Is Jesus Christ Real?

Is Jesus Christ RealHow many times have you heard these questions asked, “How do you know Jesus ever existed? Is Jesus Christ real?”

Suppose a friend was to raise the question today, what will be your answer?

In this short blog post, I’m going to share with you a few thoughts that might be of help. Some information here were acquired via research while others are my own thoughts. But they will all gonna help you answer those questions.

So, let’s begin.

Historical References

How do you know that Alexander The Great once lived?

By what his friends and enemies said about him, the effect he had on history, the battles he won.

And so it is with Jesus Christ.

We can trace the historical records called the four Gospels back almost to His time. Let us also note that records of the church extend back nearly to His century. Also, the Jewish people have continued from Christ’s time, and few of them have ever doubted the existence of Christ.

The Gospels

Josephus, a first-century Jewish historian, in his Antiquities of the Jews— historical writing that Romans admired so much that they granted him citizenship—makes the following statement:

“So, he assembled the Sanhedrin of the judges, and brought before him the brother of Jesus who as called Christ, whose name was James, and some of his companions. And when he had laid an accusation against them as lawbreakers, he delivered them to be stoned.”

Three Other Pagans Wrote About Jesus

In the first century, Tacitus wrote:

“Christus, the founder of the name Christians, had undergone the death penalty in the reign of Tiberius, by sentence of the procurator Pontius Pilatus.” 

First Century

In the second century, the historian Suetonius also wrote about the followers of “Chrestus” being exiled from Rome.

Pliny the Younger, in a letter to Emperor Trajan about the year A.D. 112, told the emperor how he dealt with Christians.

Now that we have these traces, there’s no reason for us to doubt his existence. English translations with the full text of these historical references are available in libraries.

We got strong pieces of evidence that He indeed existed.

If we are to base our argument only in the Bible, the unbelievers will have a reason to say that it is biased. But since other pagans collaborate with what is written in the Bible, this is proof that what we’re saying here isn’t biased.

Is He Just An Ordinary Man Who Existed on Earth?

Some atheists will argue that He was just an ordinary man and nothing special in Him. But with all those miracles that have happened, including his resurrection (as recorded by the Bible), are they not enough to convince us He is of God?

Yes, the Bible is just a record book…

Jesus And The Bible

But unlike other books out there, you can’t find a book that’s composed of a collection of other books, where the authors jive in unison about a single theme…

The Story of Redemption.

How in this world a collection of books written by different authors that existed on different ages, when gathered together, jive about one thing?

Yes, of course, some books in the Bible are historical in theme, like the journey of the Israelites and the plight of the Jews. But did you notice that in most of the Bible they were pointing to the story of our redemption?

Right from the Old Testaments, they were already mentioned about the coming Messiah. And the New Testaments ended up with the success of the Story of Redemption.

Now, Is Jesus Christ Real?

Before we end, let me again ask you this question, “Is Jesus Christ real?”

Does He exist in my heart? Does He dwell in your heart?

These questions are aimed at us, believers and Christian entrepreneurs. These are vital questions because of Jesus’ promise…

“Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.” – Acts 16:31, NKJV.

Til next,

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  1. Ronald L Washington

    You did a good job of arguing that Jesus Christ is real. As a minister, I was aware of the writings of Josephus, Pliny, and Suetonius. I think it would have been great to supplement that information with geographical locations and archeological records. It is still valuable to understand the written records from Jesus’ friends, watchers and enemies offer proof that Jesus existed.

    The question that many want an answer to is was he the son of God. His divinity is questioned more than his existence. It would be good to see a discussion on whether one could prove Jesus was the son of God. Yes, he dwells in our hearts but can that be proved to a non-Christian?

    Great information.

    God bless you.

    • Gomer

      Thank you, Pastor Ronald, for the input. 

      You have a point, it might work better if there are geographical locations and archeological records especially photos for more visual proof. But I’d like also to note that it was just a short blog post, quick blog post to be used as a reference for my future posts. Aso, the names mentioned are hyperlinked and are pointing to Wikipedia where they can learn more about them. 

      If along the way I stumble upon materials that I think would help the explanation here, I promise I will attach them here. Also, feel free to add if you have some materials to add. 

      Thanks and God bless!

  2. Robert J Warneck

    This is a beautifully inspiring post.  It is a shame people want proof that Jesus existed, but ignore the beautiful miracles around them.  People will believe text books about Columbus,Magellan, Isaac Newton, etc.. but they refuse to believe the story of Jesus , even when proof is found and shown!  When you are put in a situation where someone asks you to prove to them Jesus existed, what do you say to them?


    • Gomer

      When asked the same questions, I usually point them to the Bible. But then, some people are not easily convinced by the Bible says it’s a biased book. So, I went out to look for other references, and I’m glad that I found several authors, pagan authors, who mentioned about Jesus Christ. So, now, we have balance references that Jesus did exist.

  3. Jim

    I am age 74 and been a Christian all my life and you presented information about the existence of Christ that I did not know. Thank you.

    One of our great challenges in life is how to answer your question when asked. Well presented information however the list you could use is endless even from the first sentence in Genesis. Your site is well laid out and content is straight forward and understandable.


    • Gomer

      Thanks for the site feedback, Jim.

