Online Business Made EasyWanting to start an online business but hesitating? Read this blog post Online Business Made Easy With Wealthy Affiliate. You will see how easy the process is..

So, What’s Wealthy Affiliate?

The brand name Wealthy Affiliate was conceptualized from the word affiliate or affiliate marketing. It is a business practice of, promoting other people’s stuff online. Affiliate marketing is making money promoting other people’s stuff online.

With more than 800,000 Internet entrepreneurs, dozens of awesome coaches (including me), and lots of experts, I can say that it is the best online community for both learning and building an online business.

Headed by friends Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate has become the center for learning affiliate marketing. Founded in 2005 as a website for affiliate marketers, it evolved into now “The #1 Affiliate Marketing Community in the World”.

What makes WA #1 is that, it simplifies things. Watch this video…

Free WordPress Website Builder

A profitable online business starts with a beautiful website. A website where you can feature products and services, to make money.

In today’s business setting where wordpress websites are the “in thing”, how much do you think will it cost you to start a website of your own?

From registering the domain name of your website (your website’s address on the Internet), to getting a web hosting that’s equivalent to renting a business space monthly, how much do you think it will cost you?

Oftentimes, you will find yourself spending a lot of money just to get started.

Did you know that with Wealthy Affiliate’s website builder called SiteRubix, you can get started for free? You can start learning how to create your own wordpress website without costing you any.

And not only it’s free, but also easy to use!

Premium Site Hosting in Your Chosen Domain Name

With the free website builder, you can have a website in

For starters, that may be enough but for the advanced marketer or online entrepreneur, having your own .com website is desirable. Not only that the URL looks more professional, your own .com website also gets ranked easier or even higher in Google.

So, getting listed high in the search results especially in Google, gives you the chance of getting seen by your target customers. This is the reason why it is so important to make your website competitive for search engine optimization if you want to succeed in online business.

Now, with your free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you can have a free website. For starters, that can be enough. But for online entrepreneurs serious about establishing their brands online and getting found on Google, an upgrade is sometimes needed.

To upgrade your website to a .com, you need to move that website to your own .com domain. (Sometimes .net or .org). And that feature is only available at premium membership.

Free Lessons and Premium Lessons

When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member, you get access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1.

This is a 10-lesson course dealing with…

  • The basics of making money online
  • Choosing a niche to focus on (what hobby or passion you have)
  • Building your first wordpress website
  • Getting your site ready for the search engines
  • Writing your first articles (creating content of your site)

All these free lessons are made simple and easy to understand.

What I like with the setup is, you get a hands-on training in building your own website by implementing what you’re learning on free website that you are provided.

As easy as a cooking lesson. Recipe in hand, you make delicious food.

Then as you progress with your online business, as you make money, you may want to upgrade to premium membership, for more firepower!

Now, here’s a good plan…

If you are the kind of person who’s on thrift, who’s struggling financially and looking for a way out, start with the free membership. Start with a free website.

I’ve seen a lot of members doing great with the free website, making money.

Then as you make progress, use your profits to upgrade for premium membership and make more money!

(Once you’re inside, I will show you how you can make money recommending Wealthy Affiliate to others)

Your Online Business Made Easy

Affiliate marketing, among the many kinds of online businesses out there, is the easiest.

The reason I say this is, traditional business processes like product research, manufacturing, shipping and handling, billing the customers, can be sometimes stressful.

Since there are established companies out there who already have great products, why not just promote for them?

What is Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, all we do is tell stories in our website (blog), and make money. Blog about our passion, put a link to our recommended products, and when our readers buy… we earn commissions!

That’s the specialty of Wealthy Affiliate. Training us how to make money with affiliate marketing, and providing us with tools like websites.

So, without further ado, let’s start creating your website where you will tell awesome stories (blogging).

Think of a good site name, type it in the box below, click “build it now”… let’s create your website!

Don’t worry about making mistakes. As a free member, you will be provided with two (2) free websites. Just type in your desired website name, and click “build it now”.

Let’s start! 🙂


[clickToTweet tweet=”‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.’ – Zig Ziglar” quote=”‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.’ – Zig Ziglar”]