GomerMagtibay.com Rebooted

This used to be my main blog since 2016. Unfortunately, all its prestige ended a couple of months ago with massive Error 404 because of an accident. The accident was something technical I would not disclose here.

This weekend, I decided to reboot this website and publish here anew.

Accidents happen with websites. I am not a professional website designer, my educational background is Pharmacy. I just learned website building and blogging through the courses offered by Wealthy Affiliate which I am a member of.

To give you a little background of myself, I am a pharmaceutical sales rep turned network marketer. I published my story in the About Me section of this website.

After a decade of doing network marketing, I was introduced to the concept of Attraction Marketing which I effectively used since 2007. It’s a technique wherein instead of you coming to your prospective clients, you attract qualified prospects to you via blogging and search engine optimization.

Today, this technique has evolved beyond blogging and SEO. It now includes social media and video platforms like YouTube.

Social Media

There is a Demand For Coaching

A couple of days ago, I started receiving messages again via my fan page created for this website. People are inquiring about my free coaching on how to attract prospects, and how to build a business team online.

I don’t know what triggered the inquiries. I responded accordingly, interviewing them what companies they are associated with and what challenges are they facing with their businesses.

Through the interview, I figured out there’s a new generation of network marketing distributors who are hungry for results. And most of them are millennial who are Internet-literate and are searching online for solutions.

Although they still listen to their upline sponsors, they are looking for alternative advice. And if they find someone who is willing to give sound advice on how to use the Internet to build a business team online, they will listen and follow.

Why Marketers Struggle Online

The reason why marketers struggling online stays the same. What made us struggle before, is still the same reason these new generation of millennial marketers are struggling today.

In most network marketing companies, there is very little emphasis on training their new distributors proper marketing. They maybe teaching them selling skills, but as we know it, just selling skills are not enough.

Selling and marketing, although they are related to each other, are two different things. To easily understand this statement, selling basically focuses on the product/s, while marketing focuses on the needs of the consumers.

Another reason why beginner marketers struggle is, they are being taught old-school techniques in network marketing by their uplines. You know, those instructions telling you to make a list of 100 people you know, to invite them one by one. Invite your friends and family members to join you in your business!

Worst, there are uplines who push their new team members to knock on doors and talk to strangers.

All these seldom work today.

Struggling Marketers

The Idea of Attraction Marketing

What I advocate as an online network marketing coach, is attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing was intended to be understood easily by students. Unfortunately, things sometimes get complicated. Or, people make things complicated.

It simply means, “attracting qualified prospects to you” instead of you coming to them aggressively.

To help you understand it more, let me give you an illustration…

I have a friend named Bong. He was taught by his uplines that rejection is part of the game, that even if the person he’s convincing to join says “NO”, he should persist asking the person to join his team. That’s not attraction, that’s repelling the prospect more!

On the other hand, I was taught to make my social media profile attractive so my business-inclined friends would be triggered to ask me, “Hey, what do you do?”

Attraction Marketing

The Funded Proposal System

Another thing that I’ve found out while interviewing these respondents to my fan page is, they are struggling with money.

They have joined a network marketing company, and after investing their savings on “entry packages” they found themselves short of cash to use in marketing the products.

To the old-school uplines, this is not a problem. To them, advertising money is not needed here because, your target market are your family members and friends.

Unfortunately, they are usually not the best prospects for your products or business opportunity!

Let’s say… with your business opportunity, the best prospects are those who, upon seeing your ads inquired to you how he or she can get started. There’s an implied interest to your offer, and the person is willing to follow instructions.

The idea of a funded proposal works like this…

There are many struggling marketers out there they are willing to spend a small amount of money to a low-cost training you can offer. It can be an ebook, or a short video course. It can be prepared by you, or prepared by someone else. You sell them to marketers that need them, you make a small commission.

Small commissions, when accumulated, can be used to fund the advertising of your primary business opportunity. And that’s what funded proposal system is.

Funded Proposal System


There is a need for teaching attraction marketing and funded proposal system. There’s also a need for a coach, and I am here to serve that need. I am back with my blog to serve as an online network marketing coach.

With this blog GomerMagtibay.com rebooted, I look forward to filling this with valuable resources marketers can use, to achieve good results with their businesses.

I can just focus producing videos in YouTube but I decided to use written text again via blogging. The reason for this is, half of the world are still in “slow internet”, they can’t watch videos but they can read blog posts like this.

There’s a need, and I am going to meet that need with my future posts here.


Yours in success,

Gomer Magtibay

Online Marketing Success Coach

Gomer Magtibay






  1. Michael

    I am one of your followers in social media and it puzzled me why you suddenly disappeared in Facebook. It’s good to hear that you’re back and with more vigor and desire to help struggling marketers learn about funded proposal systems. Although I did not join the funded proposal you’ve shared in the groups, but it opened my mind that it is possible to earn money while prospecting online. Now that you’re back, I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.

