Starting A Home Business Coaching BusinessThere’s no better time to start a home business coaching business than now. And to start mine, I’m going to change the focus of this website to catering that specific niche. Helping people interested in leaving the rat race for good.

Millions of people all over the world are losing their jobs, their pay or benefits reduced, or are suffering some loss of income in recurrent economic crises. People are looking for an alternative, and I’d like to help them out.

To be prepared for this new job, this new business of helping aspiring entrepreneurs, I in fact enrolled in an online course offered at Udemy. Specifically, home business coach certification course.

Although, in the real world, you don’t actually need a certificate before you can coach a motivated person, it’s my preference to come up with a certificate. Wouldn’t it be good that your coach is not only well-experienced, but also a certified one?

Helping People Assess Themselves

Today, as of this writing, I’m almost halfway with the certification course.

One thing I really appreciate from the course is that, it really helped me formulate a coaching program that’s so organized. I mean, it gave me an idea on how to walk prospective clients step by step into seeing where they are, and where they want to go.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the forms we use:

Business Assessment Form

You know, most home business entrepreneurs have natural talents in operating a business. But, most of us don’t have the skill to organize the steps in a systematic way that even the person with the lowest background can easily get it.

With the course, I learned how to organize the thing in a very neat way.

I will be able to help prospective clients consider important things before they get started. Like for example, help identify what passion they have, what things they’re trained to do or love doing.

And most importantly, help them have a realistic expectation of the business, how much money and how quickly they’re going to make that money.

Gaining Self-confidence

To succeed in both fields, being an entrepreneur and a home business coach, one needs self-confidence.

With the course that I took, it helped me gain more self-confidence. And in effect, I can now instill the same thing in my prospective clients.

One of the reasons why people are hesitant to start their own business is that, they think they’re not good. They have self-doubts and are lacking self-confidence.

As a home business coach, it’s our job to encourage and inspire them so they get pass through the barrier that holds them back. Unless a coach succeed in pulling a person up across that barrier, nothing will happen.

This is one of the best-kept secrets of successful home business coaches. They know how to deal with this specific reason for objections, by letting prospective clients feel more confident about starting something.

And the course that I took at Udemy includes guides and resources that help the coach easily achieve that goal.

Done For You Resources You Can Use

Yes, that’s right. Included in the course that I paid for, are resources.

There are videos and PDFs containing instructions on how to guide prospective clients. From tips to assessment questions, you will be provided with these resources.

A seasoned home business entrepreneur may argue that you can have these guides and tools without paying for a course like I got from Udemy. But I’d admit that assembling resources like these, is my weakness.

It is for this reason that I like done-for-you systems, something that’s ready-made and can be used immediately. If I have to produce them myself, it may take a long time before I can finally iron out things to smoothness.

Instead of tiring yourself coming up with an organized system, why not buy into someone else’s system? Why not just use someone else’s expertise?

Well, that’s me. That’s my preference.


In summing up, I got access to a system that I can really use in serving my chosen niche—the home business coaching niche.

I’ve been hammering for months with a more competitive niche—the Internet marketing niche—with results that’s not satisfactory. After realizing how tough the competition is, and why I am not fitted for it, I decided to change.

Rather than making myself a technical wizard specializing in websites and SEO, I decided to just become a home business entrepreneur, and a home business coach.

Isn’t the reason for quitting our jobs and starting our own businesses is to become our own boss? Then why perform like a BPO’s SEO specialist?

I am a boss. I am a home business entrepreneur. And I’d like to help others have this same freedom that I got!