My Father’s Business

Devotional Book on JesusWhether you’re experiencing success or struggling with your business, reflecting on Jesus’ life will find you comfort as well as inspiration. From His childhood, to His death, we will never run out of lessons to use.

His stories were recorded in a book, the greatest book ever written. And as a Christian entrepreneur, it is expected among us to have this book, and not just have but read.

Some of us, with our already busy schedules, find it more convenient to just read a devotional book with content that are based on the Bible. I have several in my book shelf and this morning, I took one to read.

Here, I’d like to share what I read…

My Father’s Business

If you have your Bible with you, I invite you to open it and go directly to Luke 2:14.

It told the story of young Jesus, having finished the Passover with His parents (Joseph and Mary), found Himself together with the rabbis (the professors and scholars of that time).

“Now so it was that after three days they found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and asking them questions.”


Mary and Joseph were looking for Him as if the child was lost, and when they found Him together with the crowd and the rabbis, they got worried.

If you can remember, when He was just a baby, King Herod wanted to kill Him.

After searching for the Boy, they found Him in a crowd discussing with the crowd, something that a concerned mother should worry…

…and when His mother (Mary) scolded him, His reply shocked them:

“How is it that ye sought Me? . . . Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?”

That answer from him revealed for the very first time His relationship to God. He’s not an ordinary Kid. Maybe His earthly parents forgot about His mission.

It points out to this truth/lesson:

He did not deserve censure, for He had not left them, but they had left without Him. He never leaves us, either. Instead, we choose to desert Him.

I Chose To Desert Him

After so many years of doing business online and offline, I didn’t notice there were times that I intentionally deserted Him.

Those times when I joined questionable online income programs, I knew by heart there’s a percentage of doubt in my mind about the legitimacy of the program.

And during the actual investing of money, and in recruiting people to join the program, the Holy Spirit that was pleading to me not to do it, was taken aside.

There were programs that are not outright scams but maybe in gray, can’t be classified as black or white, so we call them “gray programs”.

One example is multi-level marketing or network marketing.

Theoretically speaking, there are programs that are legitimate according to the prevailing laws. But being legit does not mean people aren’t going to be hurt.

Online Business Opportunities

Some business programs by design hurts a lot of people. It can enrich a bunch few, but a larger number of people are left into resentment. And I’ll admit, I have involved in those programs.

My Turning Point

In spite of all the money that I’ve earned, and for every success that I experience, there’s always an equivalent down moments and I was figuring out what’s causing them.

Like for example, I did earn in some legit network marketing businesses, made thousands per week, but little did I know that during those times, I have incurred debts that I didn’t notice. The interests on those debts are now hounding me when I no longer have the money!

In my “downed moments”, why am I so unlucky? Is there anything that I’m doing that is not approved by God?

I remember, some years ago I posted in social media saying that these businesses of mine, online and offline, are not really mine but of God’s. I said, He’s the real owner and I am just a manager (stewardship).

This year, as I struggle with a mismanaged debt, I wondered…

“If He is the real owner of this business, why is He not rescuing me?”

“I’ve been waiting for a financial miracle, why is it not happening?”

Then I realized, those things that I am expecting won’t really happen because, the manager took the business away, I ran away with the business and decided to do it on my own.

If I want things to change for the better, then I must come back to Him.


Forgetfulness is normal to us, humans. We make mistakes and err, then we blame God for our misfortunes.

Like the lesson that we discussed, He never leaves us . . . We are the ones who left Him.

If you believe in God, if you believe in Jesus as our Big Boss, and our conscience is the only barometer that we got to know if a business is approved by Him, then why not follow your conscience?

With Him, we’re strong. Without Him, we’re nothing.

PS: Did you enjoy reading? Do you have questions or opinions about the topic? Please leave them below in a comment.


  1. Dominic

    Gomer, this article just reminded me that there’s someone above us whom we could ask for help. Thank you for sharing this with us, it gave my soul a little bit of healing from the pains and struggles I’m currently facing. Keep posting content such as these coz’ it helps a lot of readers, including me.

  2. Carol5162

    Such an interesting peace. We must align our businesses with the will of God, we cannot claim anything on this earth, Financial favor is a gift from God. He is our BOSS, and true, we are just the stewards. 

    How many times have we deserted God and thought that He deserted us? So many!

    Thank you for this encouragement. Something to ponder about as we continue with our online businesses.

    • Gomer

      Yes, that should be always in our mind, that we are His stewards. We’re here as managers, whatever business you have. And when you go astray, our Big Boss up there is saddened and He wish us to come back. When we err, we think we’re smart but actually we’re not. We must put our trust to our Big Boss up there.

  3. Fahim Shahriar

    Although I was born in a muslim family, still I know about Jesus Christ who is also one of our prophets. By the way, there is ups and downs in life. And doing business or working in online can always be challenging. We must always follow our conscience whatever the situation is and whatever we do. That will give us the right direction to move forward. Good article indeed. 

    • Gomer

      Yes, that’s the key takeaway. Work with your conscience in building your own business. In some people, it seems their conscience have already departed, and are very comfortable doing bad things. You can see them, the scammers as if they’re doing their thing without any fear. But that’s them, let us all be thankful our conscience are still with us.

  4. Shannon

    To be about the fathers business is to be a steady light pointing others to the way of truth. I believe maybe your issue funds and debt came from mismanagement of money. The Bible states that the sun will shine on the Just and unjust which leaves me to believe that rain will do the same. 