    • admin

      Thanks, I appreciate your following me. You must be one of those groups I manage on Facebook. It’s good that you have visited my new site, and I encourage you to visit here often as I seldom post on Facebook now except for the occasional posting in my fan page. I intend to publish here every other day or every two days. I used to have a blog post subscription form here with my old blog but I decided to discard it because it seems like an antiquated tool. Maybe I will just manually send broadcast about new blog post this time instead of the old “RSS-based blog post sending” system. Thanks again and stay tuned!

  2. Colins

    It is really cool that you are back officially after a period of absence. You have been an inspiration to people in the online business world. It was a shock when we couldn’t access your site during those period and I really to forward to seeing you pickup from where you stopped. Make GomerMagtibay.com great again. Your teaching on attraction marketing and networking are really important in guiding people to make money in the online business world. Welcome back man.

  3. Tolu

    You have said it all, most millennial marketers struggles online because of the lack of training that focuses on customers’ needs. Most training offered by network marketing companies are tailored to selling rather than marketing. You are right, most online marketers struggle because of their unwillingness to invest in themselves by signing up for training. Training in attraction marketing coupled with funded proposal system can help struggling online marketers make income online regularly.

    • admin

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It looks like you have some background of the topic being discussed. I encourage you to stay tuned here, and look forward to seeing more advanced techniques on this game. Thanks again and God bless.

  4. Dave Sweney

    An interesting story you have documented here and your journey is one that has had its ups and downs from the sound of it. The main takeaway that I got from reading through it was that you have a wealth of experience and are ready to support would-be or practicing online marketers of any niche or segment.

    There are so many ways to approach selling, and knowing how the dynamics look like or should look like means you can put them into practice on any platform or in any setting. The attraction marketing you mention is similar to what I would call having the right mindset.

    You have something of value that others can use or gain from, and when you project that positive manner to others it will attract them to whatever it is that you have. Of course, you do need to have some meat there (as in something that IS of value) or that will not work for long nor will you close any deals!

    The other concept you mention of a funded proposal system will also work well. Using long-range planning, you celebrate the small victories (i.e. sales) and build over time into making the grand sales because you are reinvesting your earnings in your business and yourself.

    It sounds to me that you are in the right field of work and that people around you are going to benefit from the experience and skills that you have.  You are right that although the social platforms mean that content in text form is becoming less relevant in some circles, there are still people like me that like to read as opposed to watching only a video or seeing a quick post on Twitter or Facebook.

    I think using a blog website provides a solid base from which to work the other mediums that are out there, and I know that it is a cumulative thing too, so it takes time, no matter the platform(s) you choose. I was sorry to hear about you losing all the content from this website, I imagine there was a lot of content that was lost.

    Best of luck going forward and I am sure you will succeed beyond all your expectations! Thanks for the good read!

    • admin

      This is a clear example of a coach having a coach! Yes, I’m good at what I do, but I really appreciate your coming here and leaving a message, Dave. I researched about you online and discovered that you are a person with wealth of experience not only in selling but in marketing as a whole. So, all your advice here are well taken, well noted, and will be reviewed by me again and again. When an oracle like you speaks, people should listen. Thanks for the advice.

  5. Vapz

    You are very correct Gomer, there are a lot of people who are hungry for success who would readily drop a token for you to teach them how to succeed. And most of them wouldn’t have the capability to watch videos so, writing could be the thing that helps them. I am looking forward to your tutorials on Attraction Marketing and hoping that I am one of those who get to benefit immensely from the gomermagtibay rebooted website. 

    • admin

      Thanks for leaving a comment. 

      Yes, I said it out of sincerity rather than an excuse that I don’t want to shoot videos of myself doing lectures. It is true, many parts of the world as still locked in 3G signals, some are still in 2G, so how do you expect them to follow your video posts? They won’t. That’s the reason I choose to render my posts in text. 

  6. afolabi anumicheal

    Thanks for writing this article on the need for teaching attraction marketing. I really find this article useful,from my own point of view. most times problems start to arise if you just rely only on any single marketing strategy to grow your business, because in most times you need other brains to coach you. And I like that you offer yourself a coach to people needing help. Thanks, I really learn a lot from this article.

    • admin

      Yes, there’s a need and I am just responding to the need. When people need help, we come to help them. It’s a good feeling that you become instrumental in changing a person’s life. Thanks for believing in me.

  7. Dave

    Hi Coach

    This is a really good article. It articulates at lot of mis-understandings and confusions about attraction marketing. My wife is in marketing (well, PR), and she has stated to me that many online marketers simply get bogged down in the confusion, whether real or self-induced.

