Create A Free WordPress Blog

You like what I’m doing and thinking of starting your own blog? Okay, let me show you how to create a free wordpress blog in a minute or less. You’ll be blogging your thoughts online in no time!

But wait, the process requires a basic understanding of these two important words…

What is a Blog?

What is WordPress?

Now, here are my recommendations on how to set up a professional-looking, free WordPress blog, fast and easy. Let’s begin with the first steps…

1. Create A Free WordPress Blog With Site Rubix

This is the website builder of the world’s #1 community for affiliate marketers, Wealthy Affiliate. It is in wordpress, and has the same capability of those professional wordpress blogging systems you see out there.

Inside WA Site Builder

Just a little background of Wealthy Affiliate, it was founded by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim in 2005 to help affiliate marketers succeed online. More than a decade have passed, the community has grown to be one of the best places to learn online business as well as host websites and blogs.

About Wealthy Affiliate

With the quality of training we have at Wealthy Affiliate, our websites occupy the top spots in the search engines results pages. Like for example, if you will search using the keyword “How To Lose Belly Fat Today”, you will see on the top search results this blog…

Blog is Number 2 in Google

In the screenshot, you will notice that the web address of the blog is under Site Rubix (sub domain). With the free website builder (blog builder) that we will be using to create a free wordpress blog, you will have a similar web address.

Kyle’s example:

What you will have:

Blog Under Site Rubix Subdomain



Blog in a Siterubix Subdomain

That’s just for the start only.

The goal is to get started at the lowest cost possible. So, here, we’re getting started for free.

Once you start making money with your free website / free blog, you can decide to upgrade and be able to use premium domain names, like the one in this screenshot:

Blog On A Domain

Did you notice the change in the web address? The one boxed in red?

This is the same website shown earlier that was created in Site Rubix platform, the owner just moved the website to a domain name so you are no longer seeing the Site Rubix subdomain.

Moving a blog from Siterubix subdomain to a professional-looking domain like that is a privilege enjoyed by premium members of WA.

But for now, just get started free. Create a blog in a free Site Rubix subdomain.

Click Here To Get Started

2. Set Up Your Profile In Our Awesome WA Community

Once you begin the process of creating your free wordpress blog with us, you will be prompted to create your profile in our WA community.

Fill up the form with your complete name, choose your unique username, and then upload your profile picture. You’ll be welcomed by the members of our community, including Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

You’ll also receive a message from me posted in your profile welcoming you to our community. In the message, you will learn about our special offers for the “go-getters” and “action-takers”.

Once inside the community, you will receive access to our Live Chat for 7 days as a free Starter Member. You can ASK anything about starting an online business, building up your blog, etc.

You can also connect with other members, view their profiles and click follow. You’ll also discover how friendly our members are, they usually “follow back” those who followed them.

WA Profile Example

You’ll meet other bloggers, make friends with them (and with me, too!).

3. Access Your Free Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Wealthy Affiliate over-delivers with our FREE Starter Membership!

Not only you will gain access to the fastest blog builder in the world (Site Rubix), you will also be enrolled to our Free Online Entrepreneur Certification, Getting Started – Level 1.

Here’s a screenshot of the course:

Online Entrepreneur Getting Started Level 1

This is by far the most comprehensive training on setting up your own website (your own blog) and yet it comes free as a bonus for using our website building tool.

You will learn everything, from picking your niche (your topic), to creating your blog posts and making them look beautiful. And if you haven’t created a blog post before, in Lesson 7 you will learn how to create/write one.

There’s a step by step video tutorial on how to write a blog post…

Creating A Blog Post

Because of this training, I have conquered my fear of writing/blogging. If you are hesitant to blog because English is not your native language, I was hesitant too, until I enrolled in this course.

And unlike any other course out there, you can already make a living while applying immediately what you’re learning.

Access Your Affiliate Bootcamp, Phase 1 (Optional)

Along with your Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, you will receive another training called “Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1 – Getting Your Business Rolling”.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1

In this particular training, you will learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate as a business. With all the good things that you will have, wouldn’t it be great if you recommend this to others and get paid a referral commission?

Take a look at this:

WA Affiliate Program

As bloggers, our main purpose for creating a free wordpress blog is to have a platform for expressing our thoughts. But did you know that with most bloggers out there, they are making money out of their blogging?

That’s right. Making money by blogging your passion online!

Some are earning a part-time income, while a number of them are making full-time income just by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate’s blogging platform!

WA Members Making A Full Time Income

With our platform so good, and the creators of this platform are offering commission for referrals, why not promote this platform too? It’s a good side-business!

