Shortcut Turned Out To Be A Long CutIn this blog post, I’m going to share with you my biased opinion (you hear that? “biased”) why I like blogging so much. Why I recommend you go for blogging especially if you’re doing online marketing. At the end of this short blog post, you will be empowered with confidence that choosing blogging and search engine optimization can indeed help you promote anything you want to promote online. It can help you achieve your online business goals without spending a lot of money!

What is Blogging?

In case you’re just emerging from a decade-long hibernation inside a cave, and you’re wondering what the heck is blogging, I invite you to watch this short video first.
Like it said, blogging gives you the power to broadcast on the web whatever thoughts you have. What used to be the domain of big media companies, you now have the power to broadcast your own through a blog. In my previous blog post here, I discussed how a person can use blogging to express his or her personal opinions online, and how to make money with it. A blog or blogging can also be used as a business tool. If you have an online business like an online store, you can attach in your website a blog. And in that blog, you can publish short articles about your products or services, and have your audience leave comments.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Again, if you’re just emerging from a decade-long sleep and you are not familiar with search engines, it’s the modern version of the encyclopedia. And not just encyclopedia, it also works like a dynamic business directory as well. Search Engine Almost everything can be found via a search engine website. You just type into the search bar what you are looking for, and when you hit “enter”, the engine will work and try to find in its huge database things that match to your query and then displays them in what we call “search engine results pages” or SERPs. It is believed that if your website or blog is optimized for the search engines, topics in your blog will be included in the top of the SERPs. And when you get into the top, probably the first page or second page, you will have traffic coming into your blog. Traffic means, visitors to your site. These are the people who are searching in the search engines for things that match up to your topic, and they probably are potential customers to your products or services. What I like about getting potential customers via the search engines, is that their level of interest in what you are offering is very high. You are just a few steps away from making a sale!

How About Paying For Advertising?

It is said that the most effective labor-saving device is money. And when we say “labor-saving”, this also means “time-saving”, right? For a number of marketers, they see blogging as a boring and tiring work. You have to regularly publish new articles, on a daily or weekly basis, to satisfy both human readers and the search engines. On top of that, the quality of your articles should be of high quality. Not attracted to such a tiring work, a lot of marketers choose to just use money. They pay for ads, on Google, on social media sites like Facebook, and in banner ads. The amount you spend should turn out to be lesser than the revenue you get, for you to come up with a profit. If you have the money, would you rather spend on ads than do blogging?

The Shortcut That Turned Out To Be A Long Cut

As an online marketer, I use both free advertising and paid advertising. But here’s my take about paid advertising:
  1. You still have to spend a lot of time monitoring how your ad is performing.
  2. Aside from learning copywriting skills, you have to continuously fine-tune your ad to get your desired results.
As you can see, these still require you to spend time and efforts! Learning how to create winning ads, monitoring your ads, and adjusting when things get sour. Marketing frustrations.What I thought to be a “shortcut” strategy, turned out to be a long cut also. I have spent as much time as I have spent on blogging and SEO, and worse, I am not ranking anything. What do I mean by ranking? In blogging and SEO, if you do the right thing, your blog posts gain rank in the eyes of the search engines over time. So, your efforts don’t go wasted at all even if you don’t get good results at the first time. As you continue working on your blog publishing more content, your ranking gets higher and higher until it reaches the top of the search engine results pages.


Magic doesn’t happen in online marketing. Even if you think you have the money, sometimes you can get lucky, but most often you won’t and will find yourself stuck. If you are a beginner and you don’t have big money to spend on trial and error, I suggest you go for free but effective strategies like blogging. Because, even if you miss, at least it won’t hurt a lot in your pocket. Don’t have a blog yet? Subscribe to the left for 10 free video lessons on how to set up a winning blog that ranks high on Google!