Tired of dressing up and commuting for work? If you are, then you will certainly love this tag line, “No Suit, No Commute, The Boss is Really Cute!”

(I saw this tag line in SFI)

And we’re not kidding here, for this is true! I myself now enjoy this… No dress code, no commuting, no one’s telling me what time I should start working and what time I can take a rest.

I’ve been doing this since 2008, when the company I was working declared, “Game is over. We’re closing the company and packing our bags. We’re leaving Manila, and going back home.”

It was a Malaysian company operating in three countries here in Southeast Asia.

While my co-workers looked for new jobs, I decided to just go home and start my own home-based business.

The Good About Working As An Employee

Not all people are cut for entrepreneurship. If that’s you, then you’re better off working a job in a company.

Here’s a list of traits of people not cut for entrepreneurship but rather, working as an employee:

  • Security minded people – they love the idea of a safe, secure job, with lots of benefits.
  • Sociable people who want to always be around working people, they don’t wanna be alone.
  • Afraid of looking differently from others, they just wanna do what the masses love doing.
  • Trapped in a job because of low qualifications and low salary, they can’t afford to not have a job even for a single month working own business.
  • They can’t decide for themselves, like when a spouse opposes the starting of a new business.

The list can go on and on… and can be never-ending.

The point is, people with “employee mindset” are more concerned with security rather than freedom.

They exchange their freedom for that idea of being secured. To them, they’re contented with what they have, even though sometimes they hate working in their jobs.

Being Your Own Boss

By being your own boss, you take full control of your life!

Working in PajamaYou start your own business, it can be a business in the downtown area or a home-based business. As the owner of your own business, you decide your operating hours, with you having control of your working hours.

As a business owner, you are the boss and no one is dictating at you what will be the uniform to wear or what dress code to follow. You have the freedom to wear a coat and tie dress, or just work in your pajama.

And with regard to money, you write your own paycheck.

Compared to being an employee, there’s no one dictating how much money you can make. You can decide whether to work harder to earn more, or work just enough to make a living.

And just like the tag line, you look cute to people admiring bosses!

Is Entrepreneurship Really For You?

Usually, people get interested with entrepreneurship after reading a blog post like this.

But I’d caution people who are halfhearted in pursuing entrepreneurship. Maybe you need to get over that feeling of “me too!” and really assess if you are cut for this.

One of my colleagues compare entrepreneurship to a seminar where a speaker paint pictures of what it would be like. Pictures of paradise at the gates, but once you get inside, hell is waiting.

That’s too much for a description.

Entrepreneurship is Like Driving in the MudBeing an entrepreneur for almost 8 years now, I can say that the path I’ve chosen isn’t easy, but it’s not hell either. I can describe it as more of an “off-road driving adventure”.

Have you tried driving an “All Terrain Vehicle” in a muddy country road?

Entrepreneurship Made Easy

Challenging, but I’m having fun doing this…

Thumbs UpInstead of renting an expensive business space in a downtown area for thousands of dollars, it’s only $49 per month rent in a computer server of Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, just $49 per month. And as of this writing, I have 2 websites hosted in their server. And according to WA, I can have up to 50 websites. That will be equivalent to having 50 businesses!

Alongside my rent, I am being trained by them in online marketing. From making a website myself, to tweaking it for Google; and from writing content, to getting customers; they have this Online Entrepreneur Certification Course that guide me through the muddy road.

Here’s a Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough

Walk Through Video

This is, by far, the best online entrepreneurship program that I’ve ever seen, since I decided to become my own boss in 2008!

Intimidated by $49 per month cost? Let me show you how you can become a member of Wealthy Affiliate for free. Click here.