Four Corners Alliance Group Review

Name: Four Corners Alliance Group


Cost: $18 (One-time investment)

Owner: David Harrison

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Four Corners Alliance Group Review


If you are looking for a real, unbiased Four Corners Alliance Group review, you’ve just found what you’re looking for. For what I see in other reviews out there, they claim to be “unbiased”, and yet when you read the article, they are so “biased against Four Corners”.

In this review, I will share to you my experience as a member of Four Corners. Although I am a member of the company, I will be honest to bring you both good and bad about the company.


  • Started in June, 2012.
  • Founded by David Harrison who grew up in Africa, and immigrated to America.
  • With registered office at 5550 Painted Mirage Rd., Set 320, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Aims to improve financial awareness across the globe through financial literacy ebooks delivered online.

Four Corners Alliance Group Products



Like I said, although I am a member of this company, I want to make this review as honest as possible. With this, I am including both the good and the bad that I’ve seen. This is to help prospective members make an educated decision, or hopefully, if David Harrison read this, give him pointers on what to improve with his company.

The Good:

  • The cost of joining is quite low, just a one-time investment of $18. No monthly cost or auto-ship.
  • Affiliate compensation is in 4×6 matrix, which means, there’s an element of teamwork involved in the compensation plan.
  • You get to learn financial literacy through the ebook packages that you subscribe
  • Can be done completely online, as the products are digital, and affiliates are provided with personal referral web pages.
  • For people who don’t have credit card or debit card, they can join by paying in Bitcoins
  • The owner has a heart for the poor he decided to create a company that any poor person from a poor country can join.

The Bad:

  • The company’s website home page looks so overwhelming. Some sentences in the website are difficult to read or understand.
  • Products (ebooks) need improvement, both in their design/packaging and in the content. The company should improve them so people won’t call them PLR products.
  • Some people prefer watching videos now, rather than reading an ebook.
  • If you’re not lucky to join a very active upline team, you will find the 4×6 compensation plan quite slow.
  • There’s so much bad publicity out there from critics, and the company and its affiliates have done nothing to counter them out.


While being attacked by negative reviewers, this company continue to thrive in many parts of the world.

I noticed, while only few people in advanced countries are joining the company, hordes of people from Asia and Africa are joining the company. There must be a reason why.

Four Corners Alliance Group Sign Ups

Perhaps, the low cost of entry and the lure of “someday, I’m gonna make that $550,000 once my matrix is fully filled up” are attracting those people.

For me, I got attracted to it primarily because, I am looking for a network marketing company with a digital product, as I hate hosting home meetings.

And since I am a fan of Robert Kiyosaki, when I heard about Four Corners Alliance Group selling financial literacy ebooks, I thought I found what I am looking for.


Outside the financial literacy training via ebooks being sold, honestly, there’s little training available for members. And the training are mostly geared towards marketing Four Corners Alliance Group only.

Affiliates are provided with personal referral web pages, an online store for the ebooks, and one lead capture page. The capture page looks great, only that there’s no effective follow up email series to induce sales.

If you intend to join the company as a marketer, be sure to join an upline team with a proven system to follow, and a proven online marketing system to use.


Members who encounter problems either with their website, genealogy, or billing, can access Support via their back office. Since I have not encountered any problem with them, I have not tried getting a Support Ticket.

There’s an alternative way to seek assistance if you encounter problems. I noticed the company’s CEO David Harrison is active in its Facebook fan page, he’s replying to questions.

For others who are used to having “members forum”, this company lacks in that part. There’s no forum or members community to participate in, except for the chats in their company fan page. (Chat with the CEO)


Honestly, there’s really no upsell in Four Corners Alliance Group.

Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan

You invest a one-time $18 ($10 goes to the product, $8 for admin fee) to get started. The succeeding products are only sold to you (deducted) once you post an earnings. No earnings, no deduction.

This means, there’s no additional out-of-pocket cost from you to push through with the business. All future costs will be deducted from your earnings. Again, no earnings, no deduction. As simple as that.

This kind of pay plan is attracting a lot of network marketers across the world.

I guess the reason for this is, most are getting tired of comp plans that require monthly maintenance just to be eligible in earning team commissions.

This company doesn’t have that. (maintenance)


With just a one-time investment of $18, you can get started with Four Corners Alliance Group. Out of your investment, you will receive financial literacy ebooks, and an online business.

My verdict?

Not a scam.

How can you call it a scam?

Definition of Scam


So, where’s the scam in there?