Flashing Red LightIs the idea of making money from ideas tickling your mind? Congratulations, but hold on for a while.. for the green light just turned red!

Yes, it is true that there are thousands or even millions of people around the world trying to make money from idea alone. From bloggers, to deal makers.. and from product creators to online traders.

But, did you know that a lot of idea marketers are also starving?

Let’s have a reality check, and then figure out how to be different from these struggling crowd.

Do You Hate Selling?

People deny they hate selling, but their actions show they hate it.

I have friends who have advanced degrees in school, as high as PhD and yet, they’re struggling. They are full of ideas, marketable ideas, but haven’t sold anything because they hate selling.

They stoop down at selling.

It is a sad reality that this world we live in, look down at sales. I even have loved ones who articulately told me, “I thought selling is ONLY a job for those who can’t find REAL jobs?.”

Wow, is that really what the world think of selling?

If you are a person who think selling is a job for a “low class” person, then you’re not qualified for this field. For this field is about convincing others, selling your ideas to others.

I Thought Marketing is Different From Selling!

Okay, let’s have Google define what is “marketing”…

What is Marketing

So, you really can’t avoid selling here! Selling is an integral part of marketing.

If you are really interested in making money from ideas, then you must embrace selling. And don’t worry because, it’s not that hard.. just a change in attitude toward selling.

Every large company that you can see, makes money out of selling. From the banks that you transact with, to big malls you shop regularly, they all make their money via selling.

So, with that, do you still hate selling?

4 Steps of Selling

Let me share to you what I have learned in selling. These are the steps to take to make a sale, whether it be an idea or a tangible product you want to sell.

For people who’ve been in sales before, this may come a refresher to you…

  1. Get the ATTENTION of the prospect. You do not want to be talking to someone who doesn’t even know you’re there talking to him. So, the very first step, is to grab the attention.
  2. Arouse the INTEREST of the prospect. Once you grab the attention, your next job is to arouse interest to what you are offering. Deal with your prospect’s question “What’s in it for me?”
  3. Create DESIRE for the product. Imagine how a beautiful woman seduces a man, that’s exactly what you need to do with your prospect. Elevate the level from arousal to desiring the idea or product you’re offering.
  4. Lead the prospect to taking ACTION. Close the deal by striking an agreement, having the prospect fill up order form, and buying your offer.

So, you see, selling isn’t that hard. In fact, it’s fun and worth doing… especially when you think you will be making money at the end of the process!

In order for you to not forget these steps, the acronyms are “A.I.D.A.”. Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.”

Sell Any Idea That Comes Into Your Mind

Now that you are armed with selling theory and technique, you can sell any idea that comes into your mind.

Transportation was mostly done via a carriage pulled by horses until Henry Ford got this idea of a “horseless carriage”. He invented the first vehicle, and sold the idea to the world.

Let’s have another one…

Making Money From IdeasIn the 70s, computers exist only in large sizes that only big companies can afford. That ended when a man named Henry Edward Roberts (not Bill Gates) invented personal computer. He invented it, and sold the idea to IBM.

Today, you can create products, you can launch services, you can write a book or ebook, or you can spot a “property for sale” and resell at higher price… you can have unlimited ideas to make money from.

You can do online marketing, you can sell idea online, you can do blogging, or you can sell ideas to companies. It’s all up to you.. that’s the good news with living in this INFO AGE..

…plenty of creative ways to make money online!

How I Sell My Idea Online

Well, not really selling my ideas literally.

As what I’ve said earlier, “selling idea” is another word for “convincing others” about something.

My favorite way of selling my idea online, is by blogging.

One obvious reason is, with blogging, I can explain a lot about my idea and have others commenting on it. I can have feedback so I can modify or improve my explanation, and I can include “call to action” buttons/links to close the deal.

You write simple articles about products or services, people check your recommendations, and when they buy from online companies, you earn a commission.

The Process of Making Money Online

You identify a certain problem people have. Then you share your solution via your engaging article (we call “blog post”). Convinced, readers go on checking your recommendations, like products or services.

As you become known in the online world as someone who can provide solutions to such problem, you build your personal brand. Your blog become more popular, and you earn more money.

How’s that with you? Do you also like the idea of blogging?

We can help you learn more about blogging. From understanding what it is, to actually doing it, we can guide you. And best of all, I am not alone here to coach you. We have a team of experts coaching people how to blog ideas online.

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