Let me share you something that can help you make money fast online. This is made simple and affordable, so the masses can do it.

Actually, everything is explained in the video… but for the sake of people who have slow internet speed, I decided to do a text explanation of it…

How would you like to have an amazing “done-for-you system” that will generate an endless stream of red hot buyer leads? (Eager buyers with credit card in hand)

Even if you are a complete beginner, this ground-breaking new method is so simple, within minutes after joining you can use this system and make commissions.

And this can work for anyone, in any company!


Like the name implies, it’s a low-cost but powerful online marketing system.

The creators behind this system has been building marketing systems for some of the biggest companies in the industry for years. With helping small marketers in mind, they decided to create this low-cost system.

FunnelLet us share you some facts about marketing:

  1. A good marketing system can completely transform your business
  2. In order to see good results in online business, your marketing system should convert your website visitors into customers.

Unless you’re an experienced online marketer, what you need to get started and make money fast online, is a simple system that’s beginner-friendly…

…something you can just plug-in, start marketing, and works for you with ease.

And that is exactly Lead Lightning.


If you’re struggling with your online business, whether you’re in affiliate marketing or network marketing, this can help transform your business.

This is especially true if you are working in the “make money online” niche.

Here’s how it works:

You will be provided with a simple yet high-converting lead capture page designed to attract the right kind of prospects for your business…

Lead Lightning Lead Capture Page

…someone who’s interested in making money online from home, building an email list, or even building a home-based business.

Right from the start, every lead coming through your system is extremely targeted.

When your lead submits their name and email in the lead capture page provided, their info goes directly to your contact manager. This initiates a professionally written autoresponder campaign that sends them a series of follow-up emails automatically.


This is the beauty of this system. It is completely neutral, and can be used to promote any company of your choice.

In the “follow up emails”, there’s a link that’s inserted in the body of the email. It’s a clickable link that directs your prospects to any website that you choose.

Follow Up Email

You can send them to an affiliate offer, or to a video page to learn more about your business opportunity. Or, you can send them to your own website that sell your own product.

In my case, I send the traffic to a membership program (Wealthy Affiliate).

What it does?

  1. It creates leads for your business.
  2. It creates more exposure for your business.
  3. Helps create sales for any product you are trying to market.


Another great thing about our “done-for-you” autoresponder is that, it is going to automatically default to promote only the Lead Lightning program…

…unless you decide to plug-in any other businesses.

(Back office screenshot)

Lead Lightning Referral Links

After your prospects submit their name and email in the provided lead capture page, they gonna land in our sales page where they’re going to learn more about Lead Lightning.

The system tracks everything for you.

You can log into your back office and see a list of all your leads, all your buyers, all of them showcased for you. They are your leads, for your business, and exclusive for you.

My List in Lead Lightning

TAKE NOTE: In a network marketing business, you don’t own anything… even your downline genealogy, you don’t own them. The only thing that you really own is you list—your email list. Your list of leads!

(This is also true in affiliate marketing)


What’s good with this set up is, list building is easy because everything in the system is already “done-for-you”…

Your tools include:

  • Your lead capture page
  • Your sales page
  • And your autoresponder campaign

Lead Lightning Done For You Autoresponder Campaign

You don’t have to do a thing. It’s ready to go, once you buy or join the system.


This is helpful especially if you’re working out legit programs that follow the rules by the book.

Some legit programs like Wealthy Affiliate, they play it safe by not providing us names and contact information of our referred members. They have good reasons why, and it’s up for the referring affiliate to create a system that allows for contacting of referred members.

Lead Lightning Contact Management System

In Lead Lightning, there’s a contact management system that I can use to follow up with my leads… before they get finally introduced to my online business, which is Wealthy Affiliate.

This has fixed the loophole in my WA business.

In our contact management system, you can rate the prospects, take note of all the conversations that you have with them, and even provide you pre-written emails that you can send to them.


The system itself is a money-making machine.

In your back office, you can track your commissions so you can know how much money you’re making.

Affiliates are also provided with tools for marketing the system like banners, sales scripts, list of quality traffic vendors (solo ads)…

Lead Lightning Marketing Tools And Training Area

…and a training area packed with amazing content that shows you how to get leads, customers, traffic and more exposure.

Here’s the kicker:

While the high end custom online marketing systems can cost you $97/month or more, when you join today…

…you will get this entire “done-for-you” marketing system to get leads and commissions for any product you’re promoting for a one-time fee of $7.


When you share this system to others, you’ll earn 85% commission of every $7 sale.

That’s right. You get to keep $6 from every $7 sale, paid directly to you, weekly, every Wednesday.

Make Money Fast Online

Small may it seem, the $6 commissions can add up, pile up, with our high-converting marketing system, you’ll making these commissions over and over again on autopilot.

Just 6 sales everyday using our simple marketing plan will turn into $1,000’s of dollars a month in extra income!

And it doesn’t stop there…

If you want more money, it can unlock the doors for much greater commissions, along with thousands of dollars in long term residual income.


There are millions of people worldwide and there are thousands of online marketers that are struggling and in pain. We are going to provide these people a “pain killer”…

The Market for Lead Lightning System

…and even local businesses that are desperate for more leads!

You’ll be offering them this amazing solution that you’ve been searching for, that they’ve been searching for…

Lead Lightning for just 7 dollars one time



Is Lead Lightning a scam?

The answer is NO.

How can you call it a scam when the cost of joining is just one-time $7? All the upgrades or upsells following your purchase are optional. And you will get what you paid for.

I wonder why some reviews call it a scam.

Now, can you really make money fast online with Lead Lightning?

It’s clearly YES, as I did it. Share the system to other marketers who need a system. When they buy this week, your commission gets paid to you by next week. If you make another sale next week, it will again be paid to you on the following week, earning you weekly income.

No need to wait for 30 to 60 days to get paid. And no payment threshold!

It happened to me. I made quick money, and started earning a good weekly income in just a matter of 2 weeks. And it continues to generate me money week by week as there’s a continuous supply of marketers looking for a low-cost and reliable online marketing system.

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