We all have hobbies that can make us money. Today, I’d like to share with you my 3 most favorite hobbies that make money. See if you could take one of these and make money too.

Coincidentally, I found these 3 in the list of one of the popular blog posts in Motley Fool, my favorite investment guide.

My 3 Most Favorite Hobbies That Make Money

1. Professional Gaming

Although I don’t play in international tournament, I play DOTA a lot.

By the way, are you familiar with this computer game?

DOTA stands for Defense Of The Ancient.

Playing DOTA

It’s one of the most favorite computer games of my generation, and maybe with millenials too. Evolving from the original Warcraft games, DOTA stood out as one of the most popular.

With two challenging groups, we usually bet real money, and based on agreed criteria for winning, winners take all the money on the table.

It’s fun, and here in our place, I am considered as one of the best players. I am being coached by my nephews and nieces who are better than me in playing this game.

2. Writing And Blogging

The second hobby that makes me money, is writing and blogging.

Creating A Blog

I make a living writing articles in my spare time with a website called iWriter.com. As a member of the website, I would usually hang out there and wait for clients to post “article request”.

If you can write the specific article requested, take the job and once finished, you will get your fair share.

But since I am deeply motivated to make money online as a business owner rather than “per task” basis, I find blogging more appealing. With blogging, you write articles in your own website, hoping that article would induce sales.

Although you also enjoy freedom working as a freelance writer, the income you generate with that job is linear.

For there are two kinds of income:

  1. Linear income = work stop, income stop.
  2. Residual income = work stop, income continue! (You get paid again and again from work done only once)

As I have mentioned in my earlier post here, I was greatly influenced by this quote…

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Profits are better than wages.’ – Jim Rohn” quote=”‘Profits are better than wages.’ – Jim Rohn”]

Writing or blogging for profits, is one of the money making hobbies I truly enjoy.

The Stock Market

Honestly, I am just getting started with this, and my only investment is in a financing company that I come to like.

I borrowed money in the form of loan, and while they are processing my application, I happened to talk with one of the employees. Impressed by their operation, I thought to myself…

“Why not buy a share of ownership of this company?”

So, I bought a stock. I invested in the company with the mindset of a business owner.

Usually, we see people treating the stock market or investing in stocks as some kind of gambling. They bet money, hoping the value will go up, and if they see enough capital gain, they will sell the stock for a profit.

Investing As An OwnerMine is different. Yes, I am also interested in capital gains. But I am more interested in business ownership. And if the business gives away dividends, then the investment for me is truly a winner!

(Check out Michael T. Jacobs’ Break The Wall Street Rule: Outperform The Stock Market By Investing As An Owner)

As I have said, I am just starting out with this hobby. I hope more money will so I can win more in this game. The bigger the capital rolling with your hands, the more exciting it will be.

More Fun Ahead!

I think this is not just a coincidence that these 3 hobbies of mine got listed in that blog post.

Hobbies That Make Money

The Motley Fool is an investment website. Aside from brokerage services, they also provide education on how to become a better investor.

My 3 hobbies, if improved greatly, can contribute a lot to making more money and gaining wealthy. They are complimentary with each other. Except for playing DOTA, making money blogging and reinvesting income to buying shares of owner in good companies, can lead to better endings.

(It feels good playing your favorite computer games when you know you have money/stocks working hard for you)

So, what are yours? Do you also have hobbies that make money? Let’s discuss below.