I was a member of Global Domains International back in 2010. It was one of the first companies that I’ve joined online. Today, almost a decade has passed, and they’re still online. This got me curious and decided to do a review of the company.

This review is unbiased, as I am no longer connected with Global Domains International.

I know, there are people out there who need this kind of review, as there are still marketers promoting GDI. It is still being promoted, as I have glanced into a few adverts in traffic exchange promoting this company.

It only shows, it is still being promoted, and probably there are people getting interested or joining the company.

If you are one of those guys, contemplating if you should join GDI, please read this review first.

Read further, as I will share to you important information that will enlighten you, and help you get a better chance of making money and succeeding online.

What is Global Domains International?

It is an online company that offers domain registration and hosting for a website.

There are many companies out there that offer this kind of service. There’s Name Cheap which is the most popular among companies that help people register a domain name.

There’s also Wealthy Affiliate, that’s offering domain name registration with all the add-on features other companies are offering, but with a fixed price. So, if you’re thinking of the best deal in domain registration, you better check what WA is offering.

Now, back to Global Domains International…

I became a member of them in 2010 thinking, “Oh, since this domain name registration company has an income opportunity attached to it, then I’d better choose this one to register my own domain name.”

But unlike other domain companies that sell .COM, .NET, .ORG… with GDI you can only get .WS domain.

I am not sure of the reason why, but in my opinion, it was conceptualized during the infancy of the internet. During those days, the idea of having a website is just new, and if you get one it was considered as a big deal.

Since .WS can stand for a “Web Site”, they mistakenly choose that identity for GDI and they focused on marketing .WS domains. So, they shouted, “We are the only company where you can get a .WS domain!”

Unfortunately, in today’s online marketing game especially with search engine optimization, .WS websites seldom rank high. The most preferred by people and the search engines today, is a .COM domain.

So, how’s that with GDI’s branding, “We are a .WS company!”?

GDI’s Compensation Plan For Affiliates

Global Domains International

I’ll admit, this got me in 2010. The idea that I can make big money with GDI! lol

For a cost of $10 monthly, you can join and stay active with GDI.

You’ll get a .WS domain for that, and I think, you can also host a site for that, in their host.

If you refer others, you can earn $1 commission per head, from their monthly $10 payments. This is 10% commission, and if you make a reference to how much Amazon is paying for its affiliates, this is certainly higher.

But, Amazon affiliates got plenty of products to choose from to promote! While in GDI, you only have .WS domain to promote. So, don’t miss the big picture on that.

GDI Income ProjectionLooking at the income projection, you can get attracted by how big you can make, if your referrals refer others, and your organization reaches 10 levels of growth.

The truth is, during GDI’s first years of operation, people really made big money. Big marketers like Tissa Godavitarne, they earned their fortune marketing GDI. They got massive organizations, by the thousands, so multiply it with $1, they still got thousands in their commission checks.

But the situation today is so much different than before.

A lot of new companies have emerged, newer opportunities, and I bet finding your first level of referrals can be tough. If you get lucky to find 5, then you get $5.

Will a $5 commission compensate for the challenge of getting those referrals?

Think about that.

What Really Bolted Me Out of GDI

I was a hard worker then, willing to do whatever it takes to succeed with GDI.

But there’s one thing that made me drop GDI and move for another opportunity.

When you join and register you .WS domain with GDI, which in my case then was gomermagtibay.ws, that domain will default to your referral page promoting GDI.

To a person whose goal is just to promote GDI and make $1’s of commissions, that’s okay.

But for me, my goal then was to promote GDI and build a blog at the same time. When I learned that my domain name defaulted to promoting GDI and I can’t build a blog on it, that disappointed me.

It is only lately that they adapted to allowing their affiliates to put a blog subdomain to a registered .WS domain.

Wordpress With GDI

GDI is Still Alive And Kicking

Almost a decade has passed since my leaving, I still see marketers promote GDI.

Most of the time, it is in traffic exchange sites, in “get paid to” click sites, and places where you can find low-budget marketers.

It seems, this opportunity really appeals much to people in low-income countries. And the fact that it is still being promoted, the company still survive.

Maybe, the company is still making money off those people joining them.

But looking at the mainstream, it’s no longer a noisy company with big marketers promoting it. Tissa Godavitarne and other big marketers have moved to newer companies.

(I am not really sure of this, but I see them busy with other companies)

But the bottom line is, Global Domains International is still here, alive and kicking.

Thumbs UpIt is also not a scam.

To say it is a scam because it pays on multi-level is absurd. It’s like saying, “Oh, you guys are being paid multi-level while us here in Amazon are earning only from one level. That’s unfair!”

Getting paid on multi-level is okay, just don’t practice deception in your marketing.


My observation and conclusion are:

Although the company is still alive and kicking, only a few die-hard remains from the original leaders who have pioneered the promotion of GDI business opportunity.

These die-hard leaders, probably have probably recruited new believers, but soon, most of the new believers will get tired of promoting a somewhat old business opportunity.

If you are set to build a team in companies like GDI, you have to do a lot of convincing newbies why you chose that company. In with that, I think blogging can help you.

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