1. Simon

    You’ve hit the nail on the head within your Entrepreneurship Made Easy section.

    I used to have a traditional high street shop selling local produce to local people however the overheads were huge, anyone with any budget sense is instantly put off. Have you ever rented high street premises?

    We had high rents, ever increasing utility bills, business rates, insurances galore, waste bills, you name it. Everything gets squeezed dry before you can make a living meanwhile if you have staff, their wages have to be paid first, the owner is the last on the list to make money. Most people don’t appreciate nor understand the stresses nor risks involved.

    Running a website like I do nowadays not only opens up the entire world to enter your premises, the running costs are minuscule compared. My annual hosting charges cost less than a month’s rent relative to my small shop. Hostage regards the only costs involved.

    You do remove the stresses working online, although running a website requires tenacity to keep working away,

    • Gomer Magtibay

      I do own a shop here (two shops actually), but they are situated in a business space owned by my parents. But in the past, I’ve been a liaison officer of a multinational company operating in downtown Manila, and I’ve seen how tough it is to maintain presence in the downtown area. The overhead alone prohibits ordinary people from involving in entrepreneurship.

      With the online business that we have, it makes running your own business much more affordable especially to ordinary people. I computed the cost for hosting if someone will avail of the Black Friday Sale, it is ten times lower than one would spend renting a business space in the offline. Add to that, the training and the system that we have, it’s super easy to create websites. Truly, online business made easy!

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