Finally, I’ve created my planned niche website on fitness! And I’m going to share with you here how I did it. So, if owning your own niche website or money making website interests you, this blog post is for you.

Creating Niche WebsiteI have announced this earlier, but due to some personal reasons, it was delayed.

This morning, I got the resolution that I will now create a website on fitness, specifically on building muscles at home, and will share with my audience how I did it.

Being an entrepreneur by heart, it is my desire to help a lot of people see the potential of starting or owning a business, particularly online business. And as an entrepreneur with a heart, I want my audience to make things happen in the lowest cost possible.

Sure, you can find other site builders out there, but I prefer to build on Site Rubix. It is a free website builder from Wealthy Affiliate, I chose it for a bunch of reasons, and one of them is ease of use.

It uses WordPress as its Content Management System, optimized for speed, so your website will be loved by human users and the search engines (like Google).

So, let’s begin, how I did it…

I Started It With A Keyword Research

I intend to get readers and of course, customers, for this new online business via search engines. So, what’s the first step to take?

Keyword research.

You need to optimize your website for the keyword your target customers are searching in the search engines like Google.

Now, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have access to Jaaxy Keyword Tool, which is also owned by WA.

If you are interested in trying Jaaxy for free, click here.

After brainstorming and using the Alphabet Soup technique taught by Kyle of WA, I came up with this site’s keyword…

“Build Muscles At Home”

Jaaxy Keyword Research Result
My reasons for choosing this keyword are…

  • Not too vague, but not too narrow. I can get ranked, and yet I won’t run out of topics to blog.
  • I checked this with merchant sites, and there’s plenty of products I can sell with this.
  • It’s something related to what I’m doing, putting myself in a fitness challenge.

Referring to Kyle’s rules for choosing a good keyword, I am confident I made a good decision.

Rules of a Quality Keyword
Actually Building The Niche Website

After deciding about my niche and my keyword, next thing that I did was, actually build the site.

I headed to my Site Manager inside Wealthy Affiliate, clicked on the button “Build A New Website”, to start building my website.

The first step in building the site is, you will be asked what kind of website do you want to build.

Since we’re building a free website (getting started in the lowest cost possible), I chose “Build a website on a free domain”.

Build Website On A Free Domain
On step 2, I was asked for the name of my website. Although in today’s website building and search engine optimization, having an exact match domain is no longer a big deal, I still decided to go that way.

So, in the website name and sub-domain (attached to Site Rubix domain), I input my keyword “build muscles at home”.

Enter title for your website
Then, I was asked what design I want with my website, by choosing a WordPress Theme.

There are many free wordpress themes available, you can get overwhelmed of the many choices, so I suggest you just choose anything just to get started. You can change or replace your theme anytime, later.

Choosing A Website Theme
Since, I already have a theme in mind, “HitMag”, using the search button, I searched for the theme.

Search For A WordPress Theme
After choosing the theme, I clicked on the green button, and started building my new website.

Building A Website on Site Rubix
And VOILA! New niche website has been created, in just few minutes!

Website is Installed via Site Rubix
The Negative Issue About Free Websites

Some of you may be wondering why build in a free domain or sub-domain…

If you search on the web, you can find discussions about using free website builders and having a website in a free sub-domain. It is true, that websites that are in sub domain like is a bit inferior compared to

My goal for this demo is, I’d like to demonstrate to the poorest among aspiring online entrepreneurs how they can get started from scratch. How to get started online for free.

You can upgrade anytime, as our options are open.

In my coming posts, I will be sharing about how to register your own professional domain name in Wealthy Affiliate, how to transfer a free website like this to a professional domain name, and so on.

So, don’t fret on reading this demo, of me using a free site builder on a free domain name (sub-domain to SiteRubix).

What is more important is, helping you get started at the lowest cost possible.

Creating Niche Website Inside WA Is A Lot Better

Thumbs UpCompared to what?

Okay, hold on for a while…

If building a niche website is something that really interests you, chances are you were probably exposed to related discussions about which or where to build a website for free.

Maybe you’ve been to websites like Wix.

Or, services like Altervista.

Sure, you can build a free website on those places, but… there’s a big BUT.

They are either sluggish (I’ve tried them myself), or oftentimes, your website will be tattered by ads that earns them and not you.

In Wealthy Affiliate, if you have joined us for free, you will be allowed to create free websites—two free websites—with your free Starter Membership.

And those free websites that you’re building with Wealthy Affiliate? They are all “ads free”… which means, your website is clean, your visitors won’t be annoyed.

Or, if you prefer to monetize your site, you can put up ads on your website, and the income goes to you 100%.

So, aside from what I’ve mentioned earlier that Site Rubix is fast, easy to use, it is also clean of ads, and if you prefer to make money with your site, your own ads will be displayed and not by someone else’s.

Clean website!

Clean Website via Site Rubix
And best of all, there’s a step by step lessons you can follow, even if you’re just a free “Starter” member!

Online Entrepreneur Certification

So, that’s it. My take on creating niche website inside Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s a lot easier—you will be guided with lessons, costs lower (actually, ZERO cost for Starter Members), website is faster, and ads free.

Try it here, create your own free money making website like I did, and you be the judge!