Christian Entrepreneurs With A Mission

Christian EntrepreneursIn one of my blog posts here, I mentioned about Jesus reminding His mother about His Father’s business. It demonstrated how we should keep our minds to our mission, as Christian entrepreneurs, while doing Earthly vocations.

Today, in this blog post, I’m going to expound a bit on that.

Don’t worry as this might be just a few minutes read, something that will simply empower and inspire you as a Christian entrepreneur. I am not a theologian, these are just based on my opinions. But since I have this playful mind, you might find my ideas somewhat entertaining.

I like using Jesus and His story as an object lesson, for not only He’s our Boss, but His life is also filled with action, drama, and sometimes comedy. I couldn’t think of any other better example to use.

So, let’s start.

Do You Know Your Mission in Life?

Let’s ponder about what is written in John 1:14 (King James Version)…

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as the only-begotten of the Father.”

This text described how Jesus came to this world, and like a soldier who has gone into a mission, he lived like common people in an unknown territory. A record of that is found in Luke 2:51 (KJV)…

“Then He went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was subject to them.”

According the records in the Bible, while growing up, he helped his father (Joseph) in the carpentry work. He knew His mission in this world, but he kept the mystery of that mission in his heart and performed like a normal human being.

Like Jesus, we also have our own missions in life. And to what is your mission? I don’t know. It is only you who can know yours.

If you have not figured out yet your mission in life, reading Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life might help.

The Purpose Driven Life


Doing Earthly Vocations While On A Mission

What I can imagine with that is the work of an army intelligence officer in a hostile territory. He has to live with the common people, hide his identity so he can perform his mission effectively.

In Jesus time, He lived with the common people. He worked as a laborer in His father’s carpentry shop. His work was as perfect as His character. Throughout his life on Earth, Jesus was an earnest worker. Each job found Him laboring cheerfully and diligently.

And when His father Joseph died, he responded to the call of John The Baptist. That was the start of implementing His mission. But during his Earthly life, the angels might have marveled how Jesus stooped down and took a human form. How he assumed a life of obscurity and toil.

Jesus is a perfect example for us, Christian entrepreneurs.

His work ethics, his passion to his work, and his being a source of inspiration and happiness to those people around Him. Often His family would hear the sound of a psalm or a song coming from his workplace.

Truly an inspiration for me, how I should blog and share the LIGHT to others.

My Mission in Life

In our world where the focus is mostly on material things, it is easy to forget about God.

Just take a walk in a busy business center and figure out where most people are tuned-in to. Walk into a mall, or in a Casino, you will see how people are preoccupied with money.

I don’t have to go far because, here in our small business center of a rural community, majority of the people are materialistic. One proof of that is, one cannot borrow money for emergency without paying interest as high as 100%.

It’s sad to think that most people now value PERSONAL GAIN over COMPASSION.

But amidst of that, there’s still hope.

One afternoon, a young female student came in to my Internet cafe. Noticing the magazine laying on my table, she asked, “Are you an Adventist, Sir?”

Adventist Magazine
“Yes, and why you asked?”, I replied.

She said, “I have a high regard for the Adventists.”

She looked interested in religious things, and I’m glad that I served as a tool… and that reminded me of my mission.

We, Adventists strive to be good examples, in the business world, in the work place. In fact, our example of diet and avoidance of vices was commended in many occasions.

It is said in Matthew 5:16 (KJV)…

“Let your light so shine upon men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

In Closing…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Catholic, a Protestant or a Seventh-Day Adventist like me. Our focus should be in the glorification of our Father. We are doing our things for God’s glory.

Aside from being a good examples, maybe you have a more tangible mission, like sponsoring a benevolent project, etc.. No matter how big or small that mission is, maintain your communication with the “base”.

And as Christian entrepreneurs with a mission, let us not forget to align ourselves with Jesus and His teachings. We should expect much, attempt much, and accomplish much. For in following His examples, we will have strength in our daily labors.

Thank you reading, and if you have questions or comments, kindly leave them below.