    Sometimes we have to travel through darkness to get to the light where it all will be explained and lessons will be learned so that we grow. He wants strong spiritual individuals who have restraint, if he was there to continually bail us out what will we ever learn really? 

    I remember being in a rough patch and I couldn’t find myself out because I was too caught up in the why, and never focused on the how. How good God was even though I was raging waters he kept me dry how am I still able to keep going with all that was going on? I just kept thinking why is this happening? Which occupied space that needed to be rejoicing in the situation, and not responding to the situation. 

    Being about our fathers business provides comfort when we are serious about doing his work like young Jesus in the temple. He was no afraid but bold as we should be when we are about his business. Be spirit led and find yourself on top even when your “losing”

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful read


    • Gomer

      Oh, that was a good explanation from you! You are right. We can also see a good demonstration by Him, a bold kid who’s not afraid to talk with the grown-ups. Another trait that we should emulate in our business. The ability to conquer our fear and charge on.

  5. Rana

    Hi Gomer

    After reading your article, I learned a lot about Jesus. This is an educative article. we always blame our own destiny but do not judge by our own conscience. Hope your article will bring people back from the wrong path. After the article, I got to know more about myself online, which will help a person to plan this future business.

    Thank you so much for this kind of informative article.

    • Gomer

      I hope you plan in accordance to the will of God, whoever your God is. Although this blog and my niche deals more about Christian entrepreneurship, I respect other people’s belief. You may be a Muslim, a Buddhist, or you’re in Hinduism, and there’s no problem with that. As long as we are sincere with our relationship with our Creator, we are aligned and empowered. 

  6. LearnToEarn Admin

    Thank you Gomer for reminding us that God is almighty, all powerful, all knowing and wills the highest best for us, so how could we go wrong trusting in Him to lead us day by day?!
    He is the Author and Finisher of our faith and we need to let go and let God do in us what He does best, bringing out the best in us because He knows us inside out, back to front, top to bottom!
    You are right, we are so often lead astray by mammon, because that is the lure of the world, but, greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.
    If we let Him lead, guide and direct our paths on a daily basis, constantly relying on His promptings so we don’t stray, we will most definitely be successful!

    • Gomer

      You’re welcome. I usually feel the responsibility of sharing the good things that I discover, whether it be good opportunities or GOOD NEWS from our Lord. Who knows, there’s someone out there who really need encouragement? You never know, and with the influence that we got online, it would be better if we could use this for the sharing the GOOD NEWS to others. A good way of using our talents.

  7. Andres Agudelo

    My grandfather says that a business without God blesses can be a failure. If you ask God for something you want to do, he will find a way to help you and tell you how to do things. However, if you don’t ask him for help, the way can be tough and difficult.

    I like how you motivate people to base their business in God. I agree, even if you ask God for help in a tough moment, he will help you to find a way to overcome that moment. Also, he will tell you the way you have to follow and he will bring a lot of blessings if you ask for them.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Gomer

      Thank you. Another motivational push you gave, and thanks for that. It motivates me to go on inspiring others, and if we succeed in aligning more people to God, then more and more entrepreneurs will be empowered and become successful. This is something we can call “a catalyst for positive change”.

  8. Matthew

    Hi, I too have been doing work online and have fallen victim to the “grey programs” that are out there but I really can’t see a book being able to help me through what I call the “worst chapter of my Life”

    I have tried to read the Bible so many times to find answers but never found anything that could help me through anything that the world has thrown at me

    This book you are reading called “Jesus” looks very interesting but like all the other books, about Jesus including the bible have not given me what I am looking for

    How will this book be any different?

  9. Lauren Kinghorn

    Hi Gomer, so sorry to hear you incurred debt while you were earning thousands in Network Marketing. I did too and it took me a long time to rehabilitate. Spending too much can be such an easy trap to fall into. 

    Having said that, I believe in Network Marketing or Direct Selling as a legitimate way to earn income.   I don’t see it as something that goes against the Christian Faith at all. Every Networking company I’ve been involved with has taught good Christian values.  I do understand there may be other businesses out there that give MLM a bad name.

    I wouldn’t blame the vehicle though. Any business only works if you work it.  And God encourages us to work. Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

    • Gomer

      Good points. Thank you.

      What I mean with my comment about MLM is, most people got it wrong by approaching the business wrong. If someone approaches it with the right mindset like owning a store and offering the products as a solution to people’s problems, then that’s where the business becomes admirable. But unfortunately, only few manage to approach the business like that.

  10. nasrin19


    A beautiful staying open to guidance either earthly or celestially is an excellent message. Although I was born in a Muslim family, still I know about Jesus Christ who is also one of the prophets. Let God do in us what he does best, bringing out the in us because he knows us inside out, back to front, top to bottom. Every way, there are Up and Downs in life, doing a job or business or working online can always be challenging. We must always follow our conscience whatever we doing the situation we will do. We don’t stray, We will most definitely be successful!

    Once again, thanks for giving the Message.

    • Gomer

      You’re welcome, and I admire your being an open-minded person.

      While creating this blog, I happened to think about my Muslim brothers, what would they think if they see this, and what would they feel. But then, because I thought this is a blog that targets a niche specific for Christians, I proceeded to creating this blog of mine. For brothers like you, I apologize if you read something that is far from your religious beliefs. I respect your belief, and there’s no intention to insult, whatever. But like I said, I admire your being an open-minded person. Keep it up.

      By the way, I noticed there’s something we have in common. Our obedience to our conscience, and that marks a compassionate man, a man that fears God (or Allah). When making a business decision? Follow your conscience.

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