      Yes, in the book of Genesis, there are plenty of mentions of Him. I myself need to read more of the Bible, which is part of my renewal. I need to learn more about Jesus. 🙂

  4. Adyns68

    Is Jesus real? I think people like to comfort themselves in the idea that Jesus is not real and the Bible is juste a sum of made up stories. But again the record of the past is the only proof that we all have of anything that existed before our time. Yet people choose to refute the Bible for their own comfort. But the Bible is not the only book or record that we have of the existence of Jesus. As you gave the example of Josephus, he was a great historian, wrote books about the history of the Jews which contains proofs of the life of Jesus. 

    Now if the writing of the past are not proof enough that Jesus exist, I am sure by His grace, anyone who is looking to know the existence of Jesus to change their lives will get an unrefutable proof, that’s will transform his/ her life.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.

    • Gomer

      Thanks that you appreciate the information. 

      Belief or believing is the core ingredient of faith that’s why I blogged about this. What’s the use of talking about Jesus, or sharing the gospel if we can’t make people believe He’s real? That’s the reason I discussed about this. If others are offended by this, then I’m sorry. It’s the only way I know.

  5. Zihad

    Hey Gomer,

    Articles like these are so much controversial. Huge argument can be happend for only this question. So I request not to write such articles. Anyways, Jesus called only by the christians is known as Hazrat ISA (A), one of the great prophets of islam. So there is no doubt of His existance and so as his fate. But there are some differences in this religions. Christian religion came far after islam that means christian made the changes. This is their belief. They think Hazrat Isa (A), they called Him jesus, as their GOD.

    • Gomer

      I recognize your point of view. And I respect your religion which is Islam. In my previous blog post, I included a disclaimer excusing us from Muslim readers. As you can see here, the tagline of the website is, “Personal Blog of A Christian Entrepreneur”, so with that, it is expected that you understand that this blog is aimed at Christian Entrepreneurs niche. It’s targeted to that niche, so I’m sorry if you accidentally landed here.

      But since you already have commented here, I’d like to respond based on the issue you have brought up. 

      If you respect other people’s religion like the way you guys demand respect to yours, then you should respect my professing of my faith. That according to my faith, Jesus is real. And I have based that faith in our Bible which we regarded as our Holy Book since it doesn’t look like patches of stories assembled just to entertain. It’s a book full of mystery that we cannot just set it aside as non-believable. And according to the Bible, Jesus has performed miracles, the very reason why religious and political leaders of His time got so envious of Him leading to his execution. Can prophets perform miracles? Can a man bring a fellow dead person back to life?

  6. radeet alam


    I Love your post. Hats off to you.You have shown an act of courage by simply showing that you believe in Jesus. Religion is all about belief and I believe that Jesus exists. To me,He is not an ordinary man .He shows the world a new way of living life.History also proves that he was there.The Bible is one of the best proofs shows that he exists.

    Thank you for this post.

    • Gomer

      Thanks, Radeet.

      I’ve been seeing you inside WA community, you’re doing great and I must say, you have a big potential. Just keep going, keep working with your online business, and most importantly, apply the moral law in all of your dealings, follow the good examples shown by Jesus Christ, be compassionate to others, and you will go places.

  7. coralie

    I really found your post so unique and interesting. I enjoyed it. I never really though about stories of other historians and people that we never knew, but we know they existed.  Thinking about the Bible in the same way really makes sense. Your post and the ability to deliver such a great topic of conversation was very refreshing. Good job.

    • Gomer

      Thanks for the praise, but the greater praise should be addressed to the One that’s there high up in the Heavens.

  8. DorcasW

    Hello Brother; Yes, Jesus Christ is real, as much as you and I are real. Even when there are many opponents out there that could be suffering from some mental disorders, that should bear the blame for their misconception of reality. Jesus Christ is real!!! 

    As I write, I can feel his spirit bubbling in my inside. I will be looking out for your next post titled with the question: Who is Jesus Christ? Is he God? I am Evangelist Dorcas Whyte. Called by Jesus at age two plus. He is real.


    • Gomer

      Thanks for the request. 

      I was advised by Pastor Ronald Washington that it would be better if I can present more educating materials proving Jesus is real like geographical locations and photos of archaeological records. So, coming up with another blog post explaining all these, honestly, is quite challenging to me. It will take some time before I can come up with those research stuff. 

      I admire your burning desire to speak of Jesus. That’s great, sister. Keep it up!

      Your brother in Christ,


  9. Mark

    You make some very valid points! Record-keeping left much to be desired, in the ancient world. Much of what we know about famous ancient people is based on stories just like those we hear about Jesus Christ. Yet for some reason, no one ever questions the existence of those other people. As you mentioned, even the pagans were writing about him. That has to count for something! The way I see it, there has to be some truth to the story, as well as to the great deeds and miracles attributed to him – especially seeing as how many of today’s doctors have also encountered medical miracles they cannot explain.

    • Gomer

      Thanks. Those words that are underlined are hyperlinked. They are pointing to Wikipedia where they can learn more about those writers.

  10. Nuttanee

    I personally do not care if Jesus Christ is real or not. All that matter is that he has taught me to be a better person and do not harm anyone. However, you post is interesting. I had no idea that there are 3 Pegans wrote about him. (wouldn’t it be funny if Jesus Christ is a women? Just a thought) I am with you, as long as I believe that he is real no one can change my believe. It is up to me to believe in him. 

    • Gomer

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment here. 

      I respect your belief. Just in case you want to learn more about Jesus, you can always contact me via social media (Facebook), we’ll have a chat.

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