Here’s a disclaimer: As an affiliate of WA, I can get paid a commission if you try our tool.

I find this a noble way of getting my message out. I can blog and share inspirational / motivational messages and at the same time make a living. This is way better than doing missionary work and beg for donations all the time!

Let’s See The Tool Work in Action!

Nothing is more exciting than seeing the tool work in action.

Watch this video…

You see? It’s so easy! Just input your desired website name, and a few clicks on your mouse, and you’re done.

You see me blogging here? You can do better!

Wordpress Blog Example

I’m not a technical person, and yet I managed to have this blog that you’re reading right now. You can create a blog like this too. With the help of our tool, with our free training courses, and our supportive community of WA members, you can do it.

So, what you need to do now is, go create a free wordpress blog using the widget below, and let us guide you in the process.


  1. Dave Sweney

    Creating a free WordPress website and blog is very easy using the SiteRubix platform that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and I can see from your detailed article on this that anyone can do it quickly. It is all there for the person to get their’s created.

    Of course, once it is published and live, just as you have a person will want to flesh the blog website out with content and over time, add in products to promote so you can earn some commission when people that are visiting your blog buy what you offer.

    It can be so easy and there is help for any issues that you may run into, and if you have no idea how to get started the community and training is right there to help you. Great explanation on how this all works, and as it costs nothing it cannot hurt to try it.

    • Gomer

      Yes, Dave. Since it costs nothing, it cannot hurt to try. There’s nothing to lose.

      Easy-to-use tools, training that works, and a helpful community. These are just some of the things that I like with this platform and recommending this to others is something I proudly do.

  2. tj

    Hi Gomer, 

    I like how you have simplified the fact that you can start a blog for free and then maybe upgrade later and haven’t pushed hard on the upgrading. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and user of Site Rubix blogging platform. The whole process is pretty much auto pilot as I remember when I started out it was a no brainer to upgrade and go all out. I also feel that the emphasis should be on getting someone to take the first step as once you cross that hurdle it all flows along nicely after that.

    Wishing the best in your blogging!


    • Gomer

      One thing that I learned in sales is, a more effective closing is by using the question, “Are you ready?”

      With that technique, you’re not pressuring the person rather you’re just helping him out. Just like what Plato has said, “You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”

      In today’s marketing (online marketing), I find that principle applicable. Just present the facts, present the info. and let them decide. Decide in their own free will.

  3. MissusB

    Thanks to wealthy affiliate, blogging has become easy with available tools such as Word Press. At first I thought that making a blog is an intimidating work but as I went through the training,I realise how easy it was because of they presented an efficient step by step procedure of making your own content. I haven’t tried yet the bootcamp since I’m preoccupied with my blog but I’m pretty sure it’ll be helpful in one’s affiliate career as well. Judging from the success testimonials of the members, I know I will get on that track someday.

    You were also right when you said that Wealth Affiliate has a very nice and helpful community. Thanks for sharing your insights!

    • Gomer

      I can relate to you as we have same reason why I hesitate blogging for years. That only changed when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and went through the training. I discovered that it’s not as hard as many people think! Besides, readers are not that strict when it comes to grammar and composition. 

      In some instances, I see bloggers build huge following even though their grammar is a bit crooked. As long as the message is getting through, there’s no problem as most readers are after the thought, and would not mind about the grammar especially if they know that the blogger is not a native English speaker.

  4. Jay

    Trust me when I tell you that creating a website has never been this easy. I currently have 2 websites and I created them within 3 minutes. One is a paid version and the other a free version. It is so easy to create these that anyone can actually do it.

    No technical knowledge is needed. All that is needed is just to follow simple instructions which can be gotten by being a free member of wealthyaffiliate. I created these sites while I was a free member of the platform and even while I was not a member I still owned the site.

    Creating a website or a blog is now much easier than it was years back whereby creating a website was time consuming and believe it or not actually costs thousands of dollars.

    • Gomer

      Thanks for your testimonial, Jay.

      Yes, it’s true. I remember, I even borrowed a textbook on HTML from my cousin who was in high school during that time. I tried learning HTML codes, how to design a website using them and how to edit. Today, unless you really need to edit a code via our websites’ editor, it is completely unnecessary. One can just get by publishing and editing blog posts through our easy-to-use dashboard.

      It’s so much easier now to operate a website or blog! 

  5. Zayn Hiew

    Hi Gomer,

    I started my own online business journey without knowing what is a Website Blog and have no knowledge in any coding or whatsoever. I come across Wealthy Affiliate when doing my research on the Internet. At first, l was skeptical is this another scam l asked myself. 