    Looking forward to more information.



    • admin

      Talking about confusion in marketing, I agree with you that it’s really a stumbling block. And it is for that reason why I am here. I want to simplify things, share a simple marketing system people can use in promoting an MMO opportunity, regardless of company you’re in.

  8. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and this has to inspire people.

    Im an affiliate marketer for a while, and was struggling as well. My mainly problem was to get ranked in Google and other search engines. But I learned that keeping writing and not giving up worked, I’m ranked, and I’m earning money now. 

    So my advice is simple, never give up, the day of success is coming! 

    • admin

      Good for you, and congratulations!

      I’m dealing with experienced marketers in the network marketing niche, that although they’re experienced in marketing, they are new to using the Internet to get leads and sales. This is the reason why I decided to reboot this site and make a comeback.

  9. Alblue

    I’m sorry to hear about your previous website. It’s good to hear that you finally come back again with this new website. Do you still update your skill and knowledge of blog marketing these past two years? I’m rather curious with network marketing, especially about how to find out if a certain network marketing company is a scam. Looking forward to check your articles here.

    • admin

      You can find clues that tell if a certain network marketing company is scam. If you can’t figure out who’s the founder or owner of the company, that’s one clue. Also, if there’s no value being offered to the value like no in-demand products being sold and all the marketers do is tout how great the compensation plan is, that’s another clue. 

      To avoid being victimized by scams, learn the parameters of a good and legit network marketing business by educating yourself. The Internet is helpful when finding information to educate yourself what is scam and what is not. You can also visit the website of the Direct Selling Association, and also the website of the Federal Trade Commission, they have plenty of explanations with regard to this matter.

      Or, if you want, you can consult me when you are confronted with the challenge of probing an opportunity if it is scam or not. My long years of experience in this industry produces an instinct that by looking at an opportunity alone, we can figure out if it is a potential scam or not. I am very willing to help you with that, just let me know.

  10. skamalka

    Hi Gomer,
    You are back and I am so glad. I am sorry to hear about the technical issue which kept your site away from the online space.
    I agree with you. There are many resources teach about beginner online marketing but when it’s come to advanced where the real financial gains are made, there is a gap in training. Can it be those courses are only up sells?
    Thanks again for the article, I found it interesting.
    Best wishes.

    • Gomer

      Talking about upsells, there are good and there are bad upsells. Which one are you referring to? The good, or the bad? Upsells are normal part of marketing. When you order food in a fast food chain like McDonalds, have you noticed the service crew asking you if you’re willing to upgrade your drinks from regular size to biggie? You see, that’s one form of upsell, and it’s okay or accepted. Same thing works in online marketing. 

  11. AV2001

    Hey Gomer, 

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information. I love your thinking of attracting visitors to your site rather than going there and hunting them by yourself. When I read the “Attraction Marketing” paragraph, you mentioned having an attractive social media profile. Do you think that following this step is the key to getting more followings and website visitors?

    • Gomer

      Yes, that’s one of the first steps. The next steps include sharing inspiring posts, posts with value where people can learn something and hopefully get something they can use in solving their problems, and of course, presenting yourself as someone willing to help when asked. And that’s for social media side of attraction marketing. The other side is by using a blog to court traffic via Google, and have interesting prospects come to you via a search.

  12. RoDarrick

    This is such an explicit and exasperating post. It highlights the variety of problems faced by up and coming marketers in the affiliate world. I was a victim of this sometimes back. My up liners were just teaching me how to invest in getting products and not how to market my products to the buying customers. 

    At first, I thought everything would be okay by just creating less quality writings and investing more on the product. It was when I joined wealthy Affiliate that I realized there is more to affiliate marketing than what I was taught. 

    • Gomer

      It seems like the uplines are detached to the reality that investing in products alone does not make anyone rich but instead, you will just run out of cash! What helps a person make money is the development of skills and using the skill to actually market the products. Good thing you found a site that trained you online marketing.

  13. Peace

    Hi Gomer,

    Congratulations on getting back your ex main site. I hope it gets back it’s rightful position of being your main site again. 

    I like your attraction marketing style, it’s less stressful and more productive. No matter how positive we are, rejection kills something inside us and it should be avoided as much as possible. 

    I will like be coached on how to be the hunted and not the hunter. How do I sign up or get admitted into your attraction marketing school? 

    • Gomer

      Thanks for your interest. 

      To avoid hassles, I use ready-made and done-for-you systems, so one can be free pursuing other things in life. On the right side of this website (side bar), you will see my a banner inviting people to see the system I use in generating leads and quick cash online. If you are interested in trying an attraction marketing school, then that’s what I recommend as it will only cost you a one-time $7 with no monthly fees.