Your brother in Christ,

Gomer Magtibay

Gomer Magtibay

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  1. Judy

    This is a powerful article that makes so much sense… it’s all too easy to get caught up in all the busy aspects of life and to lose focus on what’s truly important in this world. 

    Thanks for a great reminder of what’s going to really make a difference in our own lives and is the right thing to do. Will keep an eye open for the book you mentioned The Purpose Driven Life. 

    • Gomer

      Yes, please. It’s a very good book for figuring out why you’re here. What purpose you ought to serve.

  2. Katy

    I think having a mission can benefit just about anyone. You can get closer to Jesus and use your Entrepreneurial skills. Connecting with other people while helping a good cause can only make you strive more. I think more entrepreneurs should go on mission trips because they will learn a lot! Thank you for this info!

    • Gomer

      You’re welcome. I hope that article has helped you in adding more colors to your life. Like you said, entrepreneurs should go on mission trips and I agree with that. And not only that, if we can make that desire to help others, to uplift others, like a second-nature to us, then I guess our lives would be turned complete.

  3. Andres Agudelo

    My grandfather always encouraged me to ask God about things that I don’t understand. He always refers to Him when I ask what is my mission in life. He said that the answer can be found in Gods words, and praying is a good way to hear what he says. However, I tended to focus on what I’m doing and often forget to ask God for help when I’m feeling lost. 

    After reading your post, I find myself more motivated as I think I finally found my way. I have read information about starting a business and how to make money, but this is the first time I find an article that tells you what is your mission.

    Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Gomer

      You know, it feels good to too being able to help others in this way. Your words have encouraged me to continue doing this, and be a source of inspiration to others. But this is not from me, right? This is from Him, our Lord. He’s using me as a channel for His message to be heard. You never know when is the right timing for a person needing comfort. Who knows, that in time that I’m publishing a blog post, someone needed the message because he’s on the brink of confusion and life-threatening situation like suicide. With this, I find this work noble.

  4. Matthew

    Hi, I’m not really a religious person but lately, I have lost my way in life and not quite sure what I’m supposed to do with myself!

    I am married with 4 children so my purpose in life should be them and nothing else but I am trying to find a way of providing for them by working online but at the end of the day I am spending less time caring and being with them so I am lost and not sure what to do.

    Do I carry on my mission to provide for my family by working all of the time and going for money so they can have the life that they deserve or do I give it all up and spend more time with them and have no money to provide for them?

    I’m stuck as to what to do!

    Do you have the answers for me?

  5. Robert Trevor

    As Christians, I believe that Jesus commission, to us, is all we need, “Go you into all the world and make disciples of all people” this I believe, is every Christians Mission in life,how we do it is our business.

    Part of our mission, is to live a life that shows people what a Christian is,by our lifestyle.

    Jesus shows us by his example how to honour and obey parents,and to do his part in working for the family.

    In the business life, we are not just there to make money,but to do it in an ethical and honest way, and also to help others when ever we can.

    • Gomer

      Know what? I thought I am being used by God to let others know His will. But the truth is, through your comments and responses to my blog posts, you are the ones that are delivering God’s messages to me. And that’s amazing! 

  6. Mark

    Gomer, you have an amazing way with words. You have so humbly reminded me that as Christian Entrepreneurs we must constantly be aware of our real mission and for whose glory we are striving. It is so easy to get caught up in the work of the world and forget who we are and what we are here to do. Thank you, my friend, for this graceful reminder to always be looking towards the One who sent us and the mission that he has given us.


    • Gomer

      Praise be to God, brother!

      What brothers are here for? We’re here to strengthen each other, to band arms work for a common goal, and that is to manage God’s business and grow His wealth. To develop more talents that can be used in His service. 

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Mark.

      God bless and have a productive day today!

  7. Aye2019

    Hi Gomer,

    This is a great article. Either you’re christian or non-christian, either you believe in Jesus or you don’t, this post has a lot of helpful tips, especially knowing your mission in life. No matter whichever position I am, I will still believe there’s God. 

