It all started with that morning jog.

When I started feeling something wrong with my body, that told me I have to do something.

Prolonged sitting in front of my computer has caused deterioration of my health, which I am afraid can lead to multiple illnesses if not averted.

First, my diagnosed “early stage” scoliosis may have already progressed into advanced stage, as I can now feel the pain. Second, I am now starting to feel numbness with my genitals. Third, my bulging belly.

If you’re in this situation, then probably you would have thought the same.

It’s time to move around, jog a little and then progress to other fitness activities like doing your favorite sports.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any sports or game aside from riding my motorcycle in a rough terrain.

The other morning, while I resume my jogging, through the help of the surrounding serenity that time, something lighted by head bulb. Since I will now be spending a lot of time regaining my health, then why not create a niche website around it?

So, that started everything!

New Website On Fitness – A Good Idea?

Website on Fitness - Good Idea?As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, I have this privilege of borrowing the brains of other members through our Live Chat.

After mentioning to a friend my plan of starting a new website on fitness, others in the Live Chat have joined the chorus of cheering me with my new plan. Someone said it’s a timely decision of mine, and I am not sure why she said that.

Perhaps, what she mean is, there’s a huge audience base to create for this planned site. The vast majority of the population are in a crave for information, helpful information for regaining health through fitness activities.

In fact, another woman from the community admitted that she too have several times enrolled for a gym lesson but never got started. lol

Nevertheless, she concluded that it is indeed a good idea to start or build a niche website venturing on fitness and in health.

And aside from the support I got from other members of the community, I also did my research if there’s enough audience I can attract for the planned site. Based on the result, there is.

So, here I am, fully convinced of the new project.

Will This New Project Succeed?

I have this gut feeling it will succeed.

First, I have all the resources that I need, and I will enumerate them one by one below. Second, I have the determination to make this new project succeed. In fact, I am enrolling to a new fitness e-course online, to enhance my knowledge of the field I am entering.

Here Are The Resources I Got:

  1. I Have The Education – Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, I now know how to build a niche website from scratch. The course taught me everything, from starting the site, to building it for the search engines.
  2. I Have The Tools – As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, we are provided with websites and tools for building an online business from scratch. From keyword research tools, to building a website that’s being commented by a lot of people, we have it in Wealthy Affiliate!
  3. The Support of WA Community – aside from tech support whenever you run into technical problems, I have the backing of an awesome community of members where I can borrow brains from. You can’t find this anywhere!

So, see? This gonna succeed!

So, Where’s The Site?

Fitness WebsiteMy plan is to build the new niche website in a new domain name.

It is not smart to convert this blog that you’re reading right now, from a “make money online” topic website, to a fitness site. This gonna confuse my audience, and the search engines.

So, instead of putting fitness content here, I am going to build a new website on a new domain name.

“So, what’s the name of the site? What’s the domain name?”

Okay, hold on for a while.

In a world where everything is possible, where anything can happen, like for example you mentioned that you plan to register this domain name and you delayed on that plan, someone might go ahead of you, grab your domain and register it for himself.


So, to protect my plan, I am not mentioning the name of the site and what’s the exact domain name I am planning to register. It will be announced after it’s done.

Doing What I Preach

This is another reason why I decided to create a niche site on fitness.

There’s a training inside Wealthy Affiliate community by a friend discussing what route should newbies take when starting a website with WA. What niche they should take.

Bootcamp or Certification Courses Which to Choose First

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, the training is divided into two major parts:

  1. The Online Certification Courses – finding what interests you and building a website around that interest. Like for example, if playing a guitar interests you, then you can choose that as your niche and build a website about playing guitar or a website that teaches people how to play a guitar.
  2. The WA Affiliate Bootcamp – deals on promoting Wealthy Affiliate and earning commissions for referring people to WA.

According to Rob (the author of that training), a lot of people struggle participating in WA Affiliate Bootcamp for the reason that they try to build a website about making money online, even if they have not made any money yet.

But if you choose building a niche website first, if you choose to prioritize implementing what has been taught in the certification courses first, then the process will be easier.

Demonstrating LeaderI can demonstrate to people what it takes to really make money off a niche site, and then bring them on board (WA), help them succeed building a niche site. In that process, I can surely succeed in WA Affiliate Bootcamp as well.


Building a new website on fitness is easy, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

So, that’s my plan. Sounds like a good plan, that needs implementing.

Joel Barker said…

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

That’s it. Stay tuned for coming updates!