He Will Carry You My Fellow Entrepreneur

He Will Carry YouIt’s been a while since my last post here so I decided to once again update you, my followers, of my progress. My recent watching of a music video entitled He Will Carry You has also inspired me to post this.

Yes, He Will Carry You, my fellow entrepreneur!

He carried me along when I was so downed, and look where I am now?

I’m back at blogging… I’m back at doing business offline and online. If it weren’t for the helping hand of the Lord, maybe I’m already out and eliminated in this game of life.

If you’re currently struggling with your business, cheer up. Listen to me, I’ve been there. I recovered and poised to help others through encouragement, so pick-up yourself and continue fighting.

Business is not a joke. Unless you’re super lucky to be an heir of a billionaire, you will go through different struggles like I did. And for me, the challenges isn’t over yet, they are just starting out. But because I know God is with me, I’m energized.

Here’s my story…

The Start Of My Struggle

Like anyone else, I can always choose the easier route to making a living by applying for a job and living the employee’s life. But because of the teachings I got from Robert Kiyosaki, I chose the more difficult, entrepreneurial route.

And I guess, it’s not just difficult, but “extremely difficult”.

Having learned the potential of online business, I designed a plan where I will build an online business while keeping my costs low…

I used to work in a city. I can build an online business while minding a job, but the high cost of living has frightened me so I returned to my home province and decided to build via here.

Knowing my parents, my family (my siblings) won’t agree with my plan, I created a front business in the form of a pharmacy business and an internet cafe business located side by side with each other. And according to the plan, it was just a front.


Unfortunately, the “front” business turned out to be difficult and capital intensive. Today, I cannot just leave and live a beach lifestyle doing affiliate marketing because I am heavily invested on the equipment and fixtures of my two brick-and-mortar businesses.

Worse, they got me bad liabilities. To fill the shelves with inventory, I took out a loan that’s so hard to repay.

And The Worse Came…

To repay that huge business loan that I got from a bank, I invested a portion of the money in business opportunities. I joined an MLM business which I thought would work out great. I also invested some in cryptocurrency-related investments.

All of them sucked away money from me.

Left empty-handed, I tried borrowing from loan sharks for the purpose of using the money in repaying the good loan. At first, I was able to get by but then after a few months, the grinding got tougher.

For each money-lender that you deal with, it’s like you bring on board another shareholder of your business demanding profits before you can get yours. Worse, the attitude and character of the lenders are the worst that I’ve ever seen. They behave like tigers!

If you can remember, Robert Kiyosaki said, “The rich don’t work for money. They make their money work for them.”

For an investor, that sounds great. But if you are the borrower, sounds nasty. I felt like the game that I know, was played against me. I became a hard-working slave, and at the mercy of the money lenders.


I was so downed and depressed. My thoughts got worse when I blamed God for not hearing my prayers! (That was my thought then)

When Prayers Seem Like Unanswered

I was praying night and day asking God for help…

There was a time that I got into questioning… I questioned Him why it seems He’s not helping me.

“Lord, there are many crooked people in this world. Why is it they look like living a blessed life while us, here, who have noble goals in life are struggling?”

When my mother heard of my rumbling, she warned me not to think that way. She said, God is an all-loving God and if we are suffering from problems, those were caused by us not Him.

My mother, no matter how she wants to help me, she can’t because she’s old with no pension.

I know of people whom after being reprimanded of these things, instead of returning to God they instead go away further. Do not be that person, for you are shutting your hope or chance to be helped.

Running Away

Luckily, because of the loving words of my mother, I was touched. I knelt down in prayer, asked for forgiveness, and entrusted myself totally to God’s guidance.

He Will Carry You

He Carried YouWhen I was at the lowest point of my life, I surrendered myself to God. I started reading the Bible again, and prayed with a sincere heart. In my mind…

“Why am I trying so hard? This business is not mine. This is God’s business! I am only His manager.”

Then something miraculous happened.

My well-off sisters called me for a meeting and discussed how they can help me with a financial bail out. The agreement is, they will sponsor a bailout for me, but I have to pay them on installment basis without any interest.

Wow, that’s really a miracle, right?

Remember, previously I was at the point where I started questioning God, and even doubted His existence. My reason then was, if you’re real, if you’re here, why are you not responding to my calling for help?

Are you experiencing a similar ordeal? Or, did something like this happened to you in the past?

Let’s remember Job 33:14.

“For God does speak—now one way, now another—though no one perceives it.”

