Create Money Making WebsitesA family friend who’s about to retire from his government position visited our house. Seeing me busy with my computer, he inquired…

“What keeps you busy with that computer?”

I explained, “I’m blogging about health. You know, I studied Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and I want to use my knowledge advising people about health particularly on the use of vitamins and food supplements.”

“Oh, great talent, man. But I think you’ll be better off becoming a medical doctor, even at your age. Why not take up a course in medicine? I’ll pay for your tuition fees.”

(By the way, I’m already 38 years old)

“No, thanks.”, I declined.

(In my mind, I’m set to spend the rest of my life as an online entrepreneur, operating money-making websites)

Doctors in Rural Philippines

DoctorPeople from other countries may find it weird, but it’s a common belief here in the Philippines that doctors are the brightest, and earns the highest.

So, when a parent figured out a kid is bright in school, the usual line goes like this, “He will become a doctor someday.”

And in the country-sides, especially in the rural areas, doctors are regarded high, even if you’re just a general practitioner.

To them, doctors are the most noble, and the most helpful among all professionals. For they help people with illnesses.

And that friend of ours, even at age 60 he’s still thinking of enrolling at a medical school to finish his childhood dream of becoming a doctor someday. And he wants me to accompany him in his dream, he wants me to also enroll in medical school!

“You don’t have a future in business. Why not become doctor instead?”, he insisted.

“No, Thanks!”

To the average person, the old man’s advice sounds good.

“Why not listen to him? He may be right. Our community here needs a doctor.”, my mother encouraged me.

(I’m not saying my mother is “average” in mind, maybe she’s just carried away by the idea)

I ended up explaining to her why enrolling at medical school at my present age is no longer ideal, and that by the time I finish my studies, others in my batch doing business would already be miles away ahead of me.

Of course, you can do online business part-time while studying medicine, but don’t you know how hectic the schedule of medical students are? And how challenging are the subjects?

Will you still have the time to do blogging, optimizing and coaching referrals in Wealthy Affiliate?

Some might say, “But you’re more sure with being a doctor as far as generating big income is concerned.”

Hey, try to look at this screenshot of earnings of one of our fellows in Wealthy Affiliate, isn’t this bigger or higher than most doctors earn in a month?

WA Results

(Except if you’re a highly paid specialist which can take another 4 years after graduation)

And this is not only about money…

The Profession With The Most Stressful Life

ImprisonedI can’t recall where I read that, but it is true, that doctors or being a doctor is the profession with the most stressful life. And according to the article, it is also the reason why doctors have shorter life span than ordinary people.

It is an irony that who are supposed to help people extend life, are the ones dying earlier than others.

What makes doctors die young?

Well, if you will observe the lifestyle and work style of most doctors, they are either super busy in hospitals, or imprisoned in their private clinics.

Yes, that’s right. Imprisoned in super-boring clinics waiting for patients to come in.

Now, do you still wonder why they have shorter life span than most of us?

Doctors Die Young

As you can see here, though it is not proven, but just observing the work style of most doctors, not attractive to us freedom lovers.

I have spent the first quarter of my life working and not really enjoying life, why would I spend the remaining portion working hard again?

The Other Option For Me

I just finished reading the post of Dominic Wells and other success stories in Wealthy Affiliate, and was so amazed at how successful they have become with their online businesses.

DomW Success Story

Dom (his nickname), is making not just a living but a fortune actually, creating money making websites and selling them like those website flippers sell on Flippa. And his company Human Proof Designs have made millions over the past 3 years.

(But I’d rather build sites for multiple streams of Internet income)

Following Dom’s story, I learned about Steve, the person who invited him to join Wealthy Affiliate…

Freedom Lifestyle

This is a screenshot of Steve’s website. You will notice, in the highlighted portion, you can sense freedom. The kind of life most of us would want to live.

A life full of freedom, and less of stress. 🙂

Now, what’s that with living the next 6 years of my life studying “medicine proper” and the rest of my life manning a clinic?

Of course, I can be helping people with their health if I become a doctor. But isn’t that possible with my blogging?

And instead of waiting for 6 to 8 years before I can start helping people, I can start helping people now, and enjoy life at the same time.


Pursuing a career in medicine isn’t bad either. But it is not the one that rings loud in my heart.

What I want with my life is, being able to help others as an online entrepreneur, motivating others start their own online businesses like I did.

My plan is, once I was able to create money making websites, in health niche and perhaps in five more niches additional to what I already have, then I can live a life full of freedom.

I can live that life being enjoyed by Steve of

Anyway, if helping people is the goal, I heard from Robert Kiyosaki that an entrepreneur helps more people than a doctor can help.

A doctor can only serve one patient at a time, while an entrepreneur can serve hundreds or even thousands of people all at a time with his business!

Can you now see why I said “no” at my friend’s offer of paying for my tuition fee in medical school?

Words of Steve Jobs

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