1. Ilias

    Hi Gomer and thanks for the review of Four Corners Alliance Group.

    It sounds an interesting company and the low price can motivate many people to try it.

    I do not like the fact that is a network marketing business but yes, network marketing does not always mean bad products or scams.

    Many times I have bought helpful products from MLMs.

    • Gomer Magtibay

      I like your being honest. And I understand why you dislike network marketing. 

      Network marketing by concept is great, and I like the fact that unlike affiliate marketing who only pays affiliates on personal sales only, in network marketing, people get paid on the sales done by their referrals. So, to me, it’s like an improved version of affiliate marketing with companies becoming more generous.

      The sad part is, it attracts greedy people. It attracts people of “low values”. It’s the people implementing the system that’s hurting the industry. And I hope leaders do something about that.

  2. Wayne

    Hey Gom, the review of Four Corners Alliance was very insightful. One thing you left out if a person has migrated to the U.S. and become successful, he has overcome a lot of obstacles to get there.Really good information, I plan to look into, maybe get a couple of the books, a little later on. 

    Best to You 


    • Gomer Magtibay

      Oh, yes.. maybe true for David Harrison, founder of Four Corners Alliance Group. 

      Watching one of his videos, I felt his sincerity of building a network marketing company that’s not actually the best among companies, but will be here to stay for good. He said, he got tired of seeing people build in one company, only to build again in another one because the former is gone.

      I trust this man that he will be true to his words, and proof to that is, I still can access my back office in Four Corners. In other companies, the moment you fail paying your website maintenance fee, you’re out. And next time you hear from them, in a year or two, they’re gone. But not with Four Corners, that’s why I admire it.

  3. justin

    This is very interesting, i would like to look more into this. i have two websites up now and trying to get my online business going and i could still use other sources of income. as long as everything is legit im trying to learn as much as a i can with online marketing. what im trying to do is build my social media following up.

    • Gomer Magtibay

      You’re in the right path with that. Building a big audience so that when you have good business opportunities to market, there’s a ready audience you can tap.

      With regard to Four Corners Alliance Group, since it’s just a one-time $18 online business opportunity, it’s just like going out and dining in a restaurant. Not a big cost to bother with, if it booms then so be it. And if not, then okay too. Not a big money to lose. That’s what I like about Four Corners Alliance Group.

  4. Owner

    That’s an honest review. I’m familiar with network marketing but never heard of this company. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for a long time and last year joined a network marketing program for the first time. Multi tiered income can be very lucrative. I’m wondering if maybe the regions doing well are low internet bandwidth areas and that’s why ebooks are doing better there?

    • Gom

      Thank you. And that’s perhaps true, why this is selling well in those regions. While the rest of the world are enjoying fiber optic speed internet, there are still parts of the world who can’t be with us. And they prefer to read ebooks rather than watch videos. And maybe, still a big portion of the world. 

  5. DorcasW

    Hi Coach; I have read through your post on Four Corner Alliance Group. I have found it very honest.I am saying that all who have read y this post can take positive action if they want to because it is all truth. I joined Four Corners Alliance Group during twenty fourteen the only difference is I never knew how to grow the business online I tried to grow the way I was introduced to the company. Wont you will agree that if the people who one recruited don’t recruite there will be no business? DorcasW

    • Gom

      If I don’t recruit, I still have a business. The investment to get started is just a one-time $18, so even if I don’t recruit for a month or a year, my website with the company will never be deleted. And as long as my account is there, my website is there, then I still have a business. So, with your description “there will no business”? I disagree.

      Now, compare it with online businesses with monthly fees… If you are not able to pay your membership fee for the month, next month your account gets deleted and you will no longer have a business. So, now, compare the two. 

      Which last longer? An online business with monthly fee? Or, a business like Four Corners with one-time investment of $18?

      Again, if in your online business with monthly fee you failed to pay your fee for this month, I can guarantee that by next month, when the company deletes your account, you’ll be out of business.

      You get it?

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