1. AlecMoore

    Liking the review, how long is the free plan? What does it include? 

    Be interesting to see.

    I’m interested in Cryptocurrency, just want to make sure I’m able to get a grasp of what can be done as seen by me.

    Thanks for the review, really well detailed and answered most my questions.

    • Gom

      It’s 7 days. Free trial for 7 days.

      If you have a huge social circle, huge list and network of followers.. then bring them in within that 7 days free trial period to see if it’s gonna work with you.

      Here’s a tip: There’s a huge crypto company in the network marketing game that just shut down their affiliate program in North America. If you can offer this thing as another ship to jump on (people in there are jumping ships right now), then you’ll be in for a killing.

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