My Online Marketing System is Working Again!

Just emerging from our weekend vacation, I received a notification that my online marketing system has generated a new lead and a new sale for me! This was the same system that I used to make upfront money years ago, and it’s now again working for me.

Lead Lightning Commission

Quite happy with the result, I decided to do another blog post explaining what is this online marketing system is, and how can you benefit from using this.

Introducing: The Lead Lightning Online Marketing System

Have you joined an online income opportunity wherein the company tasked you to introduce the opportunity to others and in return you will earn a commission for referring interested people to them?

In the online marketing world, we call it “the make money online niche”.

If the word niche is new to you, it can be understood easily by thinking that niche is a group of people online looking for stuff. In other words, it means “audience” or people interested in specific topic.

This Lead Lightning system helps people in the make money online or MMO niche generate leads and quick cash—two things that we need when we’re just starting out or building our business.

Oftentimes, online marketers in the MMO niche are stalled in their progress because they either run out of cash, or run out of people they can talk to.

Lead Lightning helps in dealing with these two problems.

How Does The Lead Lightning System Work?

For a one-time fee of $7, you will receive a lead capture page designed to attract struggling online marketers, and you will also receive a “done-for-you” autoresponder system complete with professionally-written email follow series.

For every referral, you will earn $6 commission. And it doesn’t stop there. As an affiliate, there’s a potential of earning up to $526 per lead along the way. (More on that later, in my next blog posts)

Earnings are accumulated, and at the end of the week, they gonna send you your accumulated earnings either transferred to your bank account or through the debit card they send you.

Lead Lightning

If you find receiving commission via transfer to your bank account expensive, then you can opt to receive a Paylution ATM card.

Aside from commissions, it can also work as a lead generation tool. Those who buy the system can be classified as good leads as they are proven to buy online with a credit or debit card.

As an online marketer looking for recruits, whether you are working with companies like SFI or Wealthy Affiliate, this system helps in identifying the Opportunity Buyers from the Opportunity Seekers!

An Opportunity To Establish Relationship With Your Prospects

When I first joined an affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate, I was met with this challenge of not having enough means to communicate with my referrals.

Back then, I was averaging 5 referrals per day. To my fellows, it was good, at least I am having referrals. But there was a problem, there was no way for me to follow up with my referrals except for the message I am allowed to post in their newly created profiles in WA.

Then the experts inside WA advised me funnel my prospects to my own system first, before I refer them to WA. Like for example, capture leads and then have an email follow up system helps you in establishing rapport though regular sending of emails to them.

If you have time to set up your own email follow-up system, you can start with services like AWeber or GetResponse. But for busy people, and for people who won’t bother creating their own email marketing system, a ready-made system like what we have in Lead Lightning is helpful.

There are marketers who usually get stuck coming up with a good funnel for their good businesses like designing your own capture page, writing your own emails, etc. Such bottleneck can be remedied by having a ready-made, done-for-you system.

 Do You Think You Need A System Like This?

If you need a system you can use in generating leads and quick cash, if you need a simple system that can help you sift the Opportunity Buyers from the Opportunity Seekers, then why not try using Lead Lightning?

It’s not scam, it’s not MLM or network marketing, and it’s neutral. Since it’s a neutral system, you can use it in both affiliate and network marketing industries.

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  1. Josie

    I love systems that automate everything for you in a simple and easy way! I am still very new to the whole making money online thing, and to be honest, still haven’t made my first dollar yet. Would this system be suitable for a complete beginner such as myself? And would you please explain what a paylution card is?

    • Gomer

      Yes, this is good for beginners. Unless your internet connection is very slow, you can easily understand what this system is all about, how does it work, and how it can help you generate leads and quick cash that you can use for growing your business further. 

      Right upon signing up, you will be met with a instructional video that explain everything including your next steps. Also, in the training area, there are plenty of instructional videos as well as motivational videos to keep you going. See it for yourself, get in for just a one-time investment of $7. It does not require big money, just a one-time investment of $7. It’s like spending a few bucks on an ordinary meal.

  2. Cathy

    Hi Gom, I am curious to know more about this lead system that you are using. $6 per referral and up to $500 in commission do seem like a good deal – even better than Wealthy Affiliate. Do you use paid traffic to send visitors to your lead page? I try clicking the button at the end of your article, but it’s not taking me anywhere. 

    • Gomer

      Oh, I apologize for that incident. I am new to this Divi theme, and just getting the hang out of it. If you have the time, please check again as I have already fixed the said button that malfunctioned.

      With regard to the possibility of earning higher per lead, our leads are given several options for what kind of tools they need. So, if they opt to avail a more sophisticated tool with more functionality, then of course as a seller you will earn higher commissions. 

      But again, those are just optional. If you will ask me, I have stayed being just a Lead Lightning system user. It’s the level I am comfortable right now, I will avail of the higher cost tools later when the need arise.

      What I like with this is, nowhere can you find a tool like this where everything has been set up for you including the follow up emails for just a one-time cost of $7. I have used this in the past with impressive results, and it’s again working for me, now.

      It maybe not the perfect tool that high flying marketers need, but for online marketers who love simplicity, or don’t have time creating their own marketing funnel, they will find this online marketing system helpful.

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