Crypto Taking Over Affiliate MarketingThere’s so much noise in social media right now about crypto that I decided to do a blog post about it. This time, in response to what’s being shouted, “Crypto is taking over affiliate marketing!”


Is crypto really taking over affiliate marketing? Will other niche or topics get drowned because of crypto?

Before you yourself get drowned on this noise, or before you get carried away into abandoning what your niche and join the crypto bandwagon, would it be great if I take a few minutes of your time and read the rest of this article?

A Refresher in Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes, we need to be reminded of the basics.

Affiliate marketing is “making money promoting other people’s stuff online”.

It stemmed out of consumer demand. People are looking for stuff online they need to buy, so in the middle, affiliate marketers came into scene connecting buyers with seller companies.

For a cut of the profits, affiliate marketers made money.

So, that’s how affiliate marketing got started and became popular. It is based on consumer demand, what people are looking for, and not just because of trends like crypto.

Also, it is not based on what a person prefers to promote, but rather, what the customers or audience are looking for. So, with that, I don’t think the whole world will forget everything they need and just think of crypto.

What Crypto Are You Talking About?

Okay, I’m sorry if I forgot to explain what is “crypto”.

Crypto or cryptocurrency is a new currency that’s digital, runs through a technology called blockchain. It is not controlled by any national government, which means it is decentralized and almost free from intervention.

The most popular among cryptos is Bitcoin, which recently has soared to as high as $20,000 per coin.

With growth as high as 900%, it surely attracted both real investors and gamblers. People who are hoping to get rich quickly are investing their money in Bitcoin, then recruiting others to do the same, in a pyramid scheme style.

Of course, there are legit investments in Bitcoin, but lately, the web particularly social media have been flooded with pyramid schemes taking advantage of the Bitcoin craze.

The Crypto Niche in Affiliate Marketing

In the world of affiliate marketing, we have this thing called “niche”.

Niche is sometimes described as a “particular interest in internet marketing”. Others described it as “a group of people looking for stuff”.

To understand it easier, let’s merge the two words:

“Niche is a group of people interested in a particular thing.”

We can now see the two words used together! (lol)

Now, can we consider crypto as a niche?

The answer to that is “yes”.

The fact that there are people interested in crypto, then that qualifies it as a niche in affiliate marketing.

You can make money in the crypto affiliate marketing niche by associating yourself with a crypto company as an “affiliate”, and then promote their products or services for a commission.

And in today’s scenario, there’s so much craze happening in social media, making some marketers exclaim, “crypto is taking over affiliate marketing and network marketing!”

Is Crypto Really Taking Over Affiliate Marketing


Well, not really. Maybe just an expression of “excitement”.

Internet Aggregates People According to Interests

If you are looking at a screen and it seems like all the people are getting addicted to crypto, then probably you’re just looking at a tiny location of the Internet.

It’s not the whole world wide web shifting to crypto, but just a tiny group or location that’s being addicted to crypto. Probably, a group of desperate people wanting to get rich quickly. Or, legit investors fascinated with the cryptocurrency thing.

The reality of the Internet is, there are thousands or even millions of interests (I am not sure about that, if it’s really in millions, lol). The point is, don’t make the mistake that what’s happening in your screen is also what’s happening in all the world.

While you are amazed on how crypto is rising fast, how people are getting crazy, in other locations people are living just normal. People with sleep apnea are still searching on Google for a better sleep apnea management device. Obese people are still looking for a good lose weight product that can help him or her trim down.

Keep in mind that, if you find yourself in a crypto screen, then perhaps you have been aggregated by this almighty internet into finding the group where you belong.


I’m sorry for sounding a like a priest doing a homily. (lol)

I just want to clarify things out, and help people think with clarity.

It’s just that I noticed that people who used to be doing something they really know, like someone who’s a “lose weight consultant”, get absorbed to becoming an “instant Bitcoin expert”. Is that happening because he is desperate in getting rich quick?

People are no longer doing their businesses. They are becoming instant crypto experts.

Take note, just because you gained big profits provided by the sudden crypto boom, it doesn’t mean you are now a financial expert. Heck no! You’re just lucky.

So, is crypto taking over affiliate marketing world?

Maybe just a portion of it, but not the whole affiliate marketing.

There will always be people who need something and are looking for them on the web. Remember, in the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, there’s food, clothing, shelter, and other things. People will still be looking for them, and affiliate marketers serving them will continue to make money.