  14. Whitedove1

    I’m happy to read this lovely post about attraction marketing, I would say it’s an eye opener. I also love the way you highlighted your points and your illustration.  I have been following your blog posts for a long time because your posts are always educative and informational, I must tell you this is not an exception.thanks for the insightful article. Best regards 

    • Gomer

      Thank you. More goodies to come, as this is just the beginning. I will be sharing “top earners’ secrets” in my coming posts, so stay tuned! 

  15. Mattie K

    Glad your site is back up. Websites can be a fickle beast sometimes.

    I love what you are saying about attraction marketing. I agree there is a huge demand in regards to coaching because the “old school” methods have really put a taste in peoples mouths about network marketing. It’s up to people like you who are educated to coach people.
    Being an attraction marketer requires you to be authentic, the old ways require you to be spammy and annoying.

    • Gomer

      In the coming post, I will discuss about how the ill effects of the old world techniques being migrated online is producing new breed of scammers and spammers. I will also try to discuss how an online entrepreneur can avoid that path and rather become a person of value. So, stay tuned here. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  16. Idara

    Lovely. Rebooth. Starting ovwr can be so refreshing. It’s indeed interesting how different selling is from marketing. The later being more engaging and resourceful. Attraction marketing as explained by the post makes it rather interesting how in a good way customers are baited online without neccesarily feeling like fish. Thanks a lot

    • Gomer

      Although there are some negative effects of starting anew with a website as lots of old content can no longer be found, you are right that it can also be refreshing. That’s the feeling I have with this rebooted site of mine now.

  17. osinachi1

    It really feels good to know that you are back after a period of absence. You have been an inspiration to me and some other people out there who waits for your post and reviews, to people in the online business world i believe most of them missed you as much as i did. I was surprised when i couldn’t access your site during those time you were absent. I look forward to seeing you continue from where you stopped and make your website great again. Welcome back and thanks for the review.

    • Gomer

      Oh, bro! It’s nice to see you again here, good thing you checked again URL. Just went live again almost a week ago, and got active again with its associated social media accounts. I miss you guys, too. Hopefully, what happened to the previous site won’t happen again this time. 

      See you around, bro. Please let me know if you need my help with your business… just like the old days bro! Cheers!

  18. Cris

    Great reboot article, Gomer. Good to see your site up and running again. You mentioned several key things here. Network marketing can be a wonderful opportunity if one has the right product, team, and skillset. Skillset, in my past experience with network marketing was, as you said, the piece that was not always carried forward. I agree there is need for more marketing training. The funded proposal you explain sounds like a better way to reach people who are looking for what you have to offer. How do you put that method into action? 

    • Gomer

      Funded proposal system. Here’s how it works…

      Instead of upfrontly promoting your primary business which usually has a high tag price, you promote a low-cost digital product to your target prospects, like a low-cost ebook or low-cost video training. From the sale, you will earn small commissions that can pile up over time and helps you generate quick cash, money that you can use in advertising your business to continue generating leads and sales. 

      Those who buy your low-cost training becomes your leads, too. So, it solves two of your problems namely running out of leads and running out of cash. The profit you generate upfrontly funds your advertising so your growth is sustained. That’s what funded proposal system is. It funds the business, it funds itself so you won’t be burdened with the need to fund your business with your own money.

  19. Topazdude

    Wow, this is really amazing and interesting. I like the story included as it inspired me as I had a similar story also but can’t share now. I can categorically say that concept of Attraction Marketing is good but requires the needed sound training because training makes one perfect as you can’t continue doing it the same way. I get a great insights on the scenario of become the haunted instead of being an hunter but I will say it requires some unique knowledge possessed for this generation of intellectuals to hunt someone for something great, capable of adding values.

    • Gomer

      Yes, I agree. It requires both personal development of your side and the need to attract people who are also hungry for personal development. It’s like attracting those that share your core values, so if you’re a professional marketer, you get to attract people who like to professionalize their conduct of the business.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting here.

  20. Martin Burt

    As you rightly say Network Marketing has always struggled with coaching new people joining their businesses, so there is definitely a good market for that type of coaching. Do you think that group or one to one coaching works best for this type of customer ? Using Facebook pages are a great way to attract people into your business. Do you use any other social platforms for this purpose ?  

    • Gomer

      Yes. If you search for “Gomer Magtibay” on social media, you will find my fan page associated with this website. The fan page’ Messenger tool allows for a one-on-one coaching, while the timeline posting as well as the blog posts in this website help in broadcasting my ideas to a larger group of people. Those who respond, and asked for coaching, then get coached via Messenger.

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