Yes, and in fact, it’s a very effective tool in conveying a message to others. 

      The fact that one can read a blog post in anonymity and privacy, there are no hesitations associated with being shy talking in person with someone. One can read and then search to verify what has been read conveniently.

      My primary reason for starting this blog is to detail my progress as a person in charge of managing God’s wealth (stewardship). We, entrepreneurs, are tasked to manage His wealth and be responsible to our brethren (other sons of God). It’s good to have this blog as an outlet too, for expressing your thoughts and feelings.

  4. Martin Burt

    Perception can be a funny thing indeed. You make some great points here and I like the way you are changing how you say things to a positive perspective. I always try and be positive about everything and I find gratitude and being grateful really helps me with this. I have a gratitude journal I write in it every night, by doing this I gain more of what I am grateful for. Works a treat! 

    • Gomer

      Oh, that’s a good tip you shared, Martin! Thanks for sharing. 

      Have a gratitude journal wherein you write down all the things you are thankful for, and do it every night like you’re writing a diary. I may try that as well. Thanks!

  5. RoDarrick

    Perception is truly a powerful tool in the game of life that can either make or mar one’s progress. Getting to see the positive side of every circumstance is not just by one’s power, definitely, one needs the help of the holy ghost not to lose courage.  We should be aware that the mind works with our thoughts and if its filled with negative thoughts, then our mind start to lose courage to do greater things.

    • Gomer

      The negative thoughts or the negative preconceived notions form our perception, and the only way to change is by allowing yourself to reward your curiosity and be objective (not subjective) over a thing.

      You’re right, it is sometimes tough that you need the help of the Almighty. With His help plus our active participation towards changing for the better, nothing is impossible.

  6. Jenny

    I’m trying to go to this direction for a while. I have to say; it’s not easy. Even though I love chasing my dreams, I’m not much of an optimist. I tend to see the glass half-empty. I tend to remember the bad side of situations. 

    But, the few times I’ve managed to be an optimist, things go better for some reason. I’m still working on it, but I hope someday to change my perception. 

    • Gomer

      I believe you can do it, sister. When facing a tough challenge, don’t attempt to do it all by yourself. Seek God’s help. And always remember what has been said in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

  7. Laureen

    Hi Gomer, This is a great article! Over the years I have come across to realize that our words often end up having so much impact on our lives. It’s a life-long learning journey to change our perception and mindset, we face ups and downs, different challenges. I am training myself as well, every time a thought comes across my mind telling me that I am not good enough, I remind myself of God’s blessings and I found gratitude has helped me so much in being at peace with myself. Thanks for the blog post. Cheers – Laureen

    • Gomer

      You’re welcome.

      There’s so much to thank for, especially in this age of the world when anything can happen. The blessing of life alone is enough for us to have gratitude to God.

      Good to hear that you are also training yourself with a positive affirmation. What we repeatedly say becomes reality.

  8. Alexa7

    Hi, Gomez.

    Yes, changing one’s perception is the key to a happier and more fulfilled life. Your thoughts become actions, and your actions become reality. You create what you’re focusing on. The Universe doesn’t make a difference; it sends you more of that which you concentrate and put all your energy in. Thank you for writing this enlightening article. Many more people need to read this because the most part of our world’s population still is oblivious to that universal law. 

    Thank you for, yet, another great read. Looking forward to your next post.

    Sending you much positive and loving vibration.



    • Gomer

      It seems you are familiar with The Secret. That’s great. 

      Sometimes, I think that the Universe Bob Proctor and other lecturers in the video The Secret is referring to is God. But for an unknown reason, they did not use the word but instead, they used the word Universe. Perhaps, for marketing purposes. For universal appeal.

  9. John Fish

    Thanks for your inspiring blog post Gomer. I don’t know how many times I’ve thrown out the whole pie because I didn’t like the first bite. On the other hand I often buy pies that I know will make me sick, thinking this time it will be different. I’m saying that metaphorically in reference to online marketing. 

    I also like your idea to change the memory of an unpleasant event. Say I meet with someone and leave feeling like I failed. I might be focusing on one word or sentence that I perceived as critical. But there might be a hundred other things positive to remember. 

