Put Your Faith Into Action

Put your faith into actionHave you ever prayed to God about your goals and yet it seems your prayer isn’t being answered? Did it affect your faith in Him like you no longer want to talk to Him next time you have a goal to achieve?

Entrepreneurs are known for their being independent-minded. We don’t wait for a boss to dictate to us what we gonna do, because we decide for ourselves. We are “little CEOs” of our small businesses, and we possess the trait of confidence.

But in spite of being strong, there are times that we will be tested. Our faith especially in God would be tested, and it happened to me. With my experience, I learned something that I wanna share with you in this blog post.

Faith + Action = Success

What is Faith?

Here are two definitions of faith according to the dictionary:

  1. A complete trust or confidence in something.
  2. A strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension than proof.

I remember when I was just a student, everything that I do, I consult it first with God.

Our school then has taught us to be prayerful, and to always trust in God. There isn’t a thing that we do that we do not pray. Before we eat, before we take an exam, before we travel, after we travel, when going to bed, all our activities are done with prayer.

Everything was alright back then, making us believe that God is indeed real, and prayer is a very powerful thing. How nice it is that young people are being raised like that, I don’t know if that kind of training still exist today.

We put complete trust to God for everything.

Over Self-confidence Weakens Faith

Upon entering the world of entrepreneurship, I was trained in a multi-level marketing training designed to instill self-confidence and belief in one’s self. It was an informal school for individuals wanting to succeed in business.

It did me both good and bad. Good because, it boosted my self-confidence. Bad, in the sense that I got too confident of myself I no longer consult God with my decisions.

With the subtle change that happened to me, I didn’t notice that I was turning away from God. Worse, alcoholism has set in that I no longer had a time for prayer. How can you pray when you are drunk?

I thought it is normal practice in business that if you want to gain clients, you have to treat them with drinks in a night bar. Some of you won’t agree with me, but getting drunk sometimes keeps your heart away from Him. That was my experience.

Social Drinking

Slowly, my faith weakened. I didn’t notice it’s changing.

The Turning Point

It’s normal for our sinful nature as human beings that when we have committed something that we know is not in according to God’s will, we shy away further instead of coming nearer.

But the more you turn away from God, the more you become vulnerable to the enemy.

In 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV) it’s said…

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

In our denomination, we believe that the devil is around us moving like an invisible thing, tempting each one of us to commit sin. If you turn away from God, you are making yourself more vulnerable to sin!

Thankfully, with my recent experience of failure in business, instead of turning away from Him, I decided to move closer to God. I became more prayerful again, and put my trust to Him again.

Good thing I realized I’m weak and I needed someone strong to cover me.

In Philippians 4:13 (NIV) it’s said…

“I can do all this through Him who strengthens me.”

But Don’t Be Too Extreme With Faith

Have you met a Christian who interprets faith in an extreme way that he no longer want to move on his own? A person who trust God to the extreme that his words will sound like this, “Leave it all to God and wait.”

This is not just a product of my imagination, these people exist.

It is wrong to be judgmental over our brethren, but it pays to examine the behavior and beliefs sometimes. Yes, just for the sake of learning, and to have an object lesson for teaching others what’s okay and what’s not.

I am not sure if the words are coming out of laziness, but it seems they are.

When you’re lazy, when you’re feeling lazy, you no longer want to move. Just like those people who depend everything on the government… From food rations to cash assistance, you name it.

Now, it’s same with religion. There are groups of people who are in that mindset, or are nearing that mindset.

I remember when we were busy conducting livelihood seminars, some religious people were not responding. Probably, the reason is, they view the idea of starting a part-time business as something not ideal. That a person should be contented with the income from a job (fixed salary) and not desire extra income anymore.

A Story You Can Relate With

For nearly 50 years, a man named Joseph was one of God’s best servants…

He kept the Sabbath. He was devoted to his family. He gave part of his meager weekly salary to charity. And every week, on Sabbath, he turned toward God whether this was the week when it was his turn to win the lottery. Now, at age 65, facing seemingly insurmountable financial problems, Joseph began to question his unwavering faith to God.

“God,” he exclaimed one day during his Sabbath prayers, “unless I get a sign by tomorrow morning telling me exactly what do you want me to do this week to finally win the lottery, we’re finished. Enough. No more Sabbath, no more devotion to my family, no more charity.”

That night, an exasperated God appeared to Joseph in his dreams…

“Joseph,” God said, “give me a chance—buy a ticket!”

Lotto ticket

In this story, God does not condone gambling and it is not encouraged here. It’s just for illustration purpose only that the words lottery and ticket were used, just to make a point that you have to “buy” or “take action”.

Put Your Faith Into Action!

Whether it be in business or a cause-oriented non-profit project, this formula works.

When you’re sponsoring an event, like for example a medical mission. There are ground works that you have to work on, like sourcing the funds needed to purchase the medicines, and arranging with the local government for the venue of the event.

Things like that don’t happen just by hoping.