    Since they offer a free trial and no credit card information is required, l give it a shot. I was overwhelmed by the owners with a welcoming message. Immediately l started my training and am able to create a blog which l never dream of l can do it. Without looking back, l upgrade to Premium Member and now l own 2 Website Blogs.

    If l can do it, you can do it too. I won’t hesitate to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone, any day!

    • Gomer

      Another good testimonial, Zyan. Thank you.

      This shows that members of Wealthy Affiliate are very supportive. Whether it be answering a question posted by a new member or posting a testimonial like this, I find WA members very supportive. You can have what you’re asking in minutes!

      To outsiders reading this, the best way to prove if these testimonials are true, is by giving it a try. Nothing to lose as you can get started for free and no credit card information required.

  6. Charity

    I have personally become a believer of Wealthy Affiliate and its amazing opportunities. When you think of starting your own business and creating a website/blog for the first time the information and variety of options and steps is daunting. Going through WordPress and WA makes all the work seem effortless. They guide you like family! Gomer knows what he is talking about.

    • Gomer

      Thanks for the praise, Charity. And yes, creating a blog with Wealthy Affiliate is super easy! 

      I remember when I was just new to blogging, I first subscribed to a hosting plan with a hosting company. I thought the process would be easy as there are plenty of guides and tutorials available on the Internet. But when I went inside the back office and about to install WordPress, you can imagine what it would be like to a newbie to set up the process. It was chaotic!

      Then, after successfully installing the WordPress software to my website hosting, the next hurdle that I encountered was, the installation of themes. I discovered that there were only limited themes available for free via the dashboard. I was pointed out to buy a premium theme but I wasn’t ready then to invest more money in themes.

      I decided to just use the free themes available via the web host dashboard or Cpanel so I can move on to blogging. I thought everything will go smoothly after that but I discovered there is a bigger problem that’s awaiting after the set up. That big problem is, how do I get my blog post commented by others? How do I get them found in the search engines by my target audiences?

      You see, it was a series of challenges, hard challenges for beginners.

      What I like about blogging with Wealthy Affiliate is, beginners won’t go through those painful processes I’ve been through. Plus, they (you) won’t feel alone. You have a supportive community of members ready to help you with any questions you may have. 

  7. Dominic

    Hey Gomer, thanks for creating this informative post on WordPress. The CMS tool is already an easy tool to use, but if you integrate it with SiteRubix and the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it gets WAY easier! Best part is, anyone can practice on a website for free especially if you use their state-of-the-art platform.

    You even took the time to teach how to navigate within WA via some tutorial videos, which is a great time-saver coz’ I don’t have to look anywhere else for guidance. Just wondering in step 4 (The Affiliate Bootcamp), do I have to promote Wealthy Affiliate to become successful at the program?

    • Gomer

      Oh, it seems I forgot to elaborate on that. Or, maybe because the primary objective of this blog post is to guide people to our blog building tool. But since you asked for it, then I’m going to give an answer here which is based on my opinion.

      WA Affiliate Bootcamp is optional. You can choose to participate in it, or set it aside for a while and just go on blogging about the things you wanted to share online. There are many successful bloggers in WA that are experiencing success from applying what they’ve learned in our Online Entrepreneur Certification course alone. You can do the same, then once you achieve success with your niche, then that’s the ideal time to consider moving to the Bootcamp.

      In my own case, I participated in both programs right from the start since my niche is slightly connected with the lessons taught in WA Affiliate Bootcamp. If you can do both at the same time, then why not?

  8. RoDarrick

    I cannot agree less with you Gomer that wealthy Affiliate has simplified everything. I was a free member of wealthy Affiliate when I created my first website in less than a minute. I was amazed at how easy it was without having any knowledge whatsoever about coding and stuff. I do not think creating a website could be much more easier than how wealthy Affiliate has made it to.

    • Gomer

      You know, I have this IT friend who specializes in creating online systems for companies. He’s good at coding websites and when he learned that I, too, is also creating websites, he started asking me weird things. I told him, “I don’t understand the things that you say. All I know is, I created my website using WordPress in Wealthy Affiliate platform.”

  9. Khobayer Khan

    Hello Gomer,

    This is helpful post on creating a free wordpress blog. I am beginner and would like to work with Wealthy affiliate. I don’t have knowledge about creating websites. But after reading this post, I now have an idea where to begin. It seems creating a website with the SiteRubix platform is easy and I am counting for you for guidance. Can you help me? 

    Your new friend from India,

    Khobayer Khan

    • Gomer

      Great to hear that!

