Earn Money With iWriter

Obviously, the goal of this website is to help struggling online business owners discover their breakthrough.

So, why the subject “earn money with iWriter”?

My reason is, many times I encounter struggling online entrepreneurs asking if I can recommend some ways to earn quick money online to support their business.

You know, doing business online costs money.

You have to pay for domain name, website hosting, autoresponder, etc.. And if you’re coming from a desperate position like you just lost your job and income, you really need to put yourself in the profit mode as fast as possible. Or else…

You will lose your membership or your website hosting account.

Once your website is shut down, then all your work will vanish with your website. Unless, if you find a way that within the grace period provided by your website host, you are able to transfer the content to a cheaper hosting service thereby saving your site and its content.

All these happen because, most of the time, beginners in affiliate marketing online home based business are not yet trained. They are not yet trained for sales, so sometimes it takes time before someone can learn the skill and make money.

Earn Money With iWriter

Earn Money With iWriterAs online business owners, the closest thing to what we’re doing here, is becoming a paid writer.

You’ve been pumping out content with your website, to recommend something and earn affiliate commissions. So, among the skills that you got, perhaps it’s the writing skill that you can use for averting your situation.

You’re already writing, do you? Writing with your blog.

So, it’s like you’re just transferring your skill, or your platform, from your personal blog to iWriter’s platform. There’s not much change needed, and the only change is, this time you’re writing not for yourself but for your clients.

Clients request articles, you agree to write them and get paid.

There are many article writing sites out there, and you may be wondering why I am recommending iWriter?

Well, I only recommend services that I’ve tried.

In the past, I’ve been a customer of iWriter, I even applied as a writer myself. So, pretty much, I know the site very well and I trust them. I was satisfied with the articles that I’ve requested from them, and I even made some money with them.

And, best of all, you’re guaranteed to get paid.

What is iWriter By The Way?

iWriter is a writing hub for webmasters and content writers.

As a writer you can earn as much money as you want and work as little or as much as you want to. It is easy to get started and within minutes you can be earning money.

What is great about iWriter is that you do not have to be an accomplished writer to get started. There are no difficult writing tests to take. You can even get paid by PayPal on a weekly basis if you would like.

What is great about iWriter is that you have complete control over the process.

If you want to work 40 hours one week and then only 10 the next, you can. Since you do not have to be on the phone servicing clients you can work from anywhere. Write articles while you watch your favorite television show or type while sitting along the pool side on your laptop.

You also have complete control over the type of content you want to write.

There are article requests for subjects such as home improvement, gardening, nutrition, health, sports, hobbies, business and more. If you do not want to write on a subject that you are not familiar with, then don’t.

There are three types of content that you can claim:

  1. The first is your basic article. You are given some instructions and expected to write a quality article.
  2. The second content type is called re-writes. The client wants you to take an existing article and re-write the content in your own words.
  3. The newest edition is ebooks. Clients can now request for authors to write entire ebooks. As you can imagine, there is quite a bit more money to be made writing ebooks.

Getting Paid with iWriter

Thumbs upAs mentioned earlier, you are guaranteed to get paid.

Before someone can request an article to be written, they have to pay for the article. The money sits in a holding area until the article is approved. The review process is very efficient as well. The client has up to 72 hours to approve the article or it is auto-approved.

As soon as an article is approved the money is added to your iWriter account.

Writers get paid via PayPal. You can choose to be paid in one of four time periods—weekly, every 2 weeks, every month on the 5th, every month on the 25th.

You must provide a valid PayPal email to get paid.

Weekly payments are sent every Tuesday. Bi-weekly payments are sent every other Wednesday. And, monthly payments are sent either on the 5th or 25th, depending on what you have selected.

Your pay will be sent to your account within a 24-hour time period from each of the dates mentioned.

As a writer, you get paid 81% of the price of each article.

You Will Be Writing For Other People

Entrepreneurs, companies, and bloggers are looking to pay writers to produce content for them on a regular basis.

So, keep in mind that with iWriter’s set up, you will be writing for other people, and not for yourself. You have to follow instructions, or else your work will be disapproved.

At first, it’s going to be a bit intimidating. But once you get the hang of it, writing articles for other people is fun.

You know, in the past, you had to apply to open positions and try to network with these individuals with the hopes of getting some work. Now with iWriter, the process is much easier.

There’s now a hub that’s connecting you, the writer, and these individuals and companies.

But like I said in my introduction here, that you will be just doing this for a purpose: To earn quick money that will support your online business.

I’ve seen a lot of people treat this kind of work full time, and obviously they’re making money. But I’m afraid, the moment they stop writing, their income will also stop coming.

Remember, that with your own online business, with your own website or blog, you’re building up something… that even if you stop working, money still flows in.

So, as an online business owner, don’t forget about that.

Oftentimes, money is addicting. When you start making quick money, you risk losing your focus on the very reason why you came in the first place.

Writing For Other People


There are many opportunities to earn quick money online out there, but I’d like to recommend i-Writer. It’s the one that I’ve tried, both as a client requesting articles, and as a writer.

The sign up process is fast and you can begin to claim articles right away. And who knows, you may even enjoy your work.

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