And in business, when you’re building something, you have to work on it. Yes, you can pray, but God won’t step down on Earth to literally help you with your noble business. You have to do the work, and build it up.

Build the business and let God touch the heart of your financiers, suppliers and customers.

Kneel in prayer

And when a crisis hit your business, you have to kneel down in prayer and ask support from the Boss up there. Our big boss. But you have to do your part as well. Look for solutions and put your trust on God that He will help you find what you’re looking for.

Bible Verses To Remember

If you’re looking for verses in the Bible that discusses faith, here’s a list:

  • Nehemiah 8:10 Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.
  • Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
  • Exodus 15:2 The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this blog post has given you not only enlightenment but also encouragement to keep going. He’s real, He’s there around us, put your trust, but do your part.

Til next,

Gomer Magtibay's Signature

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  1. Ronald L. Washington

    Your page is very interesting and engaging although the name of the site is a bit non-aligned with your content. The architecture is sound and the writing highlights the core components of a devout belief that making money is a mission from God. And that faith, belief in the unseen can transform us into a sophisticated, high level, high-income affiliate marketing site based on God-based products the varied options for types of God-based products. I’d suggest that you include related content on the side bar or at the end of each blog post, a strategy that has a business potential from the elements you layout and expands upon with your clicks. Their placement on the page will grab eyes and attention.
    God bless you and Good job!.

    • Gomer

      Thanks for the constructive criticisms. I used my name as the name of the site since it’s classified as a “personal blog”. But as we know it, no matter how personal a blog is, it needs to target a niche in order to rank and become productive (monetization). So, the target niche for this and the keyword for this blog is, “Christian entrepreneur”. Any Christian entrepreneur looking for a blog by a fellow Christian entrepreneur maybe for inspiration or motivational stuffs, they gonna find this blog. I hope to serve them with valuable blog posts, posts that will inspire them to hold on to God and put trust in Him. Also, I hope to inspire our young people, to pursue entrepreneurship. To start a business, build a business according to the standards set by God (based on the Bible).

  2. Ropata

    That’ a very powerful article Gomer. So many times in our lives we get tested against our faith, and I feel like as time goes by life continues to become more and more complicated. We have to be like a ROCK strong and continue to welcome the Holy Spirit daily, in the fight of resisting against the Beast. 

    God Bless Bro


    • Gomer

      Thanks for the praise, and praise be to God. I agree with you, that can be as hard as a rock if we allow God to be on our side, and we will overcome the constant tempting of the enemy. In fact, while re-reading my published article here, I have come to think that the act of coming to God alone is considered an “action”, putting our faith in action. You get to trust Him and come to him.

  3. Taetske

    Good Morning Gomer,

    I am not, what some people would call, a religious person but I believe in a Higher Power. I also believe that all people are equal and we all carry the Godly Spark inside of us. 

    On Fathers side, I have a Protestant Missionary grandfather and Mothers mother was a Sufi. You can see I am quite a cocktail.

    God helps those who help themselves. Without any belief, human is a small lost soul. Having a belief we are much stronger and can accomplish more.

    As you rightly state do not think that God or the government does everything for you, you have to take action

    I am happy you overcame this alcohol phase in your life and found the light again.

    Regards, Taetske.

    • Gomer

      Thank you and that’s good to hear about you. I am happy that you also believe in a Higher Power, at least there’s a chance or there’s hope that someday it will go deeper. You have roots, as you have said your grandfather was a protestant missionary. 

  4. Alexa7

    Hi, Gomez.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post with us. You are so right regarding the “call to action”. Because, first of all, you can sit and pray forever, but without moving a finger nothing will happen. Knowledge is power, but only when applied, and unless you have a plan and reinforce it, you will not see any results. 

    In other words – regardless of what entity you believe in, you cannot just sit back and expect everything to unfold miraculously without your own actions. Unfortunately, and you mentioned that too, there are too many people out there with that mindset. 

    Thank you for this thought-provoking article.



    • Gomer

      Just recently, I got into a mess. Everyday, I prayed to God to help me with the problem but nothing happened. I felt like I was alone and no one cares, even God. I started to doubt him and even went on blaming Him. Along the course, I realized that instead of turning away from him in rebellion, I should instead go nearer to Him. And so I did, and along with it, I strive to look for solutions. To my surprise, he did gave me solutions… solutions that I previously thought didn’t exist. 

      That’s one proof that He’s real, ready to help us. We just have to do our part.

  5. Paul

    Dear Gomer,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your story and it inspires me. Being a follower of CHRIST your post means a lot to me and I got great insights from your post.

    I can’t stop laughing when I read the story of Joseph on the other hand it made me to think a lot. We need to do our part because GOD helps those who help themselves!

    Once I read… The secret of Success is the personal power to take ACTION. We need to deliver the best and leave the rest and result to GOD. Being a full-time blogger and struggling with my finance I do ask sometimes those questions “Why it’s not happening to me LORD?” but I realized the mistake is always in my side I need to focus more, create quality content, learn more etc.,

    After reading your post I am determined to focus more on my prayer life and increase my relationship with GOD by spending more time with HIM.