And last but not the least, Isaiah 46:4.

“Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”

Til next,

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  1. Rizza

    You have such an inspiring story and it looks like have gone through all the nitty gritty part of your life. 

    What can I say kababayan? In the Philippines, I think this kind of scenarios are not of too far in between, every day in our country a new person might be going through similar circumstances in your past.

    We try to make ends meet by starting out different ventures in business although at most we do not have enough experience/information at our hands reach. I could understand that life is hard especially in a third world country such as ours, and you would rather risk losing it all than stay where you are right now.

    It is the sad state of our society, money hungry loan sharks that will try to trip you out with high-interest rates like a Mafia. 

    As Buddha has said, “Life is suffering”.  So we could all say that in the end of the day, things like hardships and challenges are really just there for us to teach us lessons, to grow, to develop and to achieve. Each and everyone of us will go through this events and drive us to our inflection points that will forever change our thinking, vision, spirituality and the imprint of our Being here in this world.

    I am glad that you found your calling to your spirit! It is a feeling of transcendance and overcoming that will acclimate all the things that happened in your life.

    I hope you all the best,


    • Gomer

      Oh, Kabayan, thanks for this comment. This supports my message of always thinking positive in spite of troubles. God is always beside us, supporting us. 

      There are times when we feel like we’re alone, our prayers aren’t being heard, or simply helpless to push through. It is in those times that the enemy is so busy trying to snatch us from our Creator.

      If someone find himself in that situation, the best thing he can do is pray and keep the faith up. God answers in three ways: Yes, no, and wait. Who knows, the answer for you is “wait”?

  2. Dave Sweney

    He will carry you is an apt phrase for all of us that are struggling with one problem or another whether related to business or otherwise. It is a source of strength and support that is always there for us. I know there have been periods of my life when that was the only support I had.

    I am glad that He was there to get you some help and I do wish that it will continue to get turned in the right direction for you. If you stay on the path that has been laid out for you, I will predict that you may not have only smooth sailing, but any obstacles will be surmountable…

    This is what I have found: You try as hard as you can and when things do not turn out and you have done all you could, He will find a way to help you. This works only if you are in the right way with God from what I have seen. It can be hard to start a relationship after having been away for some time, but God is merciful He will listen and often do something as he did for you.

    I still count on my relationship with God and Jesus to get through the days, and I treasure the time and it is always there inside me, so it is something that is very special to me. I feel sorry for those that do not have this advantage as they struggle to get through life.

    • Gomer

      Yes, it’s true. It’s really hard to have a renewed relationship after you’ve been away from quite a long time. I think, the feeling of guilt as a sinner keeps us away from God or is preventing most of us to come near to Him. But the good news is, once you have broken the barrier, it feels so much easier and you will find that He is actually on the other side waiting for us.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting, Dave. May God bless you always! 

  3. Lee

    Thank you for the encouragement through this post. I am actually going through a difficult time in my business and I needed a pick me up. I remember when I was young, my father have a poster on his office wall called footprints in the sand and it had a similar message as your post. I really needed this today. May He bless you.

    • Gomer

      I’m so happy that this blog post has inspired you anew. And like Christ has said during His crucifixion,  “This, too, shall come to pass”. Keep going, and don’t forget, you are not forsaken. He’s right beside you ready to help you.

  4. Melanie


    What an interesting story! I’m so glad to hear you found a way out of the darkness and into the light! I do believe that if you really want something, you need only ask whoever you believe in, whether that is God, or simply the universe.

    I do think that even though a lot of insincere people are well-off, they cannot be truly happy, because happiness should come from doing good things, not ripping people off to improve your own status. I become happiest when I’m with the people I love, even if I do not have money or nice things. They make me happy.

    Keep working hard and the fortune and happiness will come to you, I’m sure of it!


    • Gomer

      I think you’re right. Some well-off people, even though they seem to have everything, if what they do isn’t right and not aligned with the moral principles, I bet they’re not happy after all. They seem to be happy on the outside, but deep inside, I’m sure they will feel something is lacking.

      Thanks for wishing me well. Time will come, through persistence and of course, through the help of God, we will get there. We will get to our goals! We just have to be persistent and not lose faith in Him. He is always on our side, sometime answering in YES, sometimes NO, and sometimes WAIT. 

      Just always remember, like I said here, that when the going gets tough and you seem to be weak, don’t forget that He’s always beside us ready to carry us. I thought He’s not listening to my prayers, but then, it unfolded to me that what he said was WAIT.

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