Refresher Course in Affiliate MarketingDo you need a refresher course in affiliate marketing? Something like a short course reviewing what is affiliate marketing? Let’s have that in this short blog post.

I saw a friend, a former affiliate marketer, posted that affiliate marketing is a dying industry.

My reaction was, “Really?”

In a recent blog post by Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate, he revealed that affiliate marketing is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s booming and online companies are pouring money to boost their affiliate programs.

Why am I inviting back those who left this industry? I should be happy others are leaving, at least reducing the competition even to a tiny percentage.

It’s because, I want to see others succeed. Those who have left this industry with a heavy heart, perhaps you can come back and try this game once more.

A Refresher of What is Affiliate Marketing

Kyle of Wealthy AffiliateAccording to Kyle, affiliate programs today need affiliates more than ever.

Sears, Toys R Us, and other traditional retailers are losing big time to newer companies that specialize in e-commerce. While the old companies are losing market share, companies like Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and AliExpress are thriving and even growing.

This trend of online shopping will continue to rise as the years go by.

When online companies want to increase their sales, they seek the help of webmasters or website owners.

In the equation, if an online company is selling gaming monitors, they need to partner up with webmasters running a website about computers. Thus, a “company-affiliate relationship” is formed.

This provides an opportunity for webmasters (website owners) to earn revenue selling products they don’t own or produce. Hence, affiliate marketing is making money promoting other people’s stuff online.

The Rewards For Affiliate Marketers

When we say rewards, we are referring to “commissions”, right?

(This is a refresher course, right?)

That is your reward for helping a company generate sales.

The amount of money that you will receive will all depend on the company, as well as the amount you agreed to. And of course, your efforts. The more promotional efforts you put in, the higher the possibility that you will generate sales.

3 popular affiliate compensation agreements:

  1. Pay Per Sale
  2. Pay Per Click
  3. Pay Per Action

Beginners are usually attracted to “easy money” like pay per click or pay per action, but mind you, the big money that I’ve seen… amounting to thousands per month… were generated via a pay per sale agreement.

If you’re thinking of coming back to affiliate marketing, then consider working in a pay per sale compensation system like those of Amazon.

Affiliate Winning Strategy This 2018

Your Online Business Made EasyThings change.

What’s cool yesterday, may no longer that cool today.

And so is affiliate marketing strategies.

Before, if you can remember, people were making money in affiliate marketing just using what they call “Google Cashing”. Using a certain amount of money, they are advertising affiliate links on Google Adwords, and were making money.

Today, according to Kyle, the trend if you want big money in affiliate marketing, is for you to become an authority blogger. Choose a niche and be good at that niche.

Click here for a refresher course about picking a niche!

The focus now is on building a trusted brand, a trusted expert in your niche. And as an affiliate, you have the power to accrue a brand in the industry. So, the key today is “branding”.

He said, “it only takes one niche to be successful online”. Help as many people as you can in your niche.

You Will Need A Website

web designerHere we are again…

The website issue.

Unless you are a techie person who love building websites, most people hate the idea. Or, not really attracted to the idea of building a website. They think it’s hard, but the truth is, it’s not.

If we will go back to our earlier discussion of what affiliate marketing, it is simply an agreement between online retailers, and website owners called “webmasters”.

Webmasters helping online retailers.

How will you apply as an affiliate for a retailer? How will you brand yourself as an expert in your niche if you don’t have a website of your own?

Yes, you can see people claiming they’re making money online even without a website. But let me tell you this: They’re a rare species.

If starting or creating a website intimidates you, then read my earlier blog post about the website builder that I personally recommend.

Click here to read the post.


Making Money With A ComputerWhether you’re a beginner or a former affiliate marketer, the future looks brighter with affiliate marketing now.

In 2010, less than half of the world’s population was hooked to the Internet, and yet affiliate marketers then made a lot of money.

Today, with mobile devices rising in popularity, guess how much our population today is now hooked online? The more people online, the more affiliate marketing opportunities!

If you’re worrying that you’re not good enough, worry no more. I felt the same before, but through the education that I received from Wealthy Affiliate University, I gained skills and confidence and is now ready to make this 2018 a very prosperous one.

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