    In CHRIST,


    • Gomer

      Thanks that you enjoyed reading the article. It is my desire to bring laughter and inspiration to my readers, deeds that bring happiness to me, too. And I’m glad that you can relate your online business with the message, that you have to do your part to succeed. The opportunities are given, they are all around us, we just have to seize them. 

  6. Dave Sweney

    Lots of wisdom and great advice in this post on putting faith into action. I found myself reflecting on my own experiences with faith and how it has helped me in my own areas of life to include the business end of it. There is no doubt that I have been blessed over the years, even when failing at times.

    The lessons learned have pushed my growth to new levels, and results have been even better due to the failures. Where faith comes into play is that I know that but for the grace of God, I would not have a chance to have success or experience failure. He has been with me throughout my journey.

    Of course, I was raised with the phrase “God helps those who help themselves…” and people lived that mantra where I grew up. They did ask for help from the community at times, but in reality, it was expected that you take action, rely on faith and God’s grace, and do not quit.

    It can be hard to cope with everything at times during the low points, and taking action is even harder during those times, but it must be done with the faith that God knows what the situation is and is there for you as you move up from the low points. He will not abandon you.

    • Gomer

      I agree with what you said here, Dave. He will not abandon you, even when your heart is turned away from Him. 

      It’s been a long time since the first time I met you in the community and I am amazed by your revelations, your sharing of your stories of ups and downs. I thought you’re a very successful person who has not experienced failure in life. Thanks for your honesty, this proves that every successful person was once a failure.

      During our down moments, as sons of God, we have this tendency to cry to Him for help. And there are times that it seems there’s no response from Him like we’re neglected. That’s where our faith is being tested. And during those times, we usually forget that along with our prayer, the action is also needed.

      Thanks for sharing your inputs, Dave. May God bless you more!

  7. MissusB

    Most Catholic schools still encourage the prayerful practices and I think it’s a great way to establish faith. You gotta hold on to that faith that God will provide, and He will grant us what we want in His time. This is true,only if we are really taking actions just what you said. Some people just tend to have erroneous belief about their faith. 

    When I was in high school, there was a priest who conducted our retreat and He said, it’s not a sin if we ask God to be rich. He actually wanted us to be rich but we gotta work. And in order for us not to loose our humanity, we have to share. Be kind and practice charity so our life would he balanced and leveled. 

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful insight about faith. This is one of the values that we have to practice everyday so we can serve Him better each day. There may be times that we encounter a lot of downfalls, problems or heartaches but in the end we can always rise up through our faith and strength.

    • Gomer

      Yes, have the habit of prayer and at the same time, read the Bible. For in both praying and reading that the communication becomes complete. 

      Praying as your outgoing communication means, and reading as an income communication means. You say in prayer what you want to say to God, and then read the Bible to search for possible answers God has for you that are already written in the Bible.

  8. Twack Romero

    Hey Gomer, you’ve written a great post and I’ve taken quite a bit from it. I think that confidence is something that has to be tempered with humility. Having faith can give you the strength to remain humble,for sure. I admire that you were able to turn your life around and that you found resolve in your faith, once again. It is easy to become drawn away from what is good and follow a less desirable path. We’ve all done that.

    I loved the analogy at the end about the lottery ticket and it made perfect sense. You can have all the faith in the world but very little is achieved without hard work and that has to come from you, from within.

    • Gomer

      Thanks for the compliment.

      In my opinion, God loves a cooperative son. We should cooperate with Him to see great results, and not just depend on Him. He loves to see us cooperate and not just wait for the blessings to fall upon us.

  9. Georgio

    Greetings Gomer! 

    Thank you for this interesting topic you made your article about, “Put Faith Into Action”. I myself am a believer in Jesus Christ, and I agree that faith is a must in our daily life! I know a man whom name was Issam, he had so much faith in god, and he was facing some financial issues, until one day an unknown person paid his bills!

    I truly think that we should always keep our futur safe in God’s hands, and have faith that he wishes the best us, no matter how hard the situation was!

    Amazing blog my friend

    Keep it up! 


    • Gomer

      Wow! That’s amazing!

      Anything can happen. Like that one with your friend, Issam. 

      Sometimes, people are in a hurry they can’t wait. That’s where faith is being put to test. Instead of worrying, it is better for us to trust in God and do what we can do. Don’t be stressed.

  10. Stella

    If one will open his eyes, he will see many happenings around that are being influenced by greater forces. We tend to only focus on the big issues and are quick to blame if nothing happens.

    God is waiting for us to take action, as you say, and show Him what you want and need in your life. Without you taking action nothing will happen, and then one can easily feel deserted. 

    Best advice you gave us is to stay connected and humble!

    Wishing you the best.


    • Gomer

      Thank you for the compliment. Yes, stay connected, humble and patient.

      Patience is the manifestation of faith. When you have patience, you’re showing God you trust in Him because, sometimes God answers in an immediate YES, sometimes NO, and sometimes WAIT.

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