1. Alejandra

    I’m glad I came up to your site today. As I’m looking for a way to start a business home based your article has helped me to know more about how can I start.
    You’re right when you say a regular business can cost lots of money, money I don’t have right now to open a business for me and my family.
    Your information about how can I open an online business and learn the basic to run from my home an online business that within time can do well, sounds quite interesting.
    Thanks so much for sharing this valuable information.

    • Gomer Magtibay

      You’re welcome, and thanks… for finding my article “How To Start An Online Business With Little Money” helpful. Welcome to the fold! If i could be of any help please let me know. 🙂

  2. Gav

    This is an excellent article displaying the parallel between brick and mortar vs online business. I think you show the benefits to online business very well in a way most people can understand, financially. Numbers make sense. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing opportunity that anyone who is serious about online business should look into.

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Yes, we have here an amazing opportunity wherein people with little or no money can get started online easily. Just looking through the numbers, they can see the difference between the conventional and what we offer here.

  3. Steve & Kris

    I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and I can tell you that you can definitely start an online business for very little money. Yes, you do have to pay for your domain and the monthly membership fee, but you get so much from this awesome community. All you need is a passion to write about. The training is great, there are a lot of very knowledgeable people if you get stuck. The technical stuff can be tricky, but there are a lot of resources to help. The biggest thing you need is the desire to succeed. I think you explained very thoroughly how to start a home-based online business for very little money. Thank you very much for sharing!

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Exactly. My friends who are fresh from college are asking me, “Hey bro, what’s your educational background? Did you take up IT course?”. I told them, “I got trained by Wealthy Affiliate. My educational background in college is BS Pharmacy, but because of the training I got from WA, I know how to create websites now. And I coach others how to start an online business from home.” 

      Wealthy Affiliate is truly life-changing, with the education, and also the system it provides aspiring online entrepreneurs!

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