If you’re in the make money online niche, you probably are familiar of the battle raging on right now. The battle between Wealthy Affiliate and its haters.

You really can’t avoid having haters. They are always part of any equation.

I even bought this cap for that…

I Love Haters

The more successful an Internet marketing becomes, the more haters it will get (competitors and losers alike). And that’s true with Wealthy Affiliate.

Add to that, the members of this company doing its Affiliate Bootcamp have declared war against scams online. So now, you can see why scammers are furious of this company.

And not only scammers, but also those marketers that are in gray. I mean, those who can argue they’re legit, but in fact hurting a lot of people’s pockets.

I Used To Be A Wealthy Affiliate Hater

Back in 2015, I was working with Empower Network and was so sold out for their Kalatu blogging system.

While using browsing Google search results related to the Kalatu, I noticed one blog post that’s listed high and actually getting a lot of comments (engagement).

It was a blog post done by one of the top members in Wealthy Affiliate named Nathaniel.

He was criticizing Empower Network particularly the Kalatu blogging system, and was praising Wealthy Affiliate’s platform.

Furious, I joined the people commenting.

Discussion About Kalatu

But the thing is, the more we argue with Nathaniel through our comments, the harder his post gets solidified in that top position in Google.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

KalatuAfter several months of being a Kalatu fanatic, I finally got to my senses.

“If our product is really good, why is it not selling like hot cakes?”, I wondered.

Then, I noticed that the big marketers in Empower Network were not actually focusing on sale of Kalatu… but rather on promoting high ticket programs like Project Titan, I got discouraged.

“This company should focus on improving their training on the blogging side, but why are they focusing on promoting events instead?”, I started to doubt.

I joined them primarily because I got attracted to little banner displayed on a website saying, “Cash-in on your passion.”

On the other side of the fence, I see members of Wealthy Affiliate doing great living that line. So, that made me decide to jump over the other side on to Wealthy Affiliate!

Fast Forward Today

Now, I am here. I am now a full pledge online entrepreneur with the potential to create multiple niche sites for multiple streams of income. I am now blogging alongside with Nathaniel and other former foes!

Since I am really impressed with the program, I decided to join the WA Affiliate Bootcamp too.

But then, it’s not easy too.

Truth is, it’s the same competitive “make money online” niche that we have battled before. And the battle still rages on, with haters of Wealthy Affiliate even more determined to bring us down. (Us, because I’m part of WA now)

Aside from the former colleagues, I find other WA members competing with me too, in some keywords I want to rank high in Google. Whenever I check my rankings, I can’t find my site and all that I see are fellow members occupying the top 20 of Google’s SERPs for my keywords.

While doing a check, I happened to see one diligent blogger consistently on top…

His name is Rufat, webmaster of YourIncomeAdvisor.com

Wealthy Affiliate Member


And This Wealthy Affiliate Member Walks His Talk

Like any blogger out there, first thing you need to do in order to win your rankings, is to spy on your fierce competitors.

Among my discoveries include…

  • He’s doing reviews of different online companies that are offering people opportunity for extra income
  • He doesn’t like network marketing or multi level marketing (MLM) obviously and is using that industry to funnel people to Wealthy Affiliate
  • Being an old-time member of WA, he’s so sold out that he’s willing to fight squarely with his posts to defend it.

Honestly, at first.. I got turned off by his long writing. He should have inserted H3 headings in between those long paragraphs. But then, I got so impressed with how passionate he is in defending Wealthy Affiliate.

What’s in Wealthy Affiliate That Makes People Behave This Way?

To the outsider, these people may look weird. Probably, much like cult members seriously biased for their organizations.

But then, if you will fact-check what Rufat is claiming, and his fascination to what he’s getting from Wealthy Affiliate?

He can prove it.

Below is a screenshot of a check I did in MOZ for Rufat’s site…

MOZ Site Explorer Result

This Wealthy Affiliate member walked his talk!

He’s doing great with his search engine optimization, getting high quality traffic, and probably making good amounts of money with his referrals to the WA Affiliate Bootcamp.

Commissions of Rufat


When he say he helps people finally find success online, he do. And that makes him earn good income online consistently!


Battles of this kind, like in courts, need solid evidences. Proofs this thing works.

Now, for the haters of Wealthy Affiliate, this is just a one-man example. There are several dozens inside WA I haven’t featured yet… other members that have bigger success stories than Rufat’s!

The scammers and gray marketers won’t stop. New ones will always come up.

But as long as Wealthy Affiliate is here, as long as good online marketers like Rufat is here, people will always have a better alternative to join, and haters gonna hate.