      Thanks for reading my blog post. Yes, you can count on me for guidance. Follow the suggestions in this article, 1 to 3, then once you are in, create your profile, and send me a message or reply to my posts in your profile. We will discuss the next steps.

      I look forward to working with you!

  10. Pentrental

    WordPress is a platform that adds ease to creating a website. I like how you started out explaining a blog. Well done with the videos. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 online community out there and is one of the best platforms as well. I encourage all who are reading your post to follow the links and see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, well done!

  11. Hany Hamed

    Hi, great post showing newbies how to create a free blog in a fast and easy manner. I liked the first video where you explain what’s a blog, very short and informative. In my opinion, blogging was never easier than today and you showed everyone the tools required and also how to use it. If all these tools you’ve mentioned were available when I started, I am sure it would’ve been an easy ride. Thanks for sharing, and good luck.

    • Gomer

      You’re right, Hany. If it weren’t for these tools that were mentioned, a big portion of our time would have been wasted trying to figure out how get started. Thanks to these tools, especially for this one developed by Wealthy Affiliate (Site Rubix), setting up a blog is now a breeze!

  12. Marios Tofarides

    Hey there Gomer,

    Indeed creating a basic blog with SiteRubix is very easy and straightforward. Before creating any blog, though, the prospective blogger should pick a niche, something he/she is passionate about. And picking a niche is an art. You should pick a niche not too broad, not to narrow, and also a niche that is not a fad. It should have a perspective.

    The courses and community in WA are a one-stop shop. Anything you need is there. Any questions you have might have already been answered by other members. Recommended.


    • Gomer

      Good pointers you shared, Marios. I’m sure, our readers will find that helpful. Maybe they already have something in their mind, and by the time they finish the course, it will be refined. What I like with starting a blog with Wealthy Affiliate is, you’re bound to win. The platform is very conducive for winning!

  13. Robert J Warneck

    Thank You Gomer!  

    I have wanted to create a blog and a website, but was hesitant on how to get it done.  However after reading your post I see that using siterubix along with the Wealthy Affiliate program that it can be really easy.  You said that there are tools to help folks with English as their second language – does it also help with grammar and spelling?  That has always been something that has held me back, and I get worried that my post wont make any sense.  In your post you have added great and short to the point videos, is this also taught in WA training?



    • Gomer

      You’re welcome.

      The training you will receive in WA is complete especially if you are a premium member. But with the Starter Membership, I think it’s enough to get you moving. With the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course that will be enrolled once you create a free wordpress blog, it’s enough to get you picking the right niche and start blogging about that niche. 

      Then, the Phase 1 in WA Affiliate Bootcamp, it teaches the basics of promoting WA to other people who are interested in creating their own blogs or online business. Just enough to get someone started. 

      Sometimes, all we need are basic knowledge. Because, in between basic knowledge and advanced knowledge, the missing bridge is action and implementing what you’ve learned. Once someone is on the move, it is easy to get to the table and start learning again, and by that time, ready for the advanced techniques.

      Thank you for your interest. I promise that once you get started with us, you will be guided step by step. I will be your personal coach.

      ~ Gomer

  14. Michel

    A very detailed post on how to create a blog using Wealthy Affiliate.

    I too started my free blog with Wealthy Affiliate about four years ago, but when I realised all the training I was missing out on, I upgraded, and since then my blogs have gone from strength to strength.

    The best thing I love about hosting my blogs here at Wealthy Affiliate is the hosting itself. It just makes things flow so much better and it is so easy to set up new websites in a couple of minutes or less.

    The training is great and you will never lack for any knowledge. Everything you ever wanted to know about blogging for a living can be found here and more.

    • Gomer

      Thanks for your testimonial.

      Yes, it’s the hosting that most happy members in WA are mentioning about. Aside from our websites are loading super fast, when we have problems the Site Support responds quickly. And compared to other hosts out there where security is often a problem, ours is super tight. 

      Thank you, Michel. God bless!

  15. Gaurav Gaur

    Hi Gomer, 

    As a beginner, I want to learn more about how I can build my dream blog with that Siterubix and prove what you’re talking about. I’m sorry if I feel like this is too good to be true, that with no prior Technical stuff and no money required I can start my own blog.

    Gaurav Gaur

    • Gomer

      You said “prove what I’m talking about” here? 

      Here’s my suggestion:

      At the end of the blog post, you can see a widget wherein you can put in your preferred website name, then click the button and start creating your blog. You have typed in your comment here, that shows you can write and click. So, do it. Go there, at the end of my blog post, input your preferred website name, and test it. You will be amazed and I’m sure you’ll like it.

