1. Wayne

    Hey Coach Gom, enjoyed reading your post about your online marketing strategy. A lot of good information there and by the time I had read everything, I was ready to sign up! Going to finish my website I have started and I will definitely check into this, in more detail. People are always interested in getting more exposure for their business. This sound like it could definitely work! 

    Best to You 


    • Gom

      Oh, that’s good to hear! And, thank you for reading and enjoying my article.

      Yes, this thing can help your business have more exposure, and make money fast online while doing it. You can use this to promote any company or any program you like. You can even put your own blog at the end of the funnel, and get more high quality traffic to your blog.

      When you’re ready, hit me up. I am so excited to guide you on this.

  2. dreamgirl93

    Hi Gom,

    I am on the first stages of affiliate marketing, I just made a couple of commissions during the last months. Do you think that this is a thing that I should try as a beginner?

    In fact when you start with a program and in the moment that you make the first sale you start to think that there is hope, you begin to see the potentials and repeat the process to get more referrals. I would be willing to try it is it cam make me some money in a short relatively amount of time.

    • Gom

      I’d be a liar if I say that this program is for beginners. Most of the people making great income with Lead Lightning are either experienced marketers or marketers who already knew the basics. 

      But with the simplicity of the program, together with the instructional videos, plus my free coaching, I think even if you’re a beginner you will be able to do this thing.

      Yes, if you can, try it. Who knows? This can be a big help, and a big boost, for your overall online business strategy.

  3. Thabo

    Hi Gom, 

    Interesting post if you are an experienced marketer that really knows how to promote and market the system. However, do you think it’s a good fit for the new comer to the online money making game?

    It takes months even for people who know something about sales funnels to achieve the skill where they can confidently construct one that will attract the right targeted market. Not doubting your sincerity, just curious to find out if you really think this kind of program can work for a novice.

    • Gom

      Nice observation!

      Yes, it can work. The system exist with easy to understand training or tutorials, that any novice can watch and follow. In fact, there are only 3 steps to follow, and the newbie is set to make money online. First, join the Facebook group where further instructions and community can be found. Second, choose which link to advertise (Referral Link A or Referral Link B). Third, advertise… anyone can advertise and I see beginners doing it.. So, what’s hard with it?

      Lead Lightning Simplified in 3 Steps

      Sometimes, it really depends on a person, and his attitude, that makes a thing hard or easy. In all of my years of observing people online, I’ve seen beginners easily do things by just following instructions… and there are also “supposed to be experienced marketers” who simply cannot do things because their mind is set to think that thing is hard. It’s all in the mind actually. Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

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