1. Nathaniell

    Haha. I was checking SEMRush to see where my links were coming from and found this post referring to my blog and that past comment of yours! I’m glad that I was nice to you man. Sometimes I can get into heated arguments. It really is proof that if you are running a business, you need to be on your best behavior at all times if you want to inspire.

    I’m glad you got rid of Kalatu and moved to WordPress, regardless of whether or not you promote WA or whatever products. It’s a superior platform!

    Good luck to you and your business, and say HI to me some time inside Wealthy Affiliate live chat!

    • Gomer Magtibay

      You were proven right, Nathaniell. Empower Network is no longer in business today, its founder is now in drug rehabilitation, and minions now wandering around online. Some landed to an equally problematic scheme which is Digital Altitude, I wish this second time around they realize they should have joined Wealthy Affiliate instead of endlessly looking for shady programs.

      I remember how we’re so set with Kalatu that time, that I got tempted to argue with you and defend my position. Those were the old days, things to laugh at now that we’re all members of Wealthy Affiliate. And sure, if I see you inside WA, I will wave my hand and say HI. 🙂

  2. Judy

    This was an open and honest report of a journey from a questionable site (empower network) to a site that offers its members opportunity to work a number of different niches and have several income streams with multiple web sites all under the one umbrella of Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I tried working with Empower network too but became disgusted by the un- professional attitude of its founders. . I have thoroughly enjoyed working with WA and will continue to do so . I did not know WA had haters but I guess its going to if it is an challenging competitor in the market. 

    A great site and thank you for sharing Rufats site as well.

    • Gom

      Thank you. We’re both handsome, aren’t we? lol

      Every now and then, I will feature a Wealthy Affiliate member here in this site. Rufat was the first, who knows, maybe you’re next. Is it okay with you?

  3. Princila

    Hi Gom,

    Great article that shows Wealthy Affiliate works. I’ve never had my doubts about Wealthy Affiliate, although it took me close to two years to go premium WAers.

    I agree with you…Rufat rocks. I’d visited his site sometime last year. He has been consistently blogging since 2013 and I guess he’s reaping the rewards for his hard work. Nathaniel too has awesome websites too. I think I’ve visited a couple of them. There are certainly many more awesome members who are making a substantial income in WA, including Benji’s Dad, Marion, Eddy, etc.

    Thanks again for a great post.

    • Gom

      Nathaniel is a more senior member than Rufat, maybe the one who invited him to join WA, and is being mentored by Nathaniel. I saw in Rufat’s profile a message from Nathaniel, making a follow up how he’s doing.

      And yes, more awesome members in WA making substantial income with their niche blogs. I’m looking forward to featuring them here, too.

      Thanks for dropping by here, and wishing you all the best.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your article. I am also a WA member and people outside of the program do think that we are part of a cult, for the most part. LOL. I mean, before joining even I thought that the WAers were trying to defend WA too fiercely. But now being a WAer, I understand. You have to become a member, free or premium, to understand the value of what this platform brings to the table. You can review upon review of WA and still, you would never understand. WA is a dream platform for anybody who wants to make money online. In my opinion, the monthly price tag is a small fee to pay for the value that it brings to you every single month. I mean, sacrifice your daily coffee for a month and you would be well on your way to success with WA. To anybody thinking of trying it out, don’t hesitate to try it out, even for free! This is really the best training there is.

    • Gom

      Yes, exactly! Just a price of your daily coffee, and you can peek inside premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate.

      There must be a reason why WAers are so sold out for this program that they defend it vigorously in their blogs. That’s for outsiders to find out, and it just really takes sacrificing one cup of coffee everyday, for the premium membership subscription. Other programs out there can cost you a fortune, but this one, just one cup of coffee!

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