  16. SIlkySoso

    The idea of starting your own blog scares too many people because they think it’s hard. And that includes myself. Add to that, we don’t know how to use a blog to make money. In fact, I used to think that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam and good thing I found your post here that shows the program is legit. Thanks to the screenshots you shared.

    Now that I am ready to start my own blog and promote Wealthy Affiliate, can you guide me? Will you be there once I get inside? I asked this because, I have joined similar programs before, the promoter just disappeared after I joined them.

    • Gomer

      Hi, I understand your frustrations. But let me tell you this: I won’t leave you. You can find me there inside our WA community. In fact, I’m one of the most active members there in terms of helping fellow members (Top 200). Proof of that is this screenshot of my profile in the community.

  17. Nathaniel

    Hi Gomer!  Congratulations on your blog.  You’ve done a great job of illustrating how easy it is to get started at no cost with the flexibility to grow when desired.  One of the items that stand out greatly is the training and support available.  Also, the strategic placing of the videos added uniqueness to the post.

    Question: how does one engage the one on one training in the platform?

    • Gomer

      One on one training? 

      I apologize if I may not be able to hit directly what you are asking, but in my opinion, every training inside Wealthy Affiliate including the training on how to create your own blog is designed like Kyle is teaching the person in a “one-on-one” setting. He addresses the person personally and give details according to the person’s needs and progress. Then, aside from Kyle’s guidance, the person who invited you to Wealthy Affiliate is responsible in guiding you like it is a “one-on-one mentor-ship”.

  18. Daniel

    I stumbled upon this blog post of yours and I find this very helpful and informative. Anyone who wants to succeed today in an online world must have a website. I see some people build websites on other platforms but WordPress is the best one at least to me. I like how you simplified the entire process of building a site, I hope it will encourage folks to start an online business and get rid of a 9-5 job that exhausts them.

    • Gomer

      Thank you for the praise. 

      It seems you’re familiar with the terminologies used like platforms, wordpress, building a site, etc. May I ask, are you an Internet marketer? Or, a blogger?

      If you already have your own blog but you find our tool here better, you can transfer to us. I can help you. 🙂

  19. kiransamuels


    I’m just signed up in wealthy Affiliate. I’m creating my own blog now using siterubix, and needing your guidance. I will proceed to the next steps as dictated by the lessons, I will ask you contact you again to ask questions after I’m done with my first lessons. I just notice, there’s no contact form here in your site, so how do I send you a message here?

    • Gomer

      Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and congratulations for creating your own blog!

      The reason I didn’t include a contact page or contact form here in my website is because, I am being bombarded with spam messages. No matter how we find find ways to keep spam at bay, they still can get in and I’m tired of deleting them in my email. With that problem, I decided to remove my contact page in the menu. If you want to send me a message or ask some questions, connect with me via Facebook.

  20. Jade

    Hello Coach Gom, I followed the link in your profile in WA and landed here in your site. I admire the work you have put in to create this and I think you’ve done such a great job at showing how straight forward it is to get a blog started. Excellent work with the videos and other media, this was so great and blended well with your website. I don’t have much more to add you covered everything!

    • Gomer

      Oh, Jade! Thank you.

      There’s a blogger in WA back then that has greatly influenced me with his design he called “Minimalist”. Instead of the over-complicated design and layout, we opted for a very simple yet elegant look. 

      I will try to look at yours, by checking your profile, too. Maybe you got a link there displayed for your blog. I’m excited to see how it looks like, maybe as beautiful as you!

      It is our desire to help others uncover their hidden talents especially in DIY web design. Everyone has his or her talent, we love to extract them and develop their potentials.

      Thanks for checking out, and God bless!

      ~ Gomer

  21. Judy

    Hey bro, Judy here, your friend in WA. I definitely like the look of what you’re creating and doing here. This looks like a really exciting way to create some income working online. It’s excellent the way you’ve laid out the videos here so it’s easy to understand.

    Good job creating this… you’ve shown some new possibilities here and it looks like they can be doable with the right amount of learning, work and effort. 

    • Gomer

      That’s why I love you, friends in WA! You are very supportive, and I can say I have joined the best online business community in the world! Thanks for the support, for the feedback, and I wish I can repay you back, guys.

      Together, we can help beginners learn how to create a free wordpress blog. Nothing is impossible with our user-friendly Siterubix website building tool!

  22. Gwendolyn J


    From what I have heard in other reviews, Wealthy Affiliate is top notch in training and members are supportive of other members. So, I would like to ask if, would it be the same if I just use the free tool as a free member and I am a paid member?

