The Bulls / Bills Got Me!

Bulls Have OvertakenWhenever I publish a new blog post, I first check what should be my focus keyword, and then check with my keyword tool if that keyword has a potential.

Today, I am writing outside my “standard operating procedure”, just writing random thoughts that come out of my tired mind.

I have spent the whole day traveling with my motorcycle, visiting friends and everyone I know who would possibly lend me money. I badly need cash for paying a bad loan that has come due.

Sad to say, nobody is willing to help.

Will you lend money to a friend if you know he’s just going to give the money to loan payment collectors?

I guess it would be easier for them to lend money if it is for hospitalization, but because they know it will just end in the hands of my loan sharks, my pleadings got into deaf ears.

But wait, how did I got into this trouble?

Pride Goeth Before Destruction

I am the poorest among our siblings, and even though I have a pharmacy business and an internet cafe on the adjacent side, all those businesses were established through borrowing.

How I wish I got started with a start-up capital that didn’t come from loans but rather from savings…

If only I knew right from the start that this will end up like this, I would have taken a job first and save enough money for my dream business.

But I got it wrong…

I started my business prematurely. I resigned from my job prematurely and started a business from borrowed money!

My Pharmacy Business

And as expected, if your seed money came from loans, you should be careful. You must make enough money to pay for the capital repayment plus the interest.

In a place like ours, the cost of acquiring capital is too high or expensive. Then the occasional problems I got, like my father’s recent stroke. As the only son living near my parents, I was tasked to tend to his needs while at the same time managing my business.

Sales are too low, and there were occasional misfortune with network marketing businesses that didn’t turn out well.

When you’re pinned down, sometimes you are tempted to venture in high potential but high in risk opportunities. I should not have taken them.

The Bulls And The Bills

Here’s a scenario…

A wandering man is about to cross a ranch when suddenly he was stopped by a sign saying, “If you want to cross this ranch, run fast as you can. You must cross this ranch in 9 seconds… because the bulls can do it in 10 seconds.”

There’s only a difference of 1 second if you fail to run that fast, you’ll be crushed. You’re finished.

That’s what happened to me. I got distracted and forgot to run fast.

No, it’s not the literal bulls that you see in Rodeo sports. The bulls that I am referring to are the Bills that I have to pay. They’re coming and whether you like it or not, you have to run fast as you can.

Electricity, water, utilities, phone bills, internet bills, credit card bills, etc.

The bills are piling up. You have to make money, not just money but big money, to cover all the payments.

And when you have loans to pay, bad loans specifically, you have to double your efforts or else, you’re dead.

The Bulls Have Overtaken Me!

BullsThe reality is, it’s more a sigh of relief to me than terror. Why?

They haven’t stepped on me yet. Instead, they have overtaken me.

I wasn’t crushed yet. A proof of that is, I’m still here blogging! (lol)

When we say overtake or overtook, they mean they went past me and are running fast ahead of me!

But the truth is, they will take the cue that they have missed their target and turn back 360 degrees to confront me. (Oh no!)

Like anyone who knows internet marketing, I operate an online business in my spare time while managing my traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. I have earnings with my online businesses, but unfortunately the earnings can’t be withdrawn yet.

I have to reach the payment thresholds before the money can be sent to me!

And now, the unthinkable happened. The bills have caught up with me, and I’m in danger now.


Failure I may seem, but I have not given up. I’m still fighting!

That’s life, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn (not lose).

The Bulls Have Overtaken Me

Before all these disasters happen to me, I was already aware of what Robert Kiyosaki said as “financial literacy“. He said, you should invest more of your money in assets (things that put cash in your pocket), and less on liabilities (things that put money out of your pocket).

Although it may seem like an asset that I have put money in (businesses), but there are bad loans associated with them, all mixed up. That was an intentional deviation I have done just to show others that my pharmacy business has enough inventories. I borrowed at a very high interest rate just to show my business is still okay.

That’s probably the worst decision I’ve ever made, and until now I am still working my way to turn this tide for me.

Okay, that’s life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. I learned the hard way that we should not disregard rules especially rules about money. Money is powerful, don’t let the power of money be used against you.


  1. Alblue

    Thanks for sharing your story. My colleague in work has a similar story with you, but with more drama. To start his business, he got loans from online peer to peer lending platform and his colleagues. As if not enough, he start to ‘play dirty’ by bringing the office’s money, and then get lost. After several months, we finally catch him and he promised to payback the money with installment system. The power of money is scary if you can’t resist the temptation, and yes it’s important to learn if you don’t win. 

    • Gomer

      I’m glad that your colleague decided to face the responsibility. That spells the difference between someone who just got a setback and someone who’s plainly coward. A setback is just temporary, don’t give up and keep fighting. Become responsible with the things you do. Pay debts when you can and as much as possible, avoid bad debts. 

