This used to be my main blog since 2016. Unfortunately, all its prestige ended a couple of months ago with massive Error 404 because of an accident. The accident was something technical I would not disclose here.

This weekend, I decided to reboot this website and publish here anew.

Accidents happen with websites. I am not a professional website designer, my educational background is Pharmacy. I just learned website building and blogging through the courses offered by Wealthy Affiliate which I am a member of.

To give you a little background of myself, I am a pharmaceutical sales rep turned network marketer. I published my story in the About Me section of this website.

After a decade of doing network marketing, I was introduced to the concept of Attraction Marketing which I effectively used since 2007. It’s a technique wherein instead of you coming to your prospective clients, you attract qualified prospects to you via blogging and search engine optimization.

Today, this technique has evolved beyond blogging and SEO. It now includes social media and video platforms like YouTube.

Social Media

There is a Demand For Coaching

A couple of days ago, I started receiving messages again via my fan page created for this website. People are inquiring about my free coaching on how to attract prospects, and how to build a business team online.

I don’t know what triggered the inquiries. I responded accordingly, interviewing them what companies they are associated with and what challenges are they facing with their businesses.

Through the interview, I figured out there’s a new generation of network marketing distributors who are hungry for results. And most of them are millennial who are Internet-literate and are searching online for solutions.

Although they still listen to their upline sponsors, they are looking for alternative advice. And if they find someone who is willing to give sound advice on how to use the Internet to build a business team online, they will listen and follow.

Why Marketers Struggle Online

The reason why marketers struggling online stays the same. What made us struggle before, is still the same reason these new generation of millennial marketers are struggling today.

In most network marketing companies, there is very little emphasis on training their new distributors proper marketing. They maybe teaching them selling skills, but as we know it, just selling skills are not enough.

Selling and marketing, although they are related to each other, are two different things. To easily understand this statement, selling basically focuses on the product/s, while marketing focuses on the needs of the consumers.

Another reason why beginner marketers struggle is, they are being taught old-school techniques in network marketing by their uplines. You know, those instructions telling you to make a list of 100 people you know, to invite them one by one. Invite your friends and family members to join you in your business!

Worst, there are uplines who push their new team members to knock on doors and talk to strangers.

All these seldom work today.

Struggling Marketers

The Idea of Attraction Marketing

What I advocate as an online network marketing coach, is attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing was intended to be understood easily by students. Unfortunately, things sometimes get complicated. Or, people make things complicated.

It simply means, “attracting qualified prospects to you” instead of you coming to them aggressively.

To help you understand it more, let me give you an illustration…

I have a friend named Bong. He was taught by his uplines that rejection is part of the game, that even if the person he’s convincing to join says “NO”, he should persist asking the person to join his team. That’s not attraction, that’s repelling the prospect more!

On the other hand, I was taught to make my social media profile attractive so my business-inclined friends would be triggered to ask me, “Hey, what do you do?”

Attraction Marketing

The Funded Proposal System

Another thing that I’ve found out while interviewing these respondents to my fan page is, they are struggling with money.

They have joined a network marketing company, and after investing their savings on “entry packages” they found themselves short of cash to use in marketing the products.

To the old-school uplines, this is not a problem. To them, advertising money is not needed here because, your target market are your family members and friends.

Unfortunately, they are usually not the best prospects for your products or business opportunity!

Let’s say… with your business opportunity, the best prospects are those who, upon seeing your ads inquired to you how he or she can get started. There’s an implied interest to your offer, and the person is willing to follow instructions.

The idea of a funded proposal works like this…

There are many struggling marketers out there they are willing to spend a small amount of money to a low-cost training you can offer. It can be an ebook, or a short video course. It can be prepared by you, or prepared by someone else. You sell them to marketers that need them, you make a small commission.

Small commissions, when accumulated, can be used to fund the advertising of your primary business opportunity. And that’s what funded proposal system is.

Funded Proposal System


There is a need for teaching attraction marketing and funded proposal system. There’s also a need for a coach, and I am here to serve that need. I am back with my blog to serve as an online network marketing coach.

With this blog rebooted, I look forward to filling this with valuable resources marketers can use, to achieve good results with their businesses.

I can just focus producing videos in YouTube but I decided to use written text again via blogging. The reason for this is, half of the world are still in “slow internet”, they can’t watch videos but they can read blog posts like this.

There’s a need, and I am going to meet that need with my future posts here.


Yours in success,

Gomer Magtibay

Online Marketing Success Coach

Gomer Magtibay





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