    Gwendolyn J

    • Gomer

      Although Wealthy Affiliate as a company limits some access for free members, the supportive community remains the same for all members whether free or paid member. It is part of our culture to support each other, regardless of what membership level we are in.

  23. Elaine Nicol

    Hey, Gomer! 

    What a great example you provide of how a “non-techie” can build a WordPress website with the free system that reaches top results. If you want community help and to supercharge your work, I strongly agree that the Premium membership is the way to go. With all that is included, the motivation of a desire to help others, and the tenacity to keep updating your site, you can hardly lose. 

    Good job!

    Your fellow blogger,

    ~ E

    • Gomer

      Hi Elaine,

      I feel so blessed with the support of my fellow WA members! Thank you for this testimonial. We will continue helping motivated individuals get started with their own blogs, regardless of their background. I am delighted in seeing people express their freedom, show their talent, and inspire others through blogging online. We will not stop dong this, inspiring people from around the world!

      ~ Gomer

  24. RoDarrick

    Hi, I’m a blogger, interested in Siterubix, & would like to ask legit questions, so please tell me honestly how does this one differ from the usual route of buying a hosting for less than $5 and installing WordPress blogging software via Fantastico? Is it worth the deviation or will I suffer from the same complicated set up?

    • Gomer

      Thanks for asking.

      Like I said in the post, we wanted to make the process of setting up a blog easier. 

      In the traditional route taken by most bloggers, unless the hosting company provides free professional domain name wherein you can host your own blog, most are dealing with two companies: One with the hosting company, and the other one, with the domain name registration company. 

      From the configuration alone, beginners usually struggle in configuring the domain name to the hosting. 

      In Wealthy Affiliate, we let beginners begin with hosting a free blog in a Siterubix subdomain, and since WA registers domain name too, you can simply register a professional domain name inside WA and then easily move your existing free blog to your new domain name.

      And as shown in this video, with just few clicks, you can get started with a free blog. No more extra configurations, and no more extra installations like those we do with Fantastico inside a Cpanel of your hosting account. It’s like WA has made a customized website creation system tailor-fitted to beginners.

      You can again watch the video here. This is quite an old video, but the process still remains the same ’til now.

  25. Khobayer Khan


    I’ve read lots of blog on this but yours is the first that because you described everything very nicely. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can say that the training there is second to none and I’ve never been a part of such a great community. The tools, training, and resources, are very good. I am really happy working with such an amazing community.

    Good luck to your blogging, Gomer!


    • Gomer

      Thank you for this testimonial and for wishing me well with my blogging.

      Our community is one of the most caring community for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. So, if anyone needs help, like yoiu Khobayer for example, never hesitate to contact us your fellow WA members. We will gladly help.

  26. Fahim Shahriar

    I’m about to join wealthy affiliate and start my own blog when I noticed that your explanation here quite differs from the ones I have watched in youtube re: creating a wordpress blog. What I noticed is, there’s no mention about plugins. Do you guys also use plugins in your blogs?

    • Gomer

      Yes, Fahim. We also use plugins, and you will also be using plugins with the blog that you will create with Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix. The word Site Rubix is just a brand, a brand name of a wordpress blogging system and it’s no different from those wordpress blogging systems you’ve watched in Youtube.

      By the way, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! See you in our community. 🙂

  27. Joseph

    Thanks for the great article. I have joined WA for those reasons you have listed. Easy platform to get your online business going. I am still in the early stages and can see the potential. Monetizing is the next step in my training and a very important step. Look forward to reading more and doing more.

    • Gomer

      Oh, good to hear that! Welcome to WA. I hope you’re enjoying your lessons now, and I’m sure in no time, you will be on your way to publishing your thoughts online and monetizing your blog. Keep it up, and if you have questions to ask, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Welcome aboard! 🙂

  28. Carol5162

    Because of this, I was able to start my own website with the Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix. It’s actually easier when you have a coach like Coach Gom. And I must say Wealthy Affiliate is one AWESOME Community. Help is always around even for those who feel like they know nothing about websites and affiliate marketing.

    I would only advise people to jump in and see for themselves what is on offer.

    • Gomer

      Thanks for your testimonial, Carol. It is my pleasure to assist anyone wanting to start a blog. And a big bonus for me is when I see you thrive in blogging! 

      So, good luck to you, if you need my help, don’t hesitate to contact me again. 

      God bless!

