1. Jim

    Thanks for the enlightening look at crypto currency. I never understood crypto such as Bitcoin.

    To me, I still like to work for real money. Especially, since things like Bitcoin fluctuate wildly and unless you ARE a real expert, you can get burned. I bet even the experts could lose a lot, don’t you?

    Please keep writing more articles on affiliate marketing, networking, and motivation. I like reading them!


    • Gom

      Yes, you are right. Being an expert in crypto does not always guarantee winning. Even big institutions, they still lose money. 

      And you made the right decision to just build your online business. Build something that will last. Build a business that will serve people, providing information and moving products to the end consumer. 

      The crypto and forex industries are “zero sum game”, which means, someone on the other end wins while others on the opposite loses. Even the “buy and hold” investors, soon they will cash out with a win, but along with it, there are others who will buy just to lose money when the price dips down.

      With a business, it’s a “win-win game”. Consumers win through the products received, while on the other end, business wins through the profits. So, keep building a business.

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