    Also thanks for reminding me to trust in God. If I pray for help, I don’t have to worry about how God is going to make that happen. I only need to focus on gratitude and be ready to take the necessary steps as they are presented to me.

    Thanks again

    • Gomer

      In many instances, there’s an invisible hand that’s helping us, we just didn’t notice it. But if you will rewind all the things that have happened to your life, there are little details that if you will zoom them big, you will see that God really helped you in those situations by giving you a favorable situation or giving you help through His instruments. That’s why we should always put our trust in God.

      In social media, we have this word that’s often used by users in their posts. Good vibes.

      Keep broadcasting positive words for good vibes, and you will see positive changes unfold in your life. God is also happy to bless a cheerful son, so I think if we continue to be an inspiration to others, He will be happy blessing us in all of what we do. See the beauty in all things. Change your perception, change your life!

  10. Rutz

    Wow, this is such an inspiring article on change your perception, change your life.  Personally I have had to struggle with negative self talk for many years but I am now able to notice and overcome it immediately.  I have also been able to talk positively and whenever I catch myself talking negative, I quickly correct it.Thank you for a great article.

    • Gomer

      Positive self-talk, that’s the key. 

      Some people frown upon the idea of talking to self, they see it as a sign of insanity. But it’s the opposite, it’s a sign of having a good relationship with yourself. It’s actually a way to boost your subconscious mind and to feed it with positive thoughts. Then, it will direct your reflexes to act in a positive manner, that results in doing good things.

  11. Marios Tofarides

    Hey Gomez,

    I believe that a person is 99% responsible for their life and its outcome. And their reaction to what happens in life. The 1% is for extreme cases, such as a plane falling down for the sky or medical negligence, amongst others. This thought alone is a game changer. You are responsible for changing your life, responding to adverse events and situation, and cruising through life. Affirmations play a big part in the sense that you change your thoughts from negative to positive. gratitude is a huge factor as well. Count your blessings. Be grateful. Be positive.

    My 2 cents 🙂


    • Gomer

      Thanks for sharing your “2 cents”. 

      That’s the exact word for it. Affirmation. It reinforces the changing of perception, from negative to a positive one.

      We, humans, have a natural perception of things. And that natural perception, or raw perception, is usually a product of our upbringing and environment. But as we mature, we develop this capacity of changing what we used to believe based on new discoveries. It’s up to us if we will reinforce positive change in our lives or remain with the mediocre thinking.

      This blog post aims at helping individuals change for good.

  12. WisemanKachidzaOnline

    hahaha i love how you conclude.

    When you start reading this Sermon kkk – Post you will thing it will end as a motivational post only to realise that it points you to Christ , its not an empty motivation , its a solid motivation pointing to a solid foundation , pointing to a solid source of purpose .

    We are always different when we perceive ourself through Christ .

    Christ is the true Perception .

    The reality .

    • Gomer

      Yes. He’s the bottom line.

      Without Him, we’re nothing and worthless yet He bought us.

      How in this world someone would buy something worthless?

      But He did. And He bought us not with wealth, but with His life!

      When you appreciate this, when you see the love given to us, you’ll feel energized. You will see a whole new perspective. There’s no reason to think bad, to think negatively, but always positively.

  13. Pentrental

    Great post I couldn’t agree more. 

    It’s all about the angles when we’re talking entrepreneurship and there are so many. That’s why perception and perspective are very important. Absolutes, self-talk, changing negative thoughts, staying positive, stop seeing yourself as a victim, excellent advice on changing the outlook. I can picture the detective focusing on his lens. It’s really sad to see someone blue, and it can happen to anyone. 

    Thank you for a positive, uplifting post. I’m looking forward to reading more of them!

    • Gomer

      Yes, it can happen to anyone. But the good news is, if we seek God’s help, we can perform a lot better. Like I said in my other post here, God loves helping a cooperative son. A person just needs to be empowered, like for example, reading tips like the ones we share here, and act on it. Past is past, just leave it behind and move on with a positive outlook in life.

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