Finally, I have decided that my niche for this personal blog is blogging and my main keywords for this site is “blogging coach”. I want to help people, beginners and intermediate marketers, utilize blogging to get results in whatever online business they have.

So, my month of July will be more on blogging.

The months of May and June was pretty confusing for me, especially with this persona blog. As some of you probably know, I am an entrepreneur. And not an ordinary entrepreneur, but a serial entrepreneur which means, I operate multiple businesses all at the same time.

I do business both online and offline.

This blog that you are reading right now, is supposed to be a personal blog that deals on general entrepreneurship., To the average person, that’s not a problem. But for niche marketers, catering to the masses can be a recipe for a disaster.

How to really succeed in blogging?

More On Blogging

Narrowing Your Topic

To make a blog successful, with lots of traffic coming from the search engines, one has to focus on relevance. Your blog, or your blog posts, must be relevant to the focus of your site. What is your site for? Are your blog posts related to that focus?

If the answer is no, then forget about ranking in the search engines.

That’s the problem I found with being “general” and not specific. It is rare to find personal blogs out there that are ranking for specific keywords their target market are searching for. Except, if the blogger is already popular, and just started a blog to support an existing popularity.

If you are not popular prior to your starting a blog, then you must follow the path of niche bloggers. The niche bloggers deal on a specific, narrowed topic, and they post articles on that topic specifically.

Posting articles that are relevant to that specific, main topic, of the blog.

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My Blogging About Blogging

For several months, I struggled with coming up with a focus for this blog.

Since this website bears my name, it is best used for personal branding—like marketing myself.

Seriously, it is much easier to just pick a domain name that sounds the same with your niche, and not use your name.

Focus Of Your BlogAs an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship is vague, I found myself challenged in choosing between using this to blog about general topics on entrepreneurship, or zero-in to a specific topic under one of the subcategories of entrepreneurship.

If I go for the previous, the challenge is, I don’t have any popularity yet. And if I go for the latter, then I risk myself spending a lot of time mastering something that’s just part of my overall goal in life.

According to my mentor (Robert Kiyosaki), the rich and the successful are good at learning a little about a lot, and not learning a lot about a little.

But the lessons that I learned from being a niche marketer, the lessons about what works in blogging and search engine optimization, keep on reminding me that I have to narrow in to a specific topic and not go wide with a general topic.

That brought me to a deep examination of myself: What field I am good at that’s in line with available monetizations for a blog like this?

The answer is blogging. Blogging about blogging!

The Challenge of Polishing My Work

In my past blog posts here, I already blogged about blogging. The only thing is that, it’s just part of a bigger topic, so I didn’t delve deep into the subject of blogging.

So, this month of July, I am faced with this huge challenge of restructuring the categories for this website. It’s like putting the keywords “blogging coach” as the focus for the site, and then creating categories under it like “beginner”, “intermediate”, and “advanced”.

It’s been a challenge with me ever since, how to polish my work.

Polishing Your Blog

I am a powerhouse of ideas, creative ideas, and sometimes revolutionary ideas. I am gaining friends and followers just from plain conversation with ordinary people because of this unique brain of mine. And I used to be a trainer for a Multi Level Marketing company, some years ago.

The problem with me is that, when I write, either in a whiteboard or in a blog, it’s like a random writing without proper organization of thoughts. So, honestly, that will be one of the challenges I have to deal with.

In fact, I recently enrolled in an online course that helps people blog in an orderly manner.

I Wanna Help Others, Too!

This is a dual goal for me—helping myself and others—improve and get results online.

Whatever business you may have, you can benefit from me. You can benefit from my blog posts here, and from the recommended resources.

As I have said earlier, I have a background in Multi Level Marketing. It’s one of my niche, and I have a deep understanding of the industry. I know success and failure in that industry, and I wanna help people get results online.

My recommendation? It’s blogging.

After struggling online trying to promote something via paid means, I have come to realize that blogging is indeed the hope for the small marketer. And I’m going to discuss that in my future posts here, and in my blog about MLM.

Thinking About AdvertisingAside from my personal experience trying to peddle things online, in traffic exchange and in forum sites, I realized there’s nothing better than posting articles in your blog, articles that will be around for months or even years.

When you post something in a traffic exchange site, even if you invest thousands of dollars for that ad, do you think that ad will still be around 6 months from now? How about 1 to 2 years from now?

With blogging, it’s like building pipelines for water to flow. It’s certainly better than trying to haul buckets of water to and fro!


Now, I’m set. Blogging is the way to go, whatever business you’re trying to build online. Blogging, and getting traffic from the search engines like Google. Way more effective than other methods, and costs less.

Say I am wrong.

That’s what I am going to focus on this July. Blogging to help myself, and others, get results online.

So, stay tuned!

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