Hard Work vs Smart WorkI first encountered this “hard work vs smart work” comparison when I was in college, little did I know that someday, this will have a huge impact in my life.

Join me as I share to the world how dramatic the experience I got from this comparison alone.

At the end of this blog post, it is expected that you will understand more what grounds most people are standing upon. And if you are like me, then perhaps this can also serve as an inspiration for you to keep going.

Let’s Start With My Family Background

I came from families of hard-working farmers, both sides.. father-side and mother-side.

The Philippines is primarily an agricultural country, where the source of living is farming. For centuries, people worked hard just to put food on the table.

My parents were born in the era where most people’s preoccupation are as simple as having a family and working the farm. Even the idea of getting advanced education, was rarely encouraged.

So, you can imagine how hard-working my parents have become, especially my father.

And even when were kids, we can’t go on playing our favorite sports (basketball), as we were tasked to help our father in the farm. We worked as helpers to our father, watering the plants and putting in fertilizers.

We grew up like that as kids.

My Hardworking Siblings

My parents were disciplinarians, and we grew up like them, hard-working people.

Three of my siblings have become professionals, and are working now as employees in private companies and the government. The other ones chose to become shop owners.

Regardless of profession they have chosen, they all carried with them the value of working physically hard in their chosen fields.

Work In His FarmBoth employees and business owners, they turned night into day working very hard like my father did.

My father is still alive today, and even in his 70s, he still like to work in his farm.

The sisters, two of them have become shop owners—grocery stores specifically. Though they are females, it seems they have inherited my father’s hard-working values, making them operate their shops from dawn to dusk.

I have two brothers, one is a mechanic working abroad, and other one is a IT specialist working in the BPO industry.

Summarizing their work ethics, “they are all hard workers”.

And They All Hate My Uncle!

On the side of my mother, although she has been influenced by my father, “deep thinker genes” run through the blood lines.

From my crazy grandfather who founded a school without any money, to my uncle who perpetually think of new ideas to build companies from, the mother’s side is full of idea businessmen.

I guess, I inherited about 70% of their genes.

Unfortunately, businesses don’t usually succeed in the first tries, right?

So, whenever me and my uncle fail in a business project, my angry father would usually exclaim, “I know where you inherited your values!”

Those in my father’s side view people on my mother’s side as a bunch of lazy, idea-only people. That poison in their mind was only given an antidote when one of my aunties on the mother side earned millions from Enagic network marketing.

That got them silent. How are they gonna refer to them now? The group they called “lazy ones”.

But one of my brothers is very unforgiving. Or should I say, “unreasonable”.

My Angry Brother Smashed My Computers!

I am not sure what makes him so annoyed with me, that he came to the point that he smashed the computers in my Internet shop when he got drunk.

Smashed My ComputersShouting, “Internet marketers don’t belong in this place. You should evacuate and transfer to another place!”, he smashed the computers in my Internet shop located in the ground floor of our ancestral house.

He’s the hardworking mechanic working abroad as an OFW. The incident happened during one of his vacations in the Philippines. I was supposed to call the police, but my other siblings hold me back as it would only complicate the problem.

While shouting, I can hear from him the voice of my father, same line my father is screaming when getting angry at me. “Lazy people don’t belong in this place. I know from whom you have inherited that lazy trait!”

It’s really disheartening to have these misunderstandings. And they never apologize for everything they say…

I have never seen any clash between minds as serious as this, as what had happened with my family.

I Found Strength From Kiyosaki’s Teachings

Sometimes I wonder, “Are hard working people really annoyed by those who try to make money from ideas easily?”

I can sense it. I read it in my siblings social media posts. They don’t approve of my blogging.

If you are like me, being persecuted by your loved ones, there’s no better source of encouragement than motivational books and videos available online.

Rich Dad Poor DadLike for example, motivational videos of Robert Kiyosaki.

And I find the books of Robert Kiyosaki equally helpful!

From his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, to his Cash Flow Quadrant, I love them all as if he’s become my own father. His teachings are so different from what I got from my hardworking father.

We have our own life stories and your story may be same or different from mine.

If in case you can relate to what I have shared, my struggle and how I met the challenges, maybe you can also use he resources that I have used. The books, the videos, and the courses. I will be sharing more about them in my coming posts.

Thanks for your reading, and join me as I document here my struggle.. how I am winning and getting closer to my dreams of financial freedom.

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