  29. Joshi

    Highly informative post Gomer. There is no better way to express yourself online than by creating your own blog and you beautifully illustrate how ridiculously simple and cheap it is. Add to it the potential of earning money and learning new digital skills that are a must in our times – I feel setting up a blog is a must do for everyone. 

    Thanks for taking the time to share your valuable thoughts. I’m off to create my blog now 🙂 



    • Gomer

      Good job, bro!

      Go and build a beautiful blog, then show others how they can do the same using our tools. 

      If you need assistance or have questions, please let me know.


      ~ Gomer

  30. Chris

    I’ve been pottering about with the free Blogger (or Blogspot) blogs through Google over the last few weeks…but the results always seem less than satisfying, and you can tell the site is essentially a free one. 

    Really glad you introduced me to this Site Rubix platform as it looks a lot more dynamic and professional. There’s just one thing that I don’t like here, and maybe you can help me. Am I required to always log in first in WA to be able to log in to my blog?

    • Gomer

      No. You can log in directly to your wordpress blog dashboard. 

      What you need to do is, log in to WA and then on the left pane click the link “Websites”. You will be directed to a page where your sites are listed. Then click “log in”. A pop-up will show up where you can see the words “reset password”. Copy the password and save it to a notepad in your computer so every time you log in to your blog, you will no longer need to log in to WA but log in directly into your blog using the saved password.

  31. nasrin19

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and it adds more value to this post. This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others who are interested in creating a free WordPress blog content. I’ve read lots of blogs on this but yours is the first that because you described everything very nicely. I am still in the early stages and can see the potential. Monetizing is the next step in my training and a very important step. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate for those reasons, the tools, training, and resource, are very good. I am really happy working with such an amazing community. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us!

    • Gomer

      Thanks for coming here, supporting me with a comment!

      This is what I love with our community, we are supportive of each other. Even free members, even new members like you, you guys cultivate a culture that’s unseen in the industry before. Keep it up, guys! And keep supporting our fellow bloggers with your testimonials. 🙂

  32. Touhidur Rahman

    Hello Gomer

    I am a reader of your blog and have commented on some of your posts. I also have so many ideas to share, maybe you can help me start my own blog, too? I don’t mind if it is for free or I have to pay some money, I am very willing to learn and get started. Can you help me?


    • Gomer

      Oh, that’s great!

      At the end of my blog post here, you will see a widget for starting your blog with us. Just put in there your desired blog’s name and click the button. As a beginner, that’s a good place to start. Then, as you make progress, we will introduce you to the next steps.

      Thanks for your interest and you can count on me for personal coaching!

      ~ Gomer

  33. Adyns68

    I have seen many bloggers complaining that free website were bad and could not rank in the search engines. But I have just experienced the contrary with siterubix. I used it to create a free WordPress blog and after creating some quality content as per my training in wealthy affiliate. My free blog is ranking in the search engines, google indexed it, my post are being indexed too.

    So, Wealthy affiliate has made it possible for me to run my free website, add my affiliate products to monetize it and rank in the search engines. Awesome!


    • Gomer

      That’s it! Free wordpress blogs can rank in the search engines. Just use Site Rubix. Get a short website name appended to Site Rubix’ subdomain, published meaty articles, and consider other SEO factors. Follow the training, and you’ll be there. 

  34. Dominic

    Hi Gomer

    Using the Siterubix platform as a way to start blogging in a great way to go. When I first started with Wealthy Affiliate having the ability to access a free website gave me the time to learn and discover if this really was for me. Many sites at the time forced you to pay up immediately with the hope of getting your money back in 30-60 days if you decide that you don’t want to continue. I personally found that was not enough time to get through all the training and additional learning that you need to do to start to become confident.

    There is actually quite a lot to learn if you want to write posts that are actually found in the search engines and having a “no pressure” way to do it was what really got me off on the right foot.


    • Gomer

      Thanks for sharing your technique. I agree with you that if you write in a way like there’s no one pressuring you, good creativity sets in. And when creativity is nurtured, things flow naturally and the quality of posts becomes better. Thus, satisfying your readers, and of course, satisfying the search engines.

  35. Carmen

    Hello Gomer; 

    Before, I was hesitating on starting my own blog for a lot of reasons.

    First, English is not my first language, I am afraid that I won’t be able to write good articles that readers will appreciate. Second, I do not know anything about starting a blog, and it seems there’s no one to guide me for free as I do not have enough to pay for a coach. Third, computers just intimidate me as I am already a senior, there was no stuff like this before. 

    Thanks for your blog post. Just the kind of boost I need. 


    • Gomer

      Hi Carmen,

      You’re welcome, and thanks, too.