  2. RoDarrick

    OMG! This is a very interesting discourse you have up here. Seriously, thanks for sharing. I once got into serious monetary problem as a result of debt when my dad was diagnosed of an illness but I didn’t borrow from loan sharks because I knew what a great threat they are to progress for an individual. Its really disheartening to hear about your financial stance right now. I hope you’ll be able to maneuver your way out of the situation. 

    • Gomer

      Before, I felt like I’m having a heart attack and sometimes thinking of committing an intentional motorcycle accident to escape my problems. But then, realizing that those thoughts are suicidal, I muster some courage to take a better route. I know, God does not approve of those options and may even land me in hell. 

      When the time came that the loan payments are in due time, I just let it crumbled down on me. And like expected, I received nasty words from angry creditors. But they didn’t kill me! Thankfully, I’m still alive. If they kill me, then they’d become criminals, something they don’t want to happen either.

      Like what Jesus have whispered during His day in the cross, “This too shall come to pass”. I said that too. And it did, it came to pass with me still alive and working. 

      Lesson learned is, don’t get too stressed. If the crumbling is inevitable, then so be it. Hold tight your skull with your hands, and let the world come crushing through your head. Then, after all the tremors, get back and stand up.

  3. Dave Sweney

    This is a dilemma that many businesses face when starting out. The story is a fitting one, and the bulls will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Given that fact, the way to deal with it all is head-on, as it seems you are doing. I had a similar experience years ago, and the repercussions have been far-reaching, spanning years.

    The only way that I see out is to work your way out. That means some sacrifice in areas of your life where possible, renegotiating terms of the loans, and building a plan that you can follow to slowly work your way out of the dilemma. Of course, there are other options like just abandoning it all, but that does not sound like something you want to do.

    In any case, using a mind map exercise often will help get it all laid out in one area, the good, the bad, the ugly. From there you can determine courses of action, the repercussions of each, and an answer will appear that makes the most sense and will fix the issue(s), albeit over time…

    Once you have determined what is the plan, and the steps, it is a matter of implementing and periodically reviewing where you are in executing the plan, plus you can make any adjustments that may be indicated, allowing you to make progress towards achieving that end goal…

    I wish you the best of luck as you start on this journey, it will likely not be easy nor without some pain, and it will involve sacrifice. But in the end, when you have accomplished your goals, you will be a very proud individual and be much stronger for having made the commitment, the plan, and the goal…

    Let us know how things go, it can provide further lessons for us all, and it also can be therapeutic for you…


    • Gomer

      You’re one of the active commenters in the MLM blog that I used to manage. I decided to discard the blog just recently, and just focused on having one blog which is here. Of course, I have other blog—the member blog inside the WA platform.

      The reason I decided to discard that blog about MLM is, those negative things we were discussing about MLM, they happened to me. We were discussing about how people are becoming victims to MLM and how as entrepreneurs we can make a difference by promoting good MLMs. But the time came that I have fallen a victim myself.

      How can someone fall a victim to a business he considered as good business?

      I have invested unnecessarily in my business, and worst, the money that I used is a part of the bigger capital I have borrowed for the pharmacy business. I thought that if my MLM business picks up, it would help the pharmacy business pick up too. But I was wrong.

      Today, I am now contented with just blogging, and an association with Wealthy Affiliate. My premium membership with WA is now paid like I no longer spend money because I am earning enough credits via Site Comments, credits that are used to pay my premium membership and hosting of my blog.

      I realized, I can no longer take in stress so I would just settle with this simple business of mine, blogging via WA, and inviting others to use the blogging platform or to host a blog in WA. To me, this is less stressful than trying to build a blog on MLM where all I get are negative comments from my blog readers.

  4. Jewelia

    Dear Gomer,

    It’s a sad story… I am sorry that you are in debt, and nobody is willing to offer you the financial help you need right now. Yes, you’ve learned the hard way, by making your own mistake, and yet, you’re sharing your unfortunate experience with the world in hope of preventing others to follow this wrong path.

    I wish I could help you. I would not say it to anyone, but I know how smart and hard-working you are, and how truly helpful the knowledge you are sharing in your blogs is. I’ve read several of your posts. I find the information very valuable and well written. I bookmarked one of your websites. I learn from you. Thank you!

    Sometimes it’s easier to relate and learn from those, who share their experience as they climb up to the summit exposing all the struggles and obstacles they must overcome on the way up.

    I am glad to hear your optimistic voice in this story and the fact that you are a tough nut and are not thinking of giving up. I am glad that books motivate you to move forward and fight for your success. Thank you for taking others with you on this difficult journey and leading the way — so, that those, who are a step behind, could learn from your accomplishments and your mistakes. Your story is inspiring. I hope that you’ll find the solution to this stressful situation and outsmart the bulls-bills.

    My warmest wishes best of luck!

    ~ Julia

    • Gomer

      Your presence in this blog and this comment that you have left here are enough for me to feel that I am not alone in this fight, that I have companions in this journey of life, and that there’s hope in a distance. Thank you.

      There’s a saying that goes like this, “Success is a poor teacher. Failure is the better teacher.” I find it true with me, as situations like this introduce me to who am I. To the real me, and to my character.

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