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

    • Gomer

      Yes, He exists. I personally have proven He exists.

      There were times that I thought the situation is already hopeless, but then, after a prayer suddenly something unexpected happened. That proved prayer is effective and He’s actually here right beside us!

  8. Stella

    Jesus has many characters that describe his attribute. This is a way man should live. Humans are so deep in earthly affairs to the extent that any small opportunity to offer people for free, we turned blind eyes to that direction and demand for interest. This is a very important lesson we need to read if not everyday but once in while. Thanks for sharing.

    • Gomer

      Are you referring to the usurious rates people nowadays charge in lending money to others?

      I know not all people are like that but it is so disheartening that in my place here, majority of the people have that mentality. It seems, it’s becoming a norm that people are now more motivated by what they can gain than by genuinely help those in dire needs.

      In my opinion, if we can bring people back to God, if we can bring them closer to God, then they would be refreshed and re-oriented of what they used to be, of what they’ve learned their values education when they were just pupils in schools.

      By nature, man has a noble heart. It just got buried sometimes.

  9. Adyns68

    Hi Gomer

    Thanks for this post. As Adventist sometimes I am scared to talk directly to people. Because, most of the time, they will question my doctrines. So, I decided not long ago that even via a blog, I can realize my goal. And my goal is to glorify God in each and every part of my life. Taking Christ as my example, following His footsteps, living as He lived on Earth, a sinless life. 

    So, yes as Christian, from any denomination, our goal is to glorify God, even in our businesses.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Gomer

      Oh, sister! I’m glad to meet you here!

      I was hesitant too before until I realized that 70% of my time is spent online, in Wealthy Affiliate and in my blog. What if God is a jealous being and got jealous because I can spend time in these things but not with Him? So, I decided to infuse sharing about Him into my blogging and online business.

      In Ellen White’s book, Christ’s Object Lessons page 349, it is said, “Business and religion are not two separate things; they are one. Bible and religion are to be interwoven with all we do or say. Divine and human agencies are to combine in temporal as well as in spiritual achievements. They are to be united in all human pursuits, in mechanical and agricultural labors, in mercantile and scientific enterprises. There must be a cooperation in everything embraced in Christian activity.”

      I hope this quotation has enlightened us, Sis. Thanks for dropping by here, God bless and take care!

  10. Paul

    Dear Gomer,

    Being a follower of CHRIST your post means a lot to me. Thanks a lot for the inspiring & motivating post and I got great insights from your post.

    Few times I read people recommending the book The Purpose Driven Life and when I saw you too recommending it I immediately added it on my “To Read” list. When I checked my library I do have that book but not read a single page, for sure will start reading it soon.

    Indeed, the life of our Saviour is mind-blowing and often I wonder how he tolerated and managed to live among the people. Never thought in this way your post is an eye-opener for me, I am amazed on the message you gave to Christian entrepreneurs from the life of JESUS. 

    Our Mission and Vision is very important.

    Where there is no vision, the people perish… – Proverbs 29:18

    Indeed, people are money minded and chasing money. I am not telling money is not important but money is not everything. One of my coach often use to tell… Helping people is the main thing and money is the by-product.

    Thanks again for the helpful post!

    In CHRIST,


    • Gomer

      That’s a good line to memorize:

      “Helping people is the main thing and money is the by-product.”

      I hope this seeps deep inside all of us, resulting to people being helped and there’s a reduction of people struggling.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, may God bless you, Paul.

  11. Henry

    Hi Gomer. I found your approach very interesting. A soldier when he’s on a mission as you have described, doesn’t waste time. He has to take care of those things concerning daily life, but every day he constantly checks how he’s been progressing with the goal of his mission. How important is for us to remain focused every day.

    • Gomer

      Yes, that’s right. That’s why I emphasized being “in contact” with the base. Just like the soldier with a hand held radio or any other covert communication equipment, we should always get connected with the base through prayer and reading the Bible. In that way, we can also check our progress easily and not get distracted by the daily grind.

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