      I used to be intimidated with computers, too. My educational background is Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, we were trained to extract and mix ingredients and not much on computers. But then, after learning that it’s not that hard to start and grow a blog, my inhibitions vanished.

      Don’t worry. We will be here for you, to support you in growing your blog.

      Welcome aboard!

      ~ Gomer

  36. MaryLi

    Hi Gomer,

    I’m one of your readers and after reading that you also coach people on how to start a blog, I followed the link to here. I am from Asia and do not speak very well in English, it takes many corrections before I am able to write an article. Are there tutorials inside Wealthy Affiliate that will help me learn how to create better articles for my blog? Can you help me, please?


    • Gomer

      Hello Mary,

      I can relate to you as I am also from Asia. Before, I also struggled with blogging, finishing a blog post or an article would usually take me 3 to 5 hours. But through practice, and of course with the help of our tool inside WA called Site Content, I honed my skill in blogging. Today, I am more confident in expressing my thoughts through a blog post. I’m sure you will improve yours, too, as time goes by.

      Give it a try, and we will cover you. We will guide you, and help you along the way.

      ~ Gomer

  37. Stella

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can say that they’re working hand in hand with WordPress are working in many aspects, in order to provide the best blogging experience for the users. Siterubix is a great website developer through which I created my first website. I started using a free website from siterubix and it is doing very well just like the normal Website. This review has answered one of my questions. I do not know siterubix website can be able to rise to the first page on google trend until now. All my thinking was that, I will have to upgrade to premium account and purchase my own domain name before I can enter top Google trend. 

    This is a very useful review. 

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Gomer

      Yes, it can rise to the top of the search engines, though in most cases, the competition in the niche is not that high. So, one should consider the competition involved, in this is where our keyword tool, Jaaxy, can help.

      To our prospective bloggers, when you sign up with our Site Rubix, please also sign up with our keyword tool, Jaaxy. If you need the link, just click here.

  38. Ciara

    I find that Wealthy Affiliate offers a wholesome way of learning how to create a website and be successful at it. There is always something new, something to learn and everyone is beyond helpful and supportive.

    I, myself need to take advantage of this wonderful community more! 

    I joined a year ago and have been slightly inconsistent with my blogging and very behind on learning curve. I try to balance this with my regular job and also my personal life. I think if I could dedicate more time to WA then I would see success rapidly.

    Thank you for the continued inspiration!


    • Gomer

      Hi Ciara,

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m so happy with your progress even though you’re just doing it part-time. You could have done more if you work on it full time, but it’s okay, that’s what this program is all about. Helping people blog about their passion in their spare time.

      See you around.

      ~ Gomer

  39. Henry

    With blogs becoming so popular it’s just a matter of time before we feel attracted to the idea of creating our own blog. Yes, I agree with you, we have always thought that creating and maintaining a blog required certain degree of technical knowledge (such as coding or web-designing). But it’s nice to discover that anybody can share their thought with the world through a blog. And it’s even better if we can start to do it completely free!

    • Gomer

      I know there are platforms or systems out there that also allow for free entry and then gradually introduce you to paid options. But the difference is, most of them are limited to blog hosting service only. There are no training, no community to support, and other features available inside Wealthy Affiliate. For this, I am very confident and proud that what we are offering here is the best. Nothing compares to it.

  40. Richard Brennan

    Building a website is something that anyone can do nowadays thanks to Content Management Systems such as WordPress. There’s no longer any need to have any knowledge of complex coding, html programming, etc, but not a lot of people out there know this!

    I certainly didn’t know before I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I was able to build my first ever website on their SiteRubix platform is a matter of minutes. The features that come with SiteRubix are a benchmark for the web hosting industry to follow in my humble opinion.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform, streets ahead of the competition as a one-stop-shop for everything you need to build a successful online business.

    • Gomer

      Yes, it’s a one stop shop! Some underestimate the tool, they think it’s just a free tool for creating a WordPress blog. Little did they know that it’s just an entry, and once you’re inside, you’ll discover more tools that are really great. Then along with them, great training and a helpful community.

  41. Brandon

    Me and my brother were thinking of creating a blog because we both love anime but never knew where to start or what platform to use. With SiteRubix I like that there’s a free option AND paid option when we get more serious, that is great. However, if I create a website do I have to promote Wealthy Affiliate or can I promote things for my niche which would be anime? Thanks for the help.

    • Gomer

      Oh, yes! You can use it for different purposes. You can use it for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform and earn affiliate commissions if people start trying WA via your referral link, or you can use your blog to feature your anime works. It’s an open opportunity! You can do anything, and you can be anything that you want!

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