How To Make Money on Facebook FreeI remember when I was just new in online money making, I also wondered about this, “how to make money on Facebook free”. Today, in this blog post, we are going to probe if it is possible and how.

You probably have encountered advertisements or sales pitch about making money on Facebook. Since a lot of people use this social media site, this has become a favorite pitch of marketers online… and scammers too!

So, beware.

With an open mind, I joined several programs being promoted by respected marketers to actually see if there’s a truth in the claim. Today, I will share to you what I’ve found out.

Can you really make money on Facebook?

For free?

Let’s begin…

The Truth About Making Money On Facebook

I cringe whenever I see ads saying you can make money on Facebook, as if Facebook is the one directly paying you. That’s not true, and if anyone promises that, check first if they are employees of Facebook or not.

For others who are legitimately doing business on Facebook, they sometimes use the term “make money on Facebook” to simplify their message. What they actually mean is, make money from this and that using the Facebook platform.

They use the Facebook platform as a marketing venue or advertising platform.

You can never receive money directly from Facebook unless you are an employee of them, or a business partner of them. Like or example, if you own a business process outsourcing company that’s working directly with Facebook.

Beyond that, you can never receive money from Facebook.

And if someone is telling you that, and he or she’s not connect with the Facebook company, you are being scammed. So, please be aware of that.

How Are People Making Money On Facebook

If you know something new, something revolutionary that I am not aware of, like a new way of making money on Facebook which a lot of people are not doing yet, then please inform me via the comment box below.

Making money on FacebookBut as far as I can see, people are making money on Facebook by simply using it as a marketing platform or advertising medium.

They got business to promote, and they utilize either their personal account or business account, to promote that business. It can be selling personal stuff online, or selling as a sales agent for a commission to earn commissions, or operating an online store attached with a Facebook page.

Again, no such things as “Hey, Facebook paid me this and that. Come and join me.”

If the idea of making money on Facebook excites you, then you better start an outsourcing company, contact the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, to submit your business proposal of working with them.

Then, hire and recruit people, “Hey, join me here, I’m making money with Facebook.”

It Usually Costs Money To Make Money With Facebook

My experience in doing business with Facebook was, when I was a distributor of a health coffee.

I created a fan page or business page, used an app to collect leads, and then sent samples of coffee to those leads that requested free sample of our health coffee.

Facebook was very helpful to me in reaching out to people living nearby, people who are interested in our coffee. It has a way of knowing people’s interests, their locations, and it can help you reach them via an ad.

Depending on certain factors, the cost of the ad can be sometimes cheap, sometimes expensive. But it is a sure way of reaching prospects for your business, and the system is pretty accurate.

This shows that if you have the money, or at least willing to spend some money in paid advertising, Facebook’s platform can be an asset to your marketing.

So, How To Make Money On Facebook FREE?

Okay, like I promised, we’re going to discuss about how to make money on Facebook free and no cost to you.

If you are to start your own business, you have to spend money. You have to produce your own products, set up your own website or store, and then spend some on advertising.

To make money on Facebook FREE, then operating your own business like mentioned above, is not the way to go.

What you need to do is, think of ways wherein you can make money online without spending any. Like for example, if you can write articles, then you can make money without spending any. Or, if you have some used stuff in your house that you wanted to sell, then you can promote that stuff via your personal Facebook account.

Facebook SellingSince you’re using your personal account to promote stuff, there’s no cost to you as compared to promoting stuff via a fan page in which you are usually required to spend money to boost your post and reach more people.

From your personal account, you can expand to promoting in Facebook groups that are related to what you offer.

You can also promote stuff for free via a fan page or business page, but you will notice, Facebook usually restrict the reach of your post in a fan page unless you spend money boosting it to your fans and other users.

Last but not the least, promoting products of people or companies for affiliate commissions is also a good way of making money on Facebook for free. This is called “affiliate marketing” and if you wanna learn more about this, I suggest you read my blog post about affiliate marketing here.

Click here to review Facebook’s rules about doing business with their platform


It is possible to make money on Facebook, and a lot of people are already doing it. I have proven it myself, the site is helpful in generating prospects and customers for my coffee products. I’m sure, other business owners are doing it as well.

But talking about “how to make money on Facebook free”, you can do it by promoting a product or a service, ideally via a personal account. You can also promote stuff for free via a fan page or business page, but you will notice, Facebook usually restrict the reach of your post in a fan page unless you spend money boosting your post.

To simplify things, just use your personal account. Promote stuff via your personal account, but do it moderately as Facebook don’t like using their platform for business for free.

Over promotion via a personal account can land you in a Facebook Jail where you are restricted from promoting for a certain period. So, please be aware of that.

And now that you already knew how is money being made on Facebook, you are not empowered against scammers. You know better now how money is being made on Facebook, and how to